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04 Oct 2019 07:00:27
I read this this morning. "I'm not saying it's going badly, but Bury have won away from home more recently than Manchester United. And they aren't a club anymore. "

As the appointment of the failed relegated (and given his comments) deluded ex Cardiff manager becomes more obvious as an error, one point I read on here adds more concern. 2toms said that after last nights game the look on the young players faces, now including Greenwood and Gomes was "miserable and devoid of ideas"

This is an unacceptable situation. We have had the chosen manager, the special manager, now we have the sentiment manager, if it was anyone else he would have been gone. It shows the decision makers as weak.

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04 Oct 2019 09:30:58
Red man, I’ve sent a considered post but it hasn’t appeared yet. We know how you feel as you tell us every day. If I didn’t know better I’d think you were a teenager. Your passion for the club is wonderful to see but the constant sniping and insulting is tiresome. Perhaps you could organise an ‘Ole out’ demo for the next home game.

04 Oct 2019 09:40:48
To be honest AJH I'm bored of reading the same thing every day.

04 Oct 2019 10:02:40
That's exactly my thought as well AJH.

04 Oct 2019 10:05:48
He does say the truth even though it is repetetive. The sooner we cut our losses the better it will be for the club.

04 Oct 2019 10:10:24
Probably true Singh, but we don't need ro read it again and again.

04 Oct 2019 10:10:38
The way you call him by everything except his name, just looks childish. Something I'd expect from a teenager having a tantrum. I find it deflects from any valid point you might be trying to make.

04 Oct 2019 10:21:01
Red Man and 2Toms, I thought exactly the same last night. At one stage, Greenwood was on the right, james down the middle, and Gomes was wide left. Who is telling these players to play in these stupid positions? The manager and his coaches. I saw the look on Greenwood's face when another hopeless ball was played away from him, it is unacceptable. Unacceptable that these kids play with such freedom and aggression and attack minded determination in the u23s, then they come into the first team, and they're stifled with stupid defensive tactics. Let them do what they're good at. Playing Gomes wide left is criminal.

I loved Ogs as a player, and still have immense respect for him, but he's NOT management quality, and certainly not going to do anything at United, apart from possibly get us near the relegation zone.
If we had bought maddison, fernandes and Sancho, would he know what to do with them?

This is getting quite serious now, a team devoid of ideas and confidence. Anyone watching and thinking it'll be alright in the end is not being honest to themselves.

04 Oct 2019 10:26:41
Singh it may contain part of the truth. I do think there are shortcomings. But as Nou says its the way he makes his point. Its childish. And we know how he feels, there's no need to say the exact same thing 5 times a day every day.

To be honest the next manager that's appointed, if its who I suspect, and its someone I don't want, I'm just going to come on here everyday and whine about it. Hopefully its a manager red man does want and support because then he can see how annoying it is. And yes that would be childish of me but you see I really don't care anymore.

04 Oct 2019 10:49:42
Mort, if Pochettino is appointed and he plays dour football and goes on our worst run of results since 1989, nobody will be begrudge you coming on complaining. It's a site where we agree/ disagree. The problem with the situation we find ourselves in now is that the Ole debate is bigger than everything else. It's definitely coming to a head in the next few weeks. Not much point debating who should play number 10 while the walls are crumbling around us.

04 Oct 2019 10:49:47
Exactly Mort.
I really like Red Man's views but it's silly and immature naming someone as the failed one time and time again.

04 Oct 2019 11:10:53
Feel free Mort.
Personally I just ignore posts I find boring or repetitive so I'd have no objection to your posts if it is poch we get.

04 Oct 2019 11:12:49
Good idea Tony. Red Man if you do organise that Ole Out demo, count me in.

04 Oct 2019 11:21:48
Shan you should hire a plane to fly over the stadium with a banner saying ‘get the failed relegated (and given his comments) deluded ex Cardiff manager out’.

That’ll show em.

04 Oct 2019 11:42:06
I think the best way not to get qound up is to ignore and follow the plan angelred does as that is what i do.

Everyone has an opinion and we should debate each others views rather then slag each other off.

04 Oct 2019 11:46:09
What I don't get it is seeing people commenting on post they don't like.
Just scroll down and move on. People are not here to please each other.

You guys like to control others. Don't aggree move on.

04 Oct 2019 12:46:05
Honestly I don't think we would go near Poch. Spurs form since the new year is as bad as ours. I think it would be a left field appointment. Someone like Wenger to finish the season and then do an actual application process.

04 Oct 2019 13:12:57
Another great idea Danny. Wonder how i didn't get that. Will speak with the Royal Airforce if i could get the queen's helicopter to fly that banner. That ought to do it.

04 Oct 2019 13:25:04
IBEM, then there would be either just a page of OP's and no discussion, or a bunch of nodding dogs agreeing with the OP.

04 Oct 2019 15:00:16

One thing is people giving their views/ opinions, other thing is people always try to make their "view" as a fact and the other are either crying babies, glory hunters or the puppets.

I'll post every time I feel like to.

04 Oct 2019 15:15:46
IBEM don’t care Steve, he do what he want.

04 Oct 2019 15:31:50
Danny, I read your post in the voice of Robert Downey Jr's character in Tropic Thunder 😁.

04 Oct 2019 15:35:57
So it’s ok to post support for Ole as many times a day as you like but posts that think he is out of his depth shouldn’t be posted, that it’s boring. Those that say to stop repeating it, are they going to tell Shappy and co with epic length essays that it’s boring and must stop it?

