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27 Aug 2019 12:10:01
Wonderful post down the page, Park. However, how do you defend that Ole waits till the 88th minute to make a sub when we are looking for a goal. Everyone can see what's required on the field except him. I hope you didn't tell him to be patient on his subs. Also, we do win the ball back quicker but hardly have an idea once we get it back. Its like lose the ball, win it back, pass it to Pogba and rest go back to sleep.

We all want the best for United just have different ways to get there. I have a life, a wife and an organisation to run and i take out a couple of hours from my schedule to watch my beloved United play. What gets on my nerves is the dire performances and worse results. Under Jose and LvG we witnessed similar performances but better results so atleast i was happy that way. Under Ole we have 3 in last 16 with performances similar to Jose/ LvG and poorer results. We lost to palace not because our team was young but because of the wrong tactics. The tactics had nothing to do with how young James or Greenwood are. It was all Ole and his teams fault that they couldn't get their tactics right and couldn't even change it during the game. He just sits there hand on chin waiting for a miracle. We are United and we shouldn't be here lamenting on a missed penalty, the game should have been won before that. Its Wolves and Palace for Gods sake.

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27 Aug 2019 12:30:08
Not sure how anyone can compare our current style of play to either LVG or Mourinho.

LVG = possession for possession sake, all in our own half. Little to no pressing, just overly patient play.
Mourinho = Sit back, even against relegation threatened teams, get the ball, try to hit a target man.

We're now pressing from the front. At weekend we had 71% possession backed up by 22 attempts.
Against Wolves we were very good in the first half against a good side who beat us twice at their place last year.

The style of play is much improved imo.

Agree Ole was late with his subs against Wolves but I don't know why you keep bringing it up. It's been and gone and you can't do anything about it.

27 Aug 2019 12:31:41

Totally agree, it has a bit of rabbit in the headlights feel about it.

27 Aug 2019 12:44:36
Wazza, how is the result against Wolves from last season got to do with how we played them this season? The possession stats are flattering but i am sure when you do a little analytics on this, you will find that the most touches of the football were between Lindelof and Maguire passing to each other with an odd touch coming from McT and the full backs. We do acquire the ball quicker but then its like whoaa i slept for this part of the class where i was told what to do with it once i get it. How many saves did the GK from Wolves and Palace have to make. I am sure DeGea made more saves against those sides. You say 22 shots against Palace. How many of those were by Rashford from a 100 yards out. How many clear cut chances did we carve open. I am not taking a dig at the players. Like they were tied down under Jose similarly they are following what Ole is training them to do.

27 Aug 2019 12:46:51
Wazza mate your wasting your breath. Certain people have made their mind up and won't be happy until there's a sacking. Even though they know that the next guy will have the same problems. They might give him a bit longer but will quickly be calling for a sacking. Rinse and repeat.

27 Aug 2019 13:01:43

I am also unhappy at why it takes Ole so long to make his substitutions so I am not defending that. Nor am I defending the fact we should be beating the likes of Palace at home and Wolves away (although this is a tough fixture and history has suggested that for other top 6 sides) . I would have looked at these 3 fixtures and would have expected 7 points with the Chelsea game being the one that could have been a banana peel. 4 out of a possible 9 is simply not good enough this early in this season

Our issues run deeper than tactics imo. With our current midfield, I don't see how even the best tactician can be getting this side challenging at the top. I like Mctominay and he has improved but he is still very young and he will have bad games. Pogba is the only one with the ability to create. Beyond that, there is either potential (Gomes, I will add Garner too), players not good enough to start (Lingard, Pereira), players past their best (Matic, Mata) and then Fred who cannot seem to make the bench. Whatever way you dress it up, a club of United's side should not have such a woeful strength in depth.

Now as I said down the page, I do not think Ole is the man to get us back to where we need to be aka challenging for the league. His credentials do not suggest he can get us there either. Tactically he can be found wanting when plan A does not work but I do believe that you look at the bench and there is no Plan B either, so not totally his fault in that respect. But I do believe you have to sit back and assess things with a bit of context. There are improvements with work rate and whether you like it or not, the best sides in the league are also the hardest working off the ball (City and Liverpool) . We were the laziest under Jose so I am pleased with that aspect.

