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20 Oct 2019 21:17:51
A good performance, shows we have it in us, let's hope it wasnt a one off because it was Liverpool.
Players returning will help and give us more cohesion and fresher players.
Have to say, I'm not a fan of VAR by any means but today every call was correct for me.

Not every contact is a foul, barely scraped him with his toe nail and went down holding the wrong leg like jigsaw had hacked away at it.
Rather scrap VAR altogether even if Mane goal would've stood, game is gone if those are fouls and you can't celebrate goals anymore.
Anyway, onto Partizan and Norwich and let's kick on.

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20 Oct 2019 21:53:13
It was a foul imo. Tackle from behind and he caught him but ill take it. Lovely cross and good movement groom rashford.

20 Oct 2019 22:02:54
No foul he made a mess of it diving. His own fault 😁😁.

20 Oct 2019 22:09:36
You guys played well, as was expected at old Trafford against us.
VAR calls were correct imo, I thought it was a foul but it was the ref that should of called it. I didn’t think VAR could look at that I thought it was only, pens offside red cards and handballs for goals.
You looked comfortable up until we scored then went very nervy. Think that result may just paper a few cracks for you boys in the long run and think it’s crucial for you to score first in games as you just don’t appear to have the fight in the few games I’ve seen you in when it gets tough.

20 Oct 2019 22:46:47
We don't create enough wyred we have the defence and I think that will be the major bonus for us in games.

If we can start scoring goals we should be alryt.

21 Oct 2019 00:09:13
Just got in from the game. First half was spot on. We had the width from our full backs but Ashley Young slowed us down the left side. We frustrated them and never let them get into a rhythm. Second half they penned us back and played wider and forced us into a back five but we still looked comfortable. I think Ole got his subs wrong again. Andreas, AWB looked knackered and both of them were at fault for not closing down the cross for their goal. Atmosphere was brilliant and although I feel disappointed with a point from the position we were in, it wasn't a bad performance.

21 Oct 2019 05:21:14
The effort from the lads and the atmosphere were top notch.

21 Oct 2019 09:25:28
Whilst there was contact and I believe it was a foul, firstly Origi seemed to fall harder than the contact would suggest and secondly Liverpool had opportunity thereafter to defend the counter, which they never.

However, the one thing about the talking points of this game that I fail to understand is how a team of Man U’s magnitude, playing at home, could be seen to have had a “decent performance” whilst the opponent, albeit another colossus, with 18% more possession, more shots and double those on target, and arguably more of the clear cut ones (whilst for both sides these were few and far between) is seen to have had a poor game?!

Is this all about the “expectation gap? ”, are Liverpool seen as so far superior to Man U that an average performance by both is viewed as a performance victory for the home side? If that is so then why don’t people just say that: The Pundits, The Supporters, etc?

In my mind this game was played with “average” quality and “average” (at best) performances by BOTH sides. Neither should be particularly ecstatic about their performances and both content due to the worthiness by both of a point apiece!

21 Oct 2019 09:36:34
Good post Bird. Expectations of the fallen giant has fallen deeper still that a point at home is considered a success. Yes, it was Liverpool but we after the goal, it was like ok, we have scored (yet again only once) now we will just "Park the Bus" ala Jose style and yet again, with apparently a much better defence, we failed to hold on. I have seen a "Rojo at fault", "Young at fault" but nobody seems to see that it was AWB's fault that he couldn't stop the cross that led to the goal. He was too slow getting out to stop the cross but hey he is the new darling so nobody dares question him. Ole yet again failed with his subs but a point should give him some breathing space for a few weeks now.

Need to remember that Liverpool were without the inspirational Salah.

21 Oct 2019 09:37:47
Holdthelbird liverpool are a far better team than United we are way off

They should be the ones counting there lucky stars that rojo and young are usless and they got a point.

We were comfortable but we never created anything which has been the the main reason we can't win games and the reason why we won't finish anywhere near the top 6.

21 Oct 2019 09:40:42
You have to put this team into context. Our team is clearly inferior to Liverpool and we stopped them playing. In the first half we were the better team. Disappointed with the result but I would have ripped your arm off before the game is offered the result.

21 Oct 2019 10:03:54
Yep the style jose implemented. Park the bus. Awful to watch. Very submissive and not in line with expectation united tradition etc etc.

{Ed025's Note - at least they showed a bit of bottle and fight ken which is more than can be said of the season so far, united are short of quality but it cant be addressed at the moment so the next best thing is to roll your sleeves up and battle, there is no quick fix here im afraid mate..

