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31 Aug 2019 17:34:08
"25 Jul 2019 23:34:54
Looking like another farce of a window in all honesty. Bissaka class deal. Very happy with that. James is still a kid with a lot to prove. Just a few weeks left and messing around lowballing, haven't addressed CB, CM or CF yet. Talks of Maguire, Bruno, SMS etc, I can't see anyway we wrap those deals up. Ed does his usual dithering, miss out on big players who would make the difference. I can't see anything other than a fight for 4-6th again. At most I see us eventually paying £80 odd million for Maguire. Get Bruno and sms in and give us a chance.


I posted this in July and got hammered for it by a lot of regulars on here. Even the drama queen award I think too. I got told we had improved morale, improvement in Rashford and McTom, the youngsters stepping up etc etc. Does anyone think maybe I was correct in my assessment? Has anyone seen anything in the first few games to think we will even have a chance at challenging top 4? I said 4-6th and to be honest with that I've seen I think 6th is unlikely. Shambles how this huge club is run. Shambles how Ole was given the managed job after a little decent run against poor sides. His record in the last 15 games is nothing short of pathetic. This club is falling further and further from the elite sides.

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31 Aug 2019 18:04:39
Good away point at Southampton though stand. A lot of the top teams will go there and struggle to perform 😉.

31 Aug 2019 18:45:57
You can't post anything on here that's negative because you just get shot down.

We have 2 world class players and even that is debatable

Other than a decent defence which has only kept 1 clean sheet so far and shaw is now injuired there is nothing to be positive about this squad

We are 4 games in and struggling to break teams down and score.

{Ed047's Note - genuine question Bolger but which two do you consider to be World Class?

31 Aug 2019 19:37:38
It really is that bad. Our midfield is pathetic. The only good player is pogba and he doesn't want be here. Mctom is simply not good enough and I doubt he ever will be. Would be good cover and someone to bring on to close out a game, but nothing more. Pereira just seems a bit rubbish and I don't see him making it. And that's it beyond an old knackered dm and a bunch of kids.

Up front, Rashford isn't a reliable tip tier striker, he just isn't good enough. Martial might make it, Mata is old and slow, the rest are kids.

With the joke of a midfield we'll likely never know if Martiall and possibly even Rashford could make it, as the service is so poor.

Out of front 6, the only players that could potentially move to and play regularly at say City or pool is pogba, if he sorts his attitude out, and maybe Martiall if he can live up to his potential. How many of city or Liverpool front 6 could get into our first team?

Add to that we have a novice manager, we really have no chance of success whatsoever.

All we have is hope, and that fades a little more with every game.

{Ed047's Note - Pogba would not get near City or Liverpool’s side, I wouldn’t even have him at Arsenal red.

31 Aug 2019 19:44:49
It would be an argument that only pogba and dave can be classed in that bracket.

The pogba you get for France that is.

And although dave has not been the same player the past season he is still a class keeper.

31 Aug 2019 19:47:18
Pogba gets carried every game. I'm sure if he was dropped, we would play better.

31 Aug 2019 20:03:27
Well let's hope madrid come up with an offer that we can't say no to.

31 Aug 2019 20:04:02
Ed, I think if you put pogba in one of their teams you'd see an exquisite player. His creativity and ability would shine with the amount of space and movement he'd have around him.

{Ed047's Note - just don’t see it Red, there’s no way either of those sides would carry him. He literally does next to nothing in every game.

31 Aug 2019 20:04:06
Christ ye lot are really disluioned if you think pogba and ddg are anywhere near world class.

{Ed047's Note - Pogba never has been nor will he ever be, DDG certainly was but is not at the moment.

31 Aug 2019 20:12:24
This is not a knee jerk reaction. United will not finish in the top 6 this season. Any team that sits deep we will struggle against as we lack creativity. Any team that wants to play will always have a chance because what chances we make we do not convert enough so will always be in the game add to that our squad is very thin, we missed martial today a player who does convert chances. Rashford is not that player I do not think he ever will be.

United are a very average side at full strength so a couple of injuries to key players and I say that loosely I think we’re looking at 10th. I've accepted this as we’re going to need patience and a few transfer windows though fear the type of player we need to take the next step will not want to join. I lived through the 80s when we was bang average and was a cup side at best. Those days may be back until we have a board and manager on the same page.

31 Aug 2019 20:23:05
Pele was world class at one time as well don't mean I want him on my team now. says a lot utds two best players are a winger who's all round play is very poor to day the least, but has scored with nearly every shot and a right back who can cross or play a forward pass, and won't give 5 assists during the league.



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