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24 Aug 2019 12:11:54
Phil Neville was asked who he is most excited about seeing this season in the league. He replied the young English talent: Mount, Abraham, Rashford, Lingard. there are a bunch of young English talent breaking through. You'd think by 27, Lingard would have had his breakthrough, shouldn't he be peaking?

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24 Aug 2019 13:11:40
What is our club name? Manchester UNITED?

So why do we always feel the need to dog out one of our players?

Lingard is a hard worker who is reasonably talented and he love the club. The only thing people seem to have a problem with him is he isn't Leo Messi.

There are a dozen players at our club who contribute less to the side than Lingard. So why keep digging out Lingard? (That isn't just aimed at you LovelyLudwigVan, but everyone who feels the need to criticise Lingard, sometimes without him even kicking a ball) .

Maybe he isn't talented enough to be first choice, but it isn't his fault that there isn't anyone else currently at the club who is better than him. He is a quality squad player, a hard worker and has a genuine love and passion for our club. Maybe he isn't good enough to be starting but until a better player either signs or emerges at the club he is the best player for the role he is playing. Let's just try something a little bit crazy and support our players.

24 Aug 2019 13:47:42
Mmm shaps when you get off your soap box perhaps you would like to reflect on some of your posts on young from last season or your feelings on sanchez or rojo or your appeal for us not to sign maguire.
Dont give us the holier than thou speech.
You have come on here hundreds of times picking out faults in our players.
We all do. All football fans do.
In your opinion he is the best we have in the squad for his position. Which position is that? as ole has started him in 2 different positions in 2 different matches
I agree he is a good squad player he is just not everybody's cup of tea. Same way as young or rojo or sanchez or matic who you continually dog are not yours.

24 Aug 2019 14:06:45
Llv I thought the same thing when he said.

24 Aug 2019 14:06:57
Banter police alert 🚓.

24 Aug 2019 14:08:20
Shappy, besides me believing that Lingard isn't anywhere near good enough to be in the squad let alone the first team, this was more a joke towards Phil Neville who still sees Lingard as up and coming young English talent. This narrative has been the butt end of jokes for two/ three seasons now, yet it persists. No one considers Pogba as an up and coming young French talent, yet he's a few months younger.

In essence I agree with Neville, England does have some exciting talent coming through, but there were other names that could be mentioned, Sancho, Wan Bissaka, Foden, Alexander-Arnold, but he lumps Lingard in there instead, it's a joke. I'm curious to know who'll end up as England's first choice right-back, both AWB and TAA are likely going to be difficult to choose between.

24 Aug 2019 14:11:22
That is the definition of banter Anthony. Really Need to get you a dictionary😂😂.

24 Aug 2019 14:58:44
Ken I think everyone agrees we need a RW and a No.10 as there is no one in the squad able or ready to be first choice in that role. Lingard is better and more consistent than anyone else in both those positions.

I agree that I do pick faults with our players, as you highlight we all do. I suppose I just find the constant and repetitive retorts boring and add little to the site.

LovelyLudwigVan, I think it's a great position for England to be in. Personally I think TAA is a better option if your expecting to have the majority of possession. Whereas, AWB is better if you expect to have to defend more or if there is a serious threat on the oppositions left wing.

24 Aug 2019 15:06:50
👍👌 shaps.

24 Aug 2019 16:31:12
The issue is that a 26 year old is still being described as a young player. It’s not just Phil, his brother, Scholes and Giggs like to do it too. They’re confusing mental age with actual age.

It isn’t his fault that he’s first choice, but pretending that he’s got the ‘potential’ to be a top class player justifies the club’s failure to bring in a top quality attacking mid in the summer.

24 Aug 2019 18:01:06
Shaps here is your post match lingard assessment from the match posts page.

Lingard is a useful player, one you want in the tight games where you need someone to do lots of off the ball work to unsettle the opposition and win the ball back high up. Yet against a side that would sit deep and effectively hand you back possession as easily as Palace do it make little sense playing a player of Lingard's skill set.  

That comes 5 hours after you telling me he is the best option ole has in 2 positions. 5 hours later ole shouldn't be playing him😂😂😂😂 glass houses and stones spring to mind.

24 Aug 2019 19:38:43
I thought it was going to be grim on here today but didn't expect internecine all out verbal warfare.
We are Manchester alright but united? - we haven't been for years now.

24 Aug 2019 19:42:29
Someone said about 1of my earlier posts that i just threw in random names IE Maddison/ brooks, that’s ok everyone is entitled to their opinions but wouldn’t we just love them now, jesse is not up to playing at the level we need.

25 Aug 2019 07:33:08
I actually think we should keep him. It is the pay hike that he wants and the apparent immunity from pay cut that other players will suffer if CL not achieved that make me wonder whether we should even contemplate dancing to hi tune. As far as I can see he has not had a dip in form as a slump to a lower plateaux. I agree it is not about ability and potential to improve further from his hitherto high performance, more a matter of distraction. The lure of Madrid or another Spanish club an the desire to be nearer his GF is entirely understandable but it affect the team's performance in the league. I think it is.



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