21 Oct 2019 10:22:09
I believe it was tongue in cheek from Ken, Ed.
Before the match, nobody even gave a chance for a United victory.
We matched Liverpool with the intensity.
But Rashford and James ran out of gas towards the end.

And yes, the expectations have lowered. Poor recruitment has left us in this position.
Just ask yourself how many of the United players would get into the Liverpool team?

This gritty performance was much needed after 3 weeks of dross football.
Hopefully we can carry this fight on to the future matches.

{Ed025's Note - you may be right TRD, im still trying to work ken out after all these years mate.. :)

21 Oct 2019 10:23:42
Bird / Shan,

Read the press reports before the game, no united player would even get on the Liverpool bench, United are terrible and people are talking about relegation. Liverpool have won 17 games in a row so to be 3 minutes away from a win was a very good performance. Unfortunately we couldn’t hold on but the reaction from any Liverpool fans I know shows how well we did yesterday, moaning about the ref like the good old days when they could never just accept not winning fairly.

I don’t think anybody has said they are ‘ecstatic’ with the performance or a point but it’s a good step in the right direction and showed the gulf in class isn’t quite what people might think.

They didn’t have Salah Shan, so what? We didn’t have Shaw, Tuanzebe, pogba, Matic, Lingard or Martial fit enough to start who probably all would have done so not sure that argument holds up.

Maybe I was swept up in the atmosphere Ken but I didn’t think the game was awful to watch at all, both teams giving 100% and even in the 2nd half when we sat back we still broke at pace and could have scored through Rashford and Fred twice. Against such a good team did you expect us to just attack and let them pick us off? Would have been suicidal. Ole got the tactics right with the players we had and unfortunately didn’t have the players on the bench to change it.

Let’s hope we kick on from here.

21 Oct 2019 11:22:12
I AM a Liverpool fan mate.

I don't think your performance was good. Ours wasn't either. The Ref's was OK (just ok) . I believe it was a foul but like I said in above post we made a meal of it and never defended the resultant break.

But let's all be honest: There were 2 average performances out there deserving of what they both got.

That will happen to all teams from time to time we know that and I can accept a drop off in performance as long as the consistency bar is set high.

My issue here is that the Pundits are saying Man U played well and Liverpool never; and that players like Rashford said they deserved to win. That is just not true, look at the stats!

I am NOT saying Liverpool deserved any more either but to make it sound like the home side had some kind of right based on performance of the two sides is just totally inaccurate and a wrong reflection.

So what they really mean is Man U played better for their level of quality than Liverpool did for their level of quality (the latter of which is demonstrably higher) - that does not translate to what they actually reported though and neither team really deserved the 3 points there - very simple!

I wasn't overjoyed with the performance as a Liverpool fan but neither would I have been if I were a Devil!

21 Oct 2019 11:41:44
Bang on bird.
Ed025. It was really poor. Better than previous games in terms of effort.
TrD. It was not tounge in cheek mate. If any united fan thinks that was a good performance it shows how low standards have become.
Totally devoid of quality and 2 shots on target at home in 90 mins.
I agree that we played better than in previous games in terms of effort and intensity and you say nobody game us a chance.
I did i called it last week and many laughed at me including you ed025.
This was never going to be easy for Liverpool. These games never are.
Players upped their effort. It will return to crap effort over the next 6 weeks imo except for the city game i suspect.

{Ed025's Note - you did get it right ken i must admit, but lets give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that this is the start of a decent run and a climb up the table mate..

21 Oct 2019 11:51:35
MCFC. You're welcome >.

21 Oct 2019 12:09:53
its the first time I've seen a Liverpool team use the LONG ball so much.

but in hindsight if we can perform with the passion we shown yesterday then we are heading in the right direction.

21 Oct 2019 13:41:16
Sorry GDS, but i do not agree. You put all of them together and Salah still beats them on sheer quality and commitment. So, your argument doesn't hold up mate. Liverpool were dross yesterday and that is the reason we matched them on performance. You can say that we made them play that way, but then so did they. Both teams were poor. I have read posts saying that Rashford played well. When the first half ended, Rashford had fewer touches of the ball than the goalkeepers of either side (and every other player on the pitch) . You say, Rashford had a chance second half, what the one he again attempted from a 100 yards out when a much better option would have been to play James in who had burst a gut to be in a better position? Second half, there was a lot of huff and puff and that's about it. There was a clear lack of quality so don't think we need to champion this result.