Where I have an issue is the transition and tempo of our play when we play sides that sit back. We have zero imagination or creativity and like you said, everything is one dimensional and goes through pogba. Now Ole must find a solution as that what he is paid to do. I am not defending him here, he has to find a midfield combination or plan of action to break down these deep defences. At the end of the day we have him as manager, whether we like it or not. Personally, I am ok with him at the moment because things are not a quick fix over night. Am I happy with the last two results and performances? Hell no. I was livid after the Palace game and had to refrain from posting in case I embarrassed myself or said something reactionary. For me, it is all about winning. Even in life I strive to be the best in every aspect. But sometimes you have to step back and assess the realities of the situation and have some patience. And this is what we must do here.

There is a recurring theme of managers not getting the necessary backing when needed. Jose was let down last summer when he was screaming for a centre back. This year we have not added a creative midfielder to improve our attacking play. What is the manager meant to do? At the end of the day we could bring Pep in but if he is working with this midfield then even he will not be able to do wonders with this side. The reality is until we sort out the structure and bring in a DOF, then our scattergun approach to transfers will carry on, and the manager carousel will continue. Whether you like it or not, Ole has shown some signs that there is an improvement but he needs the opportunity to build.

Unfortunately our owners do not want to sanction a City or Atletico (this summer) type window where 10+ come in and 10+ go out. So we must be patient and view each window as an incremental step towards the stage where we can challenge. 2 to 3 windows will surprise you if the recruitment is correct and the attitude is there. I think it is pointless discussing Ole leaving because it is not something that is going to happen at least for the moment. Nothing wrong with constructive criticism, but we are seeing massive overreactions every week after a loss or a win. In reality, the situation is somewhere in the middle. I have always maintained Poch is my choice and he does not look settled at Spurs. But there is no point going into that tbh.

27 Aug 2019 13:02:21
Absolutely Mort.
With the lack of quality in squad, whoever comes in will struggle.

27 Aug 2019 13:04:10
Haha funny Mort. When you don't have anything worthwhile to contribute, that's the sort of post you resort to right? Forget what i am saying. Go and search for Ed002's post from March/ April 2019 and tell me what he said about Ole's appointment. Unless ofcourse you tell me that the keyboard warriors, including me, are a better judge of this than Ed002. I respect Ed002 opinion when he gives one so i think Ole is the wrong choice.

27 Aug 2019 13:23:57
UA, Ed002 also said the main issue is the toxics who do not have patience, whines and moans at every opportunity.

27 Aug 2019 13:26:16
Nice one Park. Agree to that. May be the merry men should also refrain from posting through their tinted glasses. I would also refrain from being so negative but that's just what one feels when we see us struggle so badly.

27 Aug 2019 14:03:04
True TRD, but if you would have noticed, the ones you are calling toxics were the ones who wanted lvg to finish his tenure. If you noticed, the same were the ones who bscked Jose and called out Ed Woodward for not backing him even though his contract had been extended. So not sure if the current toxics were the toxics bsck then. The toxics then were the folks who kept saying that their styles were boring without looking at the bigger picture. The toxics back then were yhe ones who said that the players were good just being held back by dianosaur managers. Now they are the merry men wanting Ole be afforded time because the squad lacked quality.

27 Aug 2019 14:26:24
UA I've said it plenty of times. I've said exactly what Park has. Improvements are there, things should be better and Woodward is a twonk. But I've come to the conclusion that its pointless to keep saying it. You don't take anything on board and keep banging the same drum everyday so why should I waste my time keep saying it. For the record I also backed LvG and think he was sacked too soon and I've also said they made a mistake with Jose. However I think he was looking to get sacked.

27 Aug 2019 14:27:42

I’ve seen you do that a few times now, we should all listen t Ed002 and agree with everything he says, like you are backing your own opinion up with his. I like to think most of us here have our own brains and Ed knows a lot about football but it is just his opinion, so we can see ourselves and make our own mind up rather than using someone else’s opinion as our own which you seem to be doing.

