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28 Oct 2019 20:22:27
Since Fergie decided to retire I have seen many of the regulars supporting a manager until times get tough,

How about we actually let a manager see a difficult time through and stop being so toxic.

Even if you think ole isn't the guy for the job you should still back and support him because that's what real united fans do.

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28 Oct 2019 21:01:25
We can go back over it again, everyone is entitled to their opinion, for me he is the wrong manager, its like life in the real world, if you don't have the cv that biggest job might not be yours, just like the biggest job in football is for ole, should never have got the job from day 1 that's where the mistake was made.
Now the players aren't doing him any favours either.

28 Oct 2019 22:27:35
Funny time to be a Utd fan - To be honest I’d much rather see a team of young lads trying that I can try and identify with than a bunch of overpaid mercenaries. That’s just me though. After all, it’s only a game fellas.

28 Oct 2019 23:14:41
Support however you want, but let the rest of us do what we want in terms of support.

I have had a season ticket since 76, started going 2 years previous.

So after 43 years of going to matches, in the rain, in the snow, in the freezing cold, I don't need someone like you to tell me 'how I must support my team"

29 Oct 2019 06:27:24
Did I tell you how to support your team?

This is why I had a long break from this site before because most just want an excuse to be negative,

I know it's a site for different opinions but I hope most of out fan base don't read some of the nonsense put on here, we would be changing managers after every bad result or a poor run in form based on some opinions.

{Ed047's Note - morning BV, your initial inference was real fans support their team no matter what and someone like Jonny Blaze and no doubt countless others clearly do that come rain or shine.

Posters just have to accept it’s a world full of opinions out there and people are going to give them mate.

There’s extremes to both sides of everything and all these posts are simply words, they are just people saying how they feel, some will agree, some won’t and that’s been abundantly clear on here.

There were still differing opinions when Fergie was in his pomp.

29 Oct 2019 06:54:11
We need to be supportive of a manager who knows what he is doing, but not support him, he is the manager, an employee. I support the club, full stop. Many manager have come and gone, only two lasted any real length. I will leave that there.

I am with the Ed, I have seen plenty of “if you don’t support Ole get lost and support City” type comments. Ridiculous and there is no place to be telling anyone they are lesser a supporter because of their opinion.

BigV were you even a twinkle in your mothers eye or was your mother even born when some of us supported through relegation and kept supporting? I have supported the team and the club from and including every manager since Busby. It’s the team and club we support not an employee. I am constantly amazed at this attitude of support your manager or be a lesser fan, the only conclusion is the emotional, sentimental, nostalgic connection our present manager generates is beyond logic.

Do Chelsea fans get told to support their manager? They change them regularly and have won a lot.

Support your team no matter what, but managers are a transient employee and posters like BigV need to realise that.

29 Oct 2019 08:24:12
I support Man Utd end of. Its not the players or the manager who I support. I couldn’t care less what league there in. I’ll get behind who ever wears the red shirt even if they are pony. I’ve never booed and never will. Just look at those clowns from Real Madrid. They even booed Ronaldo.

29 Oct 2019 08:39:30
No one should be told how to support their team.
However even if you do not like the manager, you won't change anything by whining like a little girl all day with the same tired bs. Myself I don't think he is the manager to take us back to the top, but that is not a drum i will insist on beating all day everyday because i know it won't change a thing.

29 Oct 2019 09:18:59
Good post red man. You know it better than possibly anyone on here.



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