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24 Sep 2019 14:19:36
I hope the fans get behind the team through these difficult times.
We've been spoilt over the years with our success.

All things come to an end. As things currently stand, the rebuild may actually be starting whilst OGS is in charge. The statement that the club released would suggest that they know which direction to go in. Either that or its to just appease the fans.

There will be many ups and downs over the season. Spurs have lost as many games as we have so far.

Our performance have been anything but enjoyable. Patience comes to those who wait. The club have sold/ loaned players out, who we will all probably agree was the right thing to do.

It's going to take time. It's going to be frustrating. Many beers will be drunk. As fans we should lead by example, get behind the team. Encourage them through these difficult times.

Life isn't easy. Being a United supporter isn't either ;)

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24 Sep 2019 16:15:04
This is how I see the next few months going. We'll have good results sprinkled in amongst the bad. We'll linger around 6th-9th. Everything coming from Old Trafford will indicate that Ole isn't happy with the squad, has identified the January targets that will get us back on track, a war chest will be made available. The fans a media will conjure up the dream list of players, only for us to sign no one. Ole is done and dusted come Valentine's day.

Nothing will change long term while Woodward is making decisions. I honestly think it will get a lot worse before it gets better.

24 Sep 2019 18:26:17
Patience? We've been dire for over six years. Enough is enough. How much longer do you suggest we should wait?

24 Sep 2019 18:40:59
I do not want to see Ole being sacked before Woodward is sacked.
If ole gets the axe and Ed is still there, that will be toxic.
Ferdinand or evra or vandersar are better to have as DOF than no director.
Or even Cantona.

{Ed002's Note - With your clear lack of understanding about the structure, how do you come up with that? You are happy to join a downhill train?}

24 Sep 2019 23:00:55
We need a DOF with experience. Van der Sar I doubt would leave Ajax but they are a big fish in a small pond and he is not doing it on his own. Make no mistake, DOF is not an ambassador role of bigging up the club to potential signings. We all agree the whole club needs a revamp and no ex player has the credentials for such a big job. We have made the mistake of going down the nostalgia route already and it looks like it is a mistake. I don't know who it should be but I know that no ex player has got what it takes to revamp the club.

25 Sep 2019 07:09:58
MancMan we all have a choice and are free to jump ship whenever we wish. So you need to answer that question yourself.

25 Sep 2019 07:43:11
The injuries are badly exposing the squad depth.
There will be several bad results on the road during the rebuild.

However, it is vital the squad is strengthened during the upcoming transfer windows.

25 Sep 2019 10:03:33
Scoobydog, you're right about that and I have stopped going to matches because it's ceased to be entertaining. I found myself resenting the investment of time and money into an organisation that couldn't give two hoots about providing me with anything in return.

Since I come on this site, I obviously still support and follow Utd but until it starts providing a better product I won't be a customer.

It's not about winning (although that would be nice), it's about seeing a spectacle or at the very least some bloody effort from the players and nous fron the manager.

I can't help thinking that if there were more like me and OT was only half full every week then there might be some changes. Unfortunately 76,000 mugs continue to endorse the same shower of muck that we've been seeing for the last six years and millions of idiots world wide buy over priced crap that the club call merchandise.

On the back of this misguided loyalty the club draws in more sponsorship deals, revenues increase, the owners are happy and nothing changes.

People just embarrass thenselves with guff like 'Utd is a religion', 'Utd, kids, wife' etc because they have nothing better in their lives as an alternative. Stop it people, boycott the club and maybe, just maybe the oweners will take notice and realise they need to provide a worthwhile product. Otherwise, nothing will change.

25 Sep 2019 06:50:41

Ole needs to acknowledge the job is beyond him and resign, so we don’t have to sack him. It won’t be toxic if he gets sacked, that will only be all the emotional sentimental fans who talk DNA and that goal who will get weepy and reminiscent.

People like What Ed002 says but the sentimentals who like Ole, only like him when he says something about things other than the manager. He is spot on about the amateurs appointing someone not up to the job and yet people continue to be selective over what he says. Ole has to be replaced, Woodward will only go or go back to Finance when the Glazers are hopefully ousted.

25 Sep 2019 12:15:38
The only problem is what happens after the Glazers. There are only a few potential buyers for the club. Worse case is we get the Saudis which is a subject we've discussed before.

I can just about live with the Glazer as the lesser of evils but they need 'persuading' that the football side of the club needs to be run by experienced football professionals and not a banker.

25 Sep 2019 13:44:35
Redman - I like reading your posts, I respect your opinion and your a valued voice of experience but your Ole bashing is becoming a touch tiresome pal. If your right the time for "I told you so's" will come soon enough. The season is only 6 games old. Chelsea, Arsenal even Spurs all have their own problems and whilst the plight of other Clubs shouldn't offer any consolation or comfort it means that despite our poor start we are still in touch.

I think moving forward Ole needs to re-think if playing with a No10 is worthwhile and he must find a solution on the right wing. I think if he can find the right balance and key players can return to fitness and remain injury free things are maybe not as bad as they might seem.

I understand you will take little satisfaction if Ole is eventually sacked, at the end of the day your a Utd supporter and Ole played a big part during one of our most successful periods. His dismissal will mean the Club has been unsuccessful and I know you don't want that or to tarnish the reputation of a Club legend but maybe you can identify where you believe he is going wrong (tactics, team selections, transfers etc) rather than just superfluous comments about his lack of experience or CV.