Ole is like a rabbit in the headlights and now we are babies. It seems a modern thing, born of a certain political direction to try to silence people.

04 Oct 2019 15:41:02
Google Cartman saying I do want I want.

04 Oct 2019 16:06:40
Born of a certain political perspective 🤣

Take off the tinfoil hat Redman. Nobody is trying to silence you, they’re just bored of the repetition.

04 Oct 2019 16:23:57
You're reading the Daily Mail far too much, Red Man. We really all do have better things to be doing with our time, than trying to hatch a plot to silence you.

Shappy, whether you agree with him or not, at least puts a bit of thought and effort into his posts, rather than just repeating tabloid rumours and repeating childish insults.

I used to do the same when I labelled you and a few others, the chicken licken group a few years back. Then I realised I was actually a grown man and gave myself a good slap.

04 Oct 2019 16:39:40
Stevie, shappy puts in way too much thought into his essays. I doze of half way. They are almost as entertaining as the things he is trying to defend, the man utd games. Both have the ability to put a patient into slumber without using anaesthesia.

04 Oct 2019 16:55:21
I genuinely think Red Man is concerned that the team is heading for disaster, I am of the opinion too. So, he's passionate about the team, the club. So why the animosity towards him? How many posts do read every day telling us that the manager will get it right and not to worry. It's been happening for 20 matches and not getting any better, so I don't see Red Man telling everyone to shut up just because their views are different to his. He's merely making a point, and with every performance like we got last night, his point becomes more valid.

So let's get off Red Man's back and just play happy people on here. Everyone has an opinion, everyone's opinion matters and counts. There's no room for sarcasm, animosity or unpleasantness. We all love the club and we should respect each other.

04 Oct 2019 17:02:33
Red man, For what it's worth, I agree with your view and how passionate you are. I think like many people, you are concerned about our plight. So, no matter what, please continue posting. Everyone on here writes interesting posts and I for one, like reading all of them.

04 Oct 2019 17:05:29
Unshaven man on the street corner in his slippers, ‘were all doomed I tell ya, doomed’.

04 Oct 2019 17:31:22
AaA . Redman is a very respected poster imo. Over the years we have had many differing opinions. But have always been good pals so to speak.
I wanted to give ole till jan. But i don't think he is deserving of that time without showing a modicum of improvement.
I don't like the way redman refers to ole by different slightly insulting names but i guess he is doing it to emphasise his point. We have all been guilty of that at some point. But i think its a bit much to be calling him that every day.
This is far from a title winning squad but we have enough without too many injuries to be top 4. There are dozens of managers that could turn this into a more cohesive and effective unit. Ole has us disimproving. i'd love if Alegri were to show an interest and ole could be talked into stepping aside In the best interests of the club.
He has done and is doing his best. He wants to and probably still feels he could succeed. But there are no signs of improvement.
Its a sad and sorry state, and its unusal really to feel no anger or frustration or disgust at a manager you want to leave. I just feel sad. I really like ole as a person and as a player he gave us a moment we all treasure but as a manager he has not been good. It happens. This last 12 months would never alter my feelings about ole. Club legend.

04 Oct 2019 18:13:52
Playing the victim card doesn't work tho, if you use your posts to slag off others for being little over-sentimental girlies. Anybody who doubted Jose was also lumped into some derogatory group as well. Red Man's done more than anyone on here to try and create two distinct, and antagonistic camps over the last few years, so he can't complain if he gets a reaction.

04 Oct 2019 18:20:10
Tony, I'll bring my banner with me to the next match, the end is nigh.
But on a serious note, hope we come out with a positive attitude and beat Newcastle. We're capable of that.

04 Oct 2019 18:28:22
Nice one Steve, been doing my best to antagonise people on here for years, but give Red Man all the credit.

04 Oct 2019 18:55:03
I once remember noucamp scolding me for jumping on a certain posters posts, and there you are Nou sitting in your glass house throwing stones😂😂😂 maybe time to give yourself another slap stevie😂
I understand noucamp some posters just run people up the wrong way👍👍 we are all only human😂.

04 Oct 2019 19:44:02
I've no issue with people jumping on other's posts, ken. If you take a strong view on something and keep trying to make others out to be silly, then people are entitled to challenge it. No issues. It's the whingeing when people respond in kind, that annoys me. If you're big enough to dish it out etc etc.

04 Oct 2019 19:57:42
Im with you there Nou. Big boys.

04 Oct 2019 22:27:31
Ken allegri? Allegri Ken? O no, not for me thanks.

04 Oct 2019 23:05:54
Ken, I agree with your sentiments re Ole, I felt angry with Mourinho and lvg, but I only feel sad for Ole, as he's going through such a hard patch. He's aged 10 years in the past 6 months. I know he's trying his best, but unfortunately, I don't think he's got what it takes to become a top manager at this stage. You never know though, if he's moved on and goes to manage other clubs, he might get the right experience to be successful in the future. I just think it is the wrong time for him to be at one of the most pressured jobs in world football. Nothing will make me happier if he can turn it around, but for that to happen, I think Carrick and Phelan have to be moved on, and more proactive and modern coaches have to be employed.

05 Oct 2019 09:28:26

We either need to change structure to have a DOF making the manager first team coach, i.e like Barcelona or have the all powerful manager. That needs a leader supported by the powers above him, we don’t have a leader now and they don’t support them anyway.

Phelan is in the job because he was No2 to SAF, not because of his own career, we brought him back from somewhere in Australia didn’t we? . I felt we should have gone for Muelensteen.



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