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25 Sep 2019 22:54:41
Shahram / Torqs / Shan,

What do you all have to say about that? 6 goals banged past a tough Rochdale side. I've said all along we didn't need to buy anyone in the summer and I've been proved correct once again, this team will go far, the quadruple is still on and with maybe 1 extra player in January I think we have a great chance of going all the way this year.

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25 Sep 2019 23:45:42
gds get used to it if we keep playing like we are that could be are new local derby.

25 Sep 2019 23:50:13
Nothing more satisfying than scoring all five penalties in a penalty shoot out. Well done.

Happy to see pogba back to his best too. Great to get back to winning ways.

26 Sep 2019 03:51:10
Yippeeee hip hip hurray! Dancing in the isles. Now that we have put the mighty Rochdale to the sword, i think i will visit the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland, Antarctica etc etc etc.

Some of us are so pathetic that we are now celebrating things that were considered routine. Scraping through the minnows and first thing they do is come here and gloat.

Get a life.

26 Sep 2019 04:32:37
GDS. I know u are being sarcastic but you pretty much sounded similar during the window as well.

Most of your comments seemed like it did not bother you at all about how lame our transfer startegy was.

26 Sep 2019 05:32:48
We are going to rock from now on. Pog is back, 31 tries on goal. Against Rochdale only few teams can do that.

Hopefuly we will keep this form and smash the gunners.

26 Sep 2019 06:48:11
So, they’re dancing in Skye and Islay?

26 Sep 2019 07:26:16
They are dancing whichever side you look around, Tony. Its christmas for the United fans all around the world after all we beat Rochdale handsomely. It was a total end to end stuff they feel looking at the scoreline of 5-3 (they don't know its a penalty shootout score) . They are so upbeat about beating the minnows of Arsenal now that they have trashed the challenge of mighty Rochdale.

So yeah, they are dancing everywhere.

26 Sep 2019 07:57:53
GDS you just did a Mort :)

26 Sep 2019 08:42:08

No, I didn’t, that was the whole point of this post to show how ridiculous some of the posts aimed at me were.


If you couldn’t see that my post was a joke there’s no hope for you, I know sarcasm is sometimes hard to get by text but come on. Pathetic? Get a life? Haha.

26 Sep 2019 09:58:16
Srestha, you have already brought this up so why again? If Gds wants to be positive about things then that's his right, maybe in the long run it will turn out to be the right transfer strategy, the problem with the fans including me is we have no patience but we have to give this time or we will just keep going round in circles and nothing will change.

I hope soon garner will be integrated into the team as I agree that matic is finished, a midfield o Scott, pogba and garner I think has good potential but ole needs to start being braver with his selections. A win against arsenal and hopefully we can kick on and we as fans need to get behind the lads and believe that will happen.

26 Sep 2019 11:42:48
GDS 😂😂😂😂.

26 Sep 2019 12:50:35
Thanks GDS, thanks for letting me know that i am hopeless. Cheers! May be next life i will be you. I wanted to say next life i will be Ole but no point being in the same position again next life.

Get a life of course, because there are more things than gloating (sarcasm) about a win over a nobody and logging on to this page to showcase your sense of humour first thing you get home from OT.

26 Sep 2019 14:27:01

I wasn't gloating for God sake, it was a joke, we beat Rochdale on penalties!

I am not bothered what people think or what opinion they have and certainly not one to say i told you so after 1 win or whatever, especially as I keep REPEATING, I think the squad is short and we will be extremely inconsistent this season.

Perhaps chill out a bit, stop with the woe is me attitude.

26 Sep 2019 18:36:45
Ajh for a man like myself who doesn't check his own posts and has more spelling mistakes or wrong words in them than most i find you're recent spelling call iuts as a bit daft really.
Just another man in a glass house throwing stones. 😂😊😊.



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