“It’s wolves and palace for god sake” is a very interesting comment to make. Last season (which you keep bringing up with your stats) city won the league, have a little look how they got on at wolves and against palace at home then come back and let us know. Maybe you’ll be surprised or stop disrespecting other teams.

27 Aug 2019 15:24:56
Its interesting you mention brain there GDS. Where was the brain when OGS got the job. It was all sentiment and heart mate. It was that fluke in Paris that was quickly linked to that 99 final and the sentiment played its part and OGS got the job. Had that brain been used, OGS would be in Molde. Had that brain been used, Moyes wouldn't have been appointed. Had that brain been used LvG would have finished his tenure and we would have got Allegri. Had that brain been used Jose would have been backed with Maguire last season.

I am not sheep and wouldn't follow the sentimental herd. I make my own choices and decisions. I said i respected Ed's decision as i feel he is correct more often than not. He said Jose and United weren't a good match as Jose didn't see us progressive. He said it would wnd in years. I think everyone will agree that Ed2 was right. I also don't see anything special in Ole to counter Ed002 this time either.

Come back and tell me what City did last season when we get close to City this season. I am not disrespecting any team and surprise results may happen time to time. But this result was coming and somewhere deep down it was expected. Although i posted before the game that we might destroy Palace but that was more hope than reality.

{Ed047's Note - UA you really should know better than get in a conversation with GDS, it’s his way or the highway mate.

There isn’t a poster on any other page that wears a pair of tinted specs that come even close to the size of his.

He’s been posting exactly the same stuff for years. 😴

27 Aug 2019 15:38:01
Lads, ole was bought in while we were after a new manager, he got a good run with a handful of easy games, how he was given the job full time was comical, he got sacked at cardiff and managed some team on narnia.

27 Aug 2019 16:00:12
A little perspective perhaps.

Does anyone know where United sit on the PL table for total games played (24) since Ole took over last December?

Behind only City and Liverpool and 2 points ahead of fourth placed Arsenal.

{Ed047's Note - and we were absolute garbage at the end of last season so not really any perspective mike to be honest.

27 Aug 2019 16:41:03
Leahy, we beat Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal and PSG against the odds. Do those fixtures fall under "easy games".

Keep at it GDS2, I look forward to reading your posts amongst some of the nonsense on here.

27 Aug 2019 16:25:50
The table doesn’t lie Ed. It is what it is.

{Ed047's Note - never said it did mike just that it’s not an ideal perspective.

27 Aug 2019 16:36:35

I am done then mate, absolute joke of a response from you, I have always been treated with respect on here by the Ed's, I'll let the toxics crack on with it and stop spouting the same old stuff.

{Ed047's Note - your decision and it wasn’t a joke, I was dead serious, if you can’t let fellow posters have an opinion that doesn’t fall in line with yours you need to get a grip mate.

People will say how they feel, I put up about 5 posts of yours up in quick succession the other day where you were just having a go at people who were not happy with the way things are going and didn’t think like you do.

You don’t have to beat every body down because they have a different opinion. If you don’t like it, walk on by.

27 Aug 2019 17:30:02
Most of my posts get quite a lot of thumbs up and I refer you to a post from earlier where I was name checked by someone as a poster they like reading when I hadn’t even posted on it.

I’ve always treated people with respect and especially the ed’s who I think do a great job and usually provide great banter and invaluable insight so I expect it back, not too much to ask really.

If you want to stop any positive posts and allow this place to end up like the chat (which the majority of regulars stay away from now because of the toxicity) then go ahead.

I’m not going to apologise for not overreacting to every game and trying to stay on the optimistic side of balanced. Football (as well as this site) are hobbies that I like to enjoy, if I spent the whole time miserable and moaning I would go and do something that I actually enjoy. United have lots of issues, they haven’t suddenly become apparent since Saturday (when we were pretty unlucky), so it’s frustrating seeing the same posters popping up like every time we lose a game with the ‘I told you so’ bollocks. Yet if I respond to this I am just having a go at them apparently.

27 Aug 2019 17:37:57
Ed047, if you take that line, you'll be left with about three posters on here, mate 😁 GDS is overly positive sometimes, and there are occasions when I want to give him a good shake (interactively, of course), but by God, I'd rather read his posts over some of the incessant, repetitive whining and bleating from some on here, that helps to create a black cloud which hangs over the site for weeks on end. Supporting your club is meant to be enjoyable after all.

