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31 Aug 2019 20:44:55
We draw a game and the site is in meltdown. Relegation, plummeting, disgrace, yada yada yada. We won’t finish in the top 6, we’re all doomed, all our players are crap, yada yada yada.

Get a grip, what do you expect? That we would be top of the league at this point? We’ve signed 3 players all of whom have improved us. We’ve offloaded Lukaku and Sanchez and will hopefully get rid of Pogba sooner rather than later. We are short in midfield and lack creativity so it will take time, but we have dominated all games without it being clinical enough to finish the last 3.

It’s fine lines, if we convert our chances, including penalties than we are fine, people need to get a grip.

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31 Aug 2019 20:56:01
“We drew a game and the site is in melt down”

Sure I’ve read the same thing about 12 times in the last 15 games. It’s not a blip, or poor finishing. This situation is how the season will pan out. Have we improved? I’m not sure. We’re stronger in defence, weaker in midfield and attack. What i'd expect is better than 15 odd points in 15 games.

31 Aug 2019 21:02:11
You need to open your eyes and stop trying to be Mr. Positive.

31 Aug 2019 21:06:52
Totally agree. I think it’s very clear that all this talk of “transition period” over the last 5 years- you could argue that it’s only beginning now. It’s a young squad, results are going to be up and down.

There are positives if you look for them. James was excellent today, wan Bissaka is class and Maguire looks decent, shame Lindelof seems to be struggling. Let’s see where we are by Christmas before we overreact? Maybe there’s a plan in place agreed with by the board, the manager etc and we may struggle but ole will get a chance to build the team he wants. People can question him which is fair, but if we are honest with this squad I’d struggle to find any manager in the game at the moment who wouldn’t have patchy results.

31 Aug 2019 21:37:44
We played, crystal palace, wolves, Southampton, not City or juve,
We are an elite club, we should be beating these sides, did anyone watch the game today, Southampton went down to ten men,
Did our tactical manager know what to do, he looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights. And as I said I have nothing against him.

31 Aug 2019 21:42:47
The team is not far away, the younger players are starting to show promising signs of improvement although I thought today was our weakest game. Tony's right in my opinion I see where we are going and it's going to take time to get to the top but I believe we will get there. The team is young, all of our games should have gone our way and once we start picking up these results we will gain momentum.

31 Aug 2019 21:42:52
If anybody thinks there’s a plan then there deluded. We have no proper centre forward except for Mason Greenwood who is only 17.Rashford will never be a top drawer centre forward. He’s a one trick pony take his pace away and he offers nothing. Midfield is woeful. Might as well give garner greenwood and Gomes a run of games. can't be any worse than the dross at the moment. Good enough your old enough.

31 Aug 2019 22:00:44
AJH is glazer supporter I guess.

{Ed047's Note - Neil I’m certain AJH is a United supporter simply asking for a little patience

31 Aug 2019 22:08:50
AIm starting loose hope now.
All they want to do is to sell the club and hence not investing.
Ole is their puppet. Mr Garry Neville is their puppet.
We are a mid table team at best.
We are becoming laughing stock for others.
Every player we have is bang average.
Teams just sit and sit against our inefficient attack and hit us on counters.
No experienced players no leader.
Why can't we play Pereira in pogbas position and then use pogba in more advanced role.
Ole is just trying to be positive untill gets the boot.

{Ed047's Note - Neil, I’ve been waiting 15yrs for my club to win the Premiership again. We all joke with opposing clubs, that’s football banter for you.

No team has a god given right to win anything, but if you support your team you go through good and bad.

Sometimes you just can’t have want you want right now. Be patient mate it really is only 4 games into a long season.

31 Aug 2019 22:18:07
To be fair, we were crap.

{Ed047's Note - you weren’t great by any stretch and it could have gone either way up until the sending off.

Still a work in progress TB.

31 Aug 2019 22:18:45
Ed patience, 6 years, I'm nearly gone demented from the clowns running the circus,
They really don't know what there doing, to get rid of players and not replacing them, and that's the tip of the iceberg,
Poor Eric Cantona was on tv the other night reciting Shakespeare, we are all gone mad and Ronaldo was looking at him like he had 40 heads.
And now we have to go to Kazakhstan
If that was the eurovision I'm sure ireland or England would say na not singing this year.

{Ed047's Note - They are a concern mate, they worry me and I’m not a united fan, but, and I realise you didn’t get every target, you seemed to buy much smarter this summer albeit you over paid for McGuire.

31 Aug 2019 22:22:34
They appointed ole because they didn't want to invest in squad.
They recouped almost all money by selling lukaku and loaning other player.
Another experienced manager would have demanded more money.
Mourinho was a victim of this.
It's beyond me why pogba hasn't forced his move.
He is only world class player stuck between bunch of average players reason being he is struggling big time.
People running out club a clueless right now.
This is lowest I have felt for the last 16 years since I have been supportive our beloved club.