I never said that i wasnt happy, but i admit i am ashamed that our realistic expectations have fallen so far that we are left to celebrate these results.

It was a liverpool game and that is why the intensity was a bit higher than last week. I can almost guarantee that next week, we will again be saying the same things that we have been doing for the last couple of months. Poor poor poor.

21 Oct 2019 13:59:16
Shan - I wholeheartedly agree this was not a decent game played by either team. Neither set of fans (definitely not fans of decent football) can sit back and say they would enjoy their team (be it Man U or Liverpool) playing as they did yesterday. It just was one of those games that are easy to forget!

{Ed025's Note - what game was that.. :)

21 Oct 2019 14:12:17
Like that. Quick! :)

21 Oct 2019 14:22:33
Disagree. We did what we had to do to get a result. Going toe to toe with them would have been suicide. With the players available, I think our tactics were spot on. Might not have been full or quality but the effort was there amd that's all I ask for from some of the younger lads of the team. We didn't get spanked and no-one had a bad game while at the same time, no-one shone. It was a solid team performance against a superior team. Ole can't win. If we got thumpes 4 nill most of you would be outraged and now we got an unexpected result, with a decimated team, people still moaning. I don't get it.

{Ed025's Note - you are where you are james and we all know united are not as good individually as liverpool, but what united did show was guts and determination which should be applauded, if you can add quality in january then the season may not be as bad as people are predicting mate..

21 Oct 2019 14:54:36

You’ve been here long enough to know that’s how it works on here, people have made their minds up and seen to not quite understand sometimes. Disappointed with a point yesterday which is a good thing as before the game I’d have taken a point based on how people were viewing the game.

21 Oct 2019 19:59:08
Gds2 what is it you think people don't understand?

22 Oct 2019 00:28:48
Ed, I don't disagree. But the bare minimum I expect from a United player is that we run our bollocks off and at least match the effort of the opposing team. I had the luxury of being at the game yesterday and could see a lot more than the camers's showed. In my humble opinion, they were there for the taking in the first half. The wing backs totally threw Liverpool and they looked less of a threat out wide as their full backs barely crossed the halfway line. AWB had 20 yards ahead of him most of the time, as did Young but he can't run the line anymore and always cut back in. 2nd half was a case of running out of steam. Liverpools full backs pushed on and it was a full back who assisted the goal and AWB and Andreas were too slow closing down the cross. Andreas looked shattered 10 mins before that. For me, it came down to game management. We defended deep and didn't close down the cross and got punished. First half we had them, second half they dominated. Like I said, disappointed not to see the game out but a result I wouldn't complain with. Especially given the players fit. We played our most mobile team and they ran their socks off. I am at a total loss too the critics off our tactics. Who did you expect to play and why? We basically played 2 up top, at home to the European Champions, while sitting in no mans land in the table. Some of you need to take off your United glasses and see this team as it really is at the moment. Lacking top class quality, injury ravaged and relying on squad players. But thoose players turned up yesterday as far as I saw and were just short and the likes of Fred, Andreas and Rojo should be applauded as they frustrated the 'Champions of Europe' for a good while. A point gained in my eyes but hard not to feel two dropped on the basis of the match.

22 Oct 2019 06:05:22
It was a poor game, i thought both teams played poorly, particularly Liverpool who were not at the races and luckily they weren't.

But we do show 100% and it was great to see the fight and desire. If we were able to reproduce that every week, we would be much higher up the table. It all starts from there, commitment and then the quality will start to shine through.

Good point but also a disappointing point considering the way the game turned out.

Hopefully onwards and upwards now.

22 Oct 2019 06:13:20
Top post James.

22 Oct 2019 09:46:02
A point when many thought we wouldn't get a kick is positive. It wasnt the masterclass of football but yet again we showed we cannot "last" a full 90 mins in terms of pressing and intensity. The first half we had some positives, the goal, young actually had 1 of his best performances and the midfield pressed and harassed the opposition;second half completely different with liverpool dominating possession and scoring in thee 85th minute. Was really looking forward to tuanzebe playing in midfield but warm up injury put pay to that and we still have players out/ just coming back so it could be brighter with 1-2 quality additions in jan. One thing i did realise is just how cynical VVD can be in the tackle, cleverly sly.

22 Oct 2019 16:41:21
Cookyman was tuanzebe meant to be playing midfield? Wow that would have been an odd call.
I thought rojo was a straight swap for him.



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