25 Sep 2019 15:15:32
Who do we play in a midfield 3 without a number 10?

Our three first choice mids are: Matic, McTom and Pogba, and all we really have in reserve is Fred and Garner. I don’t there’s any complimentary midfield three there, and certainly none with the ability to build attacks through the middle. It would, potentially, leave us a bit stronger at the back, but it would further reduce our ability to create chances, and we’re already struggling there.

As for rw, I just don’t see anyone in the squad to solve the problem. Lingard and Mata drift inside because they’re not wing forwards. Pereria is just not good enough, or a winger. James, Rash, and Martial all play better on the left. Greenwood doesn’t offer much as a winger either. Our best option is Dalot, and playing a rb at rw is hardly the recipe for creating chances.

Look, I don’t think sacking Ole now will solve anything either. But I don’t think he has players to turn things around, even if he’s capable of doing it. The fundamental problem at the club is a lack of quality, and Ole hasn’t given any real indication that he has enough quality as a manager to mitigate this.

25 Sep 2019 15:46:29
Exactly right in my opinion, Danny. I know we keep being told that we are "only 2 or 3 players short of a very good side", but I think we need a reality check. I think in all honesty there are probably a handful of players who are genuinely good enough. We keep making excuses for the Lingards and Smallings (I know he is currently elsewhere) of this world, but they are and never will be good enough to get us back to where we want to be.
There is a lack of quality throughout, and to keep pretending that is not the case is just basically accepting mediocrity - and certainly does not reflect what a certain Mr Woodward told us all yesterday!

25 Sep 2019 16:18:06
Danny - I can't really argue with that pal, much of what you say I think is correct but I'm wondering if a slight change in formation and personnel might just bring more balance to the team. My opinion is I don't think we can accommodate two of either Mata, Pereria and Lingad in the same team, with one playing at No10 and one on the right. We become just too predictable, we lack movement, width and the middle becomes very congested. When moves break down we also look very vulnerable defensively on the right where there is often lots of space for the opposition and no cover for our right back.

Ole had some early success playing 4-3-3 and maybe this might offer more balance moving forward. Pogba could operate higher up the pitch where he can influence the game in more dangerous areas with Mctominay and Fred providing the discipline and energy alongside him. It's not perfect by any means but at the moment we look pedestrian and predictable and something needs to change.

I don't see any obvious solution on the right but Lingard performed well from that position during Ole's early spell. His energy and pressing ability is always a useful and he runs intelligently off the ball. An extra midfielder will provide additional cover defensively when Lingard vacates the right as he often does.

Alternatively maybe 4-4-2 might work. That way we get Martial, Rashford and James in the team all in their favoured positions. The right is still a problem but maybe Dalot could be an option. He would offer width and pace, provide good cover for AWB and with two upfront we'd have players in the box for crosses.

I don't think the first 11 is that bad, it just needs something to click and for some players to return to form. The problem is if we get a few injuries no formation or system looks particularly strong.

25 Sep 2019 16:59:55
Betty - I agree the squad is threadbare but I genuinely believe the first 11 is only a few quality players short of being a really good team.

If we accept our back 4 is decent and our main problems are at right wing and in midfield think of this -

If we swapped Salah for Mata and Matic for Fabinho for example our team would look much stronger. A front 3 of Rashford, Martial and Salah and a midfield 3 of Fabinho, Mctominay and Pogba with our back 4 would look much better. Conversely if Liverpool had to accommodate Mata and Matic in their first 11 they would struggle to maintain their current level of performance. Swapping just two players could have a massive impact on both teams.

If we take City and do the same, swap Sterling for Mata and Matic for De Bruyne it would similarly transform our team and weaken theirs. That's only two quality players in key positions where we are weak and lacking options that can make a huge difference.

I appreciate this is pure fantasy football and both City and Liverpool have stronger squads but I'm trying to illustrate that a few quality additions in the right areas would significantly strengthen our team.

25 Sep 2019 20:07:36

Where is Ole going wrong is the question you asked, quick summary because there is a game on
- trying to replicate something that worked 30 years ago and relied upon the strong personality of a real leader.
- not using his own strengths by doing so
- not showing leadership of the players, the club
- no obvious tactical plan. Pep, Klopp and co implemented a set style, despite talking a good game no such style is obvious
- transfer dealing. Two of the three transfers in summer were known United fans. Would players of a similar level sign and trust in the managers experience? Arguable of course but if people sign specifically for high profile managers it can be strongly argued they won’t for Ole.
- leaving the club short in midfield and attack
- accepting we were left short
- in game management. Strange, non or late substitutions. In game tactical naivety, on Sat I was screaming on live chat to get someone on Noble. Yet he did nothing.
- where Pogba plays, obvious he needs to play forward and create but Ole has him deep

I can’t sit and write more detail but there are glaring flaws and he is learning on the job.

26 Sep 2019 08:04:49
Red Man.
Ed002 already said that Ole has very little influence on transfers.
The issues with squad quality and squad depth are purely utter mistakes from the board.

{Ed002's Note - It is not "the board".}

26 Sep 2019 09:14:42

Yet there are others going around on here saying what a good summer Ole has had in the transfer market.

26 Sep 2019 10:25:46
To an extent Red Man. But it was not enough.
We have cleared off some players who didn't suit our team and brought in 3 really good players.

26 Sep 2019 18:07:26

I liked the three players brought in and was one of the few who identified Maguire as a leader. Problem is agreeing to such a clear out that left us bereft of quality in midfield and attack was at best naive, did agreement to that come from a naive manager?



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