31 Aug 2019 22:27:05
I will not set foot in Old Trafford again until those muppets the Glazers have gone. I will still go to away games Euro always and a few youth games. I love this club with all my heart but it is being ripped out by a bunch of yank clowns who know zippo about football. If anybody says I ain’t a true supporter come to my my house and i’ll show you all my Utd tattoos and memorabilia. I would die for Utd LUHG.

31 Aug 2019 22:30:46
Ed I also want to be positive patient but our squad is so thin right now. And when I think about our position by Christmas it's frightening.
I'm not used to seeing us 8th or 9th in table by Christmas.
I can see chelsea arsenal Everton wolves Leicester above us let alone spurs city and looserpool.

{Ed047's Note - we’ve just rolled into September mate, let’s see where you’re at come December and then the club have the window to do something in the way of bringing more players in.

31 Aug 2019 22:33:05
16 years Neil, can you imagine redman he has been around since the 20's😊😊.

31 Aug 2019 22:33:18
Wow. A Glazer supporter? I think they are a cancer that has bled our club dry but your comment just demonstrates the nonsense that we see on here. If anyone posts a comment u disagree with then they must be the devil incarnate. The usual suspects pile in with their emotional reactions. I really can’t be bothered anymore, it’s like arguing with 4 year olds.

31 Aug 2019 23:24:12
Ajh your a big boy now, isn't that what everyone told united addict.

31 Aug 2019 23:46:00
Lads, calm down. That was a good point away from home against a Southampton team that will trouble any top team that goes there.

Also, since OGS has taken over, we are near top of the table in points we have taken.

It'll all be grand and we will. make top 4 easy this year.

31 Aug 2019 23:50:42
To be totally honest I have no idea what my thoughts are on what the club needs or on what the correct decisions are to be made, however there are some things that I need to get off my chest. Firstly, this toxicity towards our players being judged on a game by game basis. For example statement like "rashford offers nothing other than pace". Today he was up on his own, won a lot of good fouls, made lots of good runs, beat men, pressed super hard, worked tirelessly, and never really had a clear cut scoring chance. The way people talk about him, you'd of expected him to have missed 3 open goals. He has a good work ethic, pace, finishing, skill etc. Also I strongly disagree with this idea that our attack is worse than it was last season. Martial is a composed finisher, has hold up play miles better than lukaku, and has far more skill technically. He's better than lukaku in every department for me. Dan James has literally proved he's more useful in our system than sanchez. So I can't see how we're any worse going forward. I think we're better for getting rid of these players. Sure they need to be replaced, but they need to be replaced by willing players at the right price. Every signing we have made has been an improvement, and the players we've let go (Bar herrera and fellaini), have only been a hinderance to the squad. I think it would be better if we played pogba further forward in the CAM position as he doesn't know how to defend. I think mctomminay is a solid cm, won a lot of duels today, as he does every week, works hard, covers ground, solid cm. Hopefully we can find a cm to partner him. I don't think the squad is any worse than last season. Think everyone needs to calm down.

01 Sep 2019 00:16:08
The squad isn't any worse that last season, 5 points from 4 games, won 3 since psg,
I'd love to watch a game with some of you, just to point out things I miss cause I must be blind.
So we should all be happy that we got 2 points from crystal palace, wolves, Southampton.
The x United players that have played for Manchester United would be ripping the heads off each other.
They would be embarrassed.

01 Sep 2019 08:32:24
We are an elite club, we should be beating these sides, ………………. Why? We have a divine right due to our name?
he looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights……………………. Oh dear.
If anybody thinks there’s a plan then there deluded……………………………No plan? No rebuild? Colour me deluded
can't be any worse than the dross at the moment………………………love a well thought out knee jerk reaction!
AIm starting loose hope now……………………………. Four games in and losing it already!
Ole is their puppet. Mr Garry Neville is their puppet……………………. That’s the way to do it.
We are becoming laughing stock for others………………. We’ve endured that before now but worked and returned to laugh right back at them.
Every player we have is bang average……………………………. of course they are dear.
Ole is just trying to be positive untill gets the boot………………………He took the job just so he can be sacked? And there was me thinking he loves the club and will do anything to help. Silly me.
This is lowest I have felt for the last 16 years since I have been supportive our beloved
club…………….16 years? Wow that’s a long time! Try closer to 60 years. Then you won’t remember when we were relegated from the old First Division to the second will you? We have been worse trust me but we are United and we fight our way back.
I will not set foot in Old Trafford again until those muppets the Glazers have gone………. And I’ll stamp my feet, throw some toys and scweem and scweem till I’m sick……. I will!
If anybody says I ain’t a true supporter come to my my house and i’ll show you all my Utd tattoos and memorabilia………………………. This is the funniest and truly caused me to laugh out loud haha. Do you have a United duvet cover and jim jams as well? I’ve got United tattoos you know, priceless!
I'm not used to seeing us 8th or 9th ……………………. See earlier re relegation.