{Ed047's Note - yes I know that Nou but just to go around berating anyone who has a negative opinion is somewhat crazy.

No one wants anyone to stop posting and some opinions, like one the other day suggesting you had the worst squad in the league, is a prime example, but I honestly put up about 5 successive posts from GDS where he is giving someone stick because they see things they don’t like and are not afraid to give an opinion on it but it differs from his.

He clearly needs to chill out Nou.

27 Aug 2019 18:01:12
047 I’m not sure if you’ve read these pages on a daily basis over the past 3-4 months but what you accuse GDS2 of is done ten fold by others. Constant moaning and negativity, literally the same repetitive posts over and over buy the same posters but written in a different way - I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a hand full of different names come from the same IP address. There’s a bigger picture here and if anything the likes of GDS2 (and a few others) have kept things sane and I applaud their stubbornness for want of a better word, for sticking to their guns and not giving in to the trolls or worse still leaving the site altogether.

{Ed047's Note - Wazza it’s not what you say it’s how you say it and I’ve been reading the pages for years rather than months.

I get the frustration but accept a different opinion and word a reply better.

GDS took offence to my reply, exactly how his come across. I made my point.

No one wants anyone to stop people posting and I could just have easily deleted his posts but he has an opinion like everyone else.

27 Aug 2019 18:03:58
I’m totally chilled out.

My posts were all different as I hadn’t been on the site for a while after the game and scrolled down replying to a few posts, I’m sure most people do that. I wasn’t ‘having a go’ at anyone either I was just posting.

I’ve always accepted I am overly positive, I’m a positive and optimistic person in general, but I do see the negatives and post about them. I just don’t overreact to one match like other people do and as this is a forum I’m sure my opinion is just as valid as anybody else.

27 Aug 2019 18:19:08
Myself and Gds2 never agree, but to be fair Ed he is a good all sort,
There's no badness in him, and I think he wants the team and ole to do better, but just has his own way of saying it.
I'd have no one having a go at me if my auld mate left the site.
Theirs no harm on having different views as long as we all be civil and respect everyone's views.
After all it a great site.

{Ed047's Note - totally agree leahy and if you say what you want to say the right way you win on all levels.

Every poster is a good guy to me, whatever their opinion, I don’t delete the negative posts as I don’t the positive ones.

Say what you want but be nice about it. 🙂

27 Aug 2019 18:25:18

So now you deliberately offended me to prove a point? Slightly strange from an editor really but never mind. I’ll carry on as I have been.

Thanks Wazza and Stevie 😘.

{Ed047's Note - so you’re saying you recognise I was deliberately offending you. Thus you recognise what you are doing.

You are free to carry on as you like, I’m pointing out you might like to be somewhat nicer in dismissing other people’s opinions because you don’t like or agree with them.

27 Aug 2019 19:17:45
Love your input ed but GDS is one of the better posters on the site. His positivity is needed at times where it is easy to focus on the negative. Perhaps things can be misconstrued or tone is hard to read when over text. Either way, I enjoy your input and your banter ed. GDS - keep posting mate you’re a big part of this site.

{Ed047's Note - I’m going to say it again Park, I have no problem with anyone posting, it’s what the sites for, positive, negative or in between.

GDS is clearly a positive poster and like I said, that is no problem at all because there are plenty and he posts some decent stuff which I am not questioning at all.

It’s just as I said, not what you say but the way you say it mate. I could have simply deleted posts but I want everyone to enjoy it and have their say but do it the right way and it’s a win, win.

It’s hard for most on here because of what’s going on at the club and we all want our respective clubs to be smashing it but some are frustrated more than others.

27 Aug 2019 20:07:20
That’s fair enough Ed my apologies. At the end of the day I think we all must try and argue and debate in a mature manner instead of being personal. So I agree. Have a nice week ed.

{Ed047's Note - absolutely no need to apologise Park and you too mate.

28 Aug 2019 08:05:37
Sometimes the emotional side of us takes over Ed :)

{Ed047's Note - I know mate, footie is very emotive. 🙂



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