I’m truly dismayed at these comments that show a serious lack of respect and a feeling of divine right to success simply because we are United. Some clearly have only been followers since the recent glory days and seem unable to grasp the concept of being supporters and not just followers with a sense of entitlement. I’ve been a United supporter for nigh on 60 years and can tell you we’ve most definitely had our ups and downs across the years. Stop your bleating, begin to understand where we’re at in this moment in our history and start supporting the club (not the owners) and the team. It will come but we have no divine right to it.

{Ed025's Note - i enjoyed that post scooby, when you see those statement together it makes you realize just how fickle supporters can be, its a tough time for utd but all clubs go through fazes like this and there is no divine right to success mate, by the way i remember the relegation and the look on dennis law,s face when he back heeled the ball into the net for city...priceless..

01 Sep 2019 09:10:49
I just felt the need for a compilation lol.
Oh I very clearly remember that day and Dennis Law. Traumatic times and I try to make the point that we have unhappy history as well as glorious. We have to ride the waves and strive to return. But you're correct. No divine right!

{Ed025's Note - i can certainly relate to your plight scooby being an evertonian myself, and it certainly does,nt help with our noisy neighbours doing so well either, but we will be back mate...we have to believe that..

01 Sep 2019 09:16:22
Very amusing that Scooby - and quite true. I am as fed up as most at the moment, but some of the comments are way OTT and silly to the extreme.

However, for some of us (the older ones! ) I don't see it as a sense of entitlement that United should win things. It's more frustration at how the club is being run. I could understand our meteoric fall from grace if the club were struggling financially. But we are not. This 'lack of investment' is a convenient myth.

We have spent money. And loads of it. The problem is it has been spent so poorly. Paying silly money for 'names' that don't fit. Paying even sillier wages to individuals that cause more issues. Mistake anther mistake has been made in the transfer market and appointing managers.

These things happen, but the annoying thing is that we do not seem to! earn. It's like groundhog Day. Over and over again, mistake after mistake.

How long have me been looking for a DoF? Until the club learn from these mistakes, the unrest will continue. Every season is meant to be a 'new dawn'. I am not expecting to win leagues and Champions Leagues immediately. I have seen the bad times, the baron years. I just want to see us move forwards and learn from past mistakes, of which the list is long and distinguished.

Instead, we just keep doing the same thing. We will not challenge City and Liverpool for several seasons. But with the money we have spent we should be at least competing. Not hoping and praying and can make top 4.

01 Sep 2019 09:35:16
Spot on betty. Couldn't agree more. It's painful but we have to work our way out of it not throw tantrums lol. There is a lot wrong at the club that needs fixing.

01 Sep 2019 10:03:04
Good post Betty,

01 Sep 2019 10:27:06

You may be older than me, take the gold medal!

I don’t think there is all round self entitlement but it will be harder for those who have known little else but success under SAF. I was there at OT when Denis back heeled the ball in 74, it didn’t technically relegate us but it hurt. My problem is it came because of arrogance that we were the great United and it could never happen to us, we rely on youth. I remember the club sat back waiting for another great youth production line to come through to save us, didn’t need to buy and when it didn’t, it bit us.

There is a lot wrong at the club, we can’t easily change owners but do need to protect our position in the league and that can only be done by the manager and players, we are fixed with players until January, yet cannot let the slide we are seeing continue or it could get difficult. I said Ole looks like a rabbit in the headlights and I think he does, especially in his in game management, only bringing attacking players on too late is a symptom of not wanting to get it wrong or get beaten.

01 Sep 2019 12:47:58
Scoobydog what a great post 👏👏👏 I myself am not the youngest, the glory years where in deed very special but I remember well the dark ages of the 80,s growing up with the bin dippers on top.

01 Sep 2019 13:28:36
Medal? Brilliant. I’m a bloody medalist guys 😂.

01 Sep 2019 13:30:29
Thank you simonmorris10
You’re spot. For sure we are in a mess at the moment. Tantrums won’t solve our problems.

01 Sep 2019 18:37:01
Looking at the speeches of the acclaimed oldest supporters of the club, one concludes that this is our new reality, Sotton, Palace are our new opponents in the fight for the top 10. There is nothing to complain about, it's just patience that everything resolves itself. The others are not working to improve, they are waiting for us to recover. You should wake up, football is no longer like in 1960-80. Things have changed and non-investing clubs will be left behind no matter what their history. Either we wake up or we will become what we are seeing, a trivial, mediocre team.

02 Sep 2019 06:53:44
Scooby. top reply :)

02 Sep 2019 11:47:02
Slow motion. Thanks for the lecture but sitting on our hands simply waiting for things to change by some sort of divine intervention is not what us "acclaimed oldest supporters" are suggesting. You must be either skim reading and taking what you like from posts or you are deliberately being obtuse.



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