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20 Aug 2019 10:00:22
After having time to think about that performance I'm still quite angry with it. There were mistakes all over the field and even more on the bench. Wolves are very organised and are difficult to play against but we didn't do ourselves any favours.

Our passing was atrocious. Under no pressure at all we were constantly missplacing passes. McT was the main culprit. There's no flow to our play, it's still 3 and 4 touches, moving slowly, allowing Wolves to constantly get 11 men behind the ball.

Lingard, what more can be said. He's well out of his depth and offers absolutely zero apart from the occasional closing down.

The main problem last night was Ole. It was clear that the game was crying out for Pogba to be moved forward. His inability to act and change the game ups incredibly worrying. There were a few players who were playing poorly. For Lingard to last 80 minutes and then bring on two attacking suns in the 88 minute is embarrassing.

Tough place to go but I found the game management very poor. We allowed Wolves to get on top and we had no leaders on the pitch or in the dugout. I think this season will be a real Jekyll and Hyde one.

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20 Aug 2019 11:12:54
But if perspective needed if you ask me. Last year we got dominated by wolves in both away games and you could even argue the home game.

First half we were excellent, controlled the game and gave them nothing. Second half different story, I agree on the subs point. But then I ask what change do you make? We’ve all mentioned the squad depth. Yet if ole brought on Matic and we concede a second with Pogba further forward, straight away people will slaughter him for bringing on Matic.

I was disappointed with the result last night, it still feels like 2 points dropped. But no leaders on the pitch? I think we have one at centre half and a quiet one at right back who leads by actions. We would have lost that game last year, especially after the penalty miss. We would have crumbled.

Let’s look back in May and I doubt we will look at that as a bad result. 4 points from two fixtures were we got 1 point last season. Improvement and that’s all we can ask.

20 Aug 2019 12:10:15
Mumbles we must have been watching a different game mate. Thought we were brilliant first half and hardly looked troubled all game apart from that 10-15 min spell after half time where wolves equalised with quite frankly an absolute stunner by neves.

As caolan said, we got absolute dominated the last 2 times we’ve played wolves. They are a very tough team to play against. Extremely organised, compact and very dangerous on the counter. Mentally as well, it would have been very easy for the boys to cave after the past two experiences. But I thought we were the dominant side. It does feel like a loss, especially due to the missed penalty.

I think yesterday showed a few things. The first is very obvious - we lack quality in midfield and not adding a player there will hamper us at times this season against sides which sit back. The second is we need a right winger. James is young and he worked hard and had some nice moments, but he is still very raw. The defence was a huge step up from last year’s game. We are able to play out from the back with far more confidence.

I think people need to relax. We would have taken 4/ 6 points from these thought fixtures. Many a top side will go to wolves and struggle. They aren’t a dangerous and excellently coached side. So the overrreaction here is a bit laughable. We have a very young side out here and there will be mistakes. But we just have to be patient and take the good with the bad. I actually really like some of the stuff I’ve seen so far. We are pressing more and the attack is more fluid. But it’s only been 2 games so people need to relax. Liverpool haven’t exactly been firing on all cyclinders either.

On another note, I would have played Gomes yesterday as no 10. He has that guile and bit of magic that would have been handy yesterday. Can’t fault lingard’s workrate, but if you are playing no 10 you have to affect the game with goals or assists. He doesn’t offer enough there. Before anyone jumps on my back, I’m not saying sell him. Just saying we need more from him. Alternatively, push pogba further up and bring Fred in so we can get pogba running more into the box like he did yesterday for the penalty.

There is a lot of be pleased with. Win next game and that’s 7/ 9. I’m really enjoying things so far and I can’t wait to see this side grow more.

20 Aug 2019 12:15:34
2 games in and people are going on about being short .
Let the lads play a few games together.
Still judging players on a game to game basis.

20 Aug 2019 12:31:12
Mumbles you have watched a different game to me, too.

Park and Caolan I agree with both summaries.

While it does feel like two points dropped, given that we dominated the first half, took the lead and missed a penalty, you have to realise that if we played our last two fixtures back in May we would have lost both.

Our defence looks so much better. AWB is a one-man brick wall, nothing gets past him. Maguire lost 1 header all game, he's such a big presence. I thought he didn't have leadership qualities before we signed him, he's changing that opinion.

I think Jesse had a very poor second half, he switched off.
McTominay was naive in places but we have to put up with that given his age and experience. He has great attributes.
Dan James looked a little lost, he wasn't up for the fight. We need to learn that he's not ready to play against physical teams just yet, he seemed quick to move the ball on and I would have liked to see him go at players more. He shouldn't have gone down when he received the booking. That said he will get better and last night was the start of a huge learning curve for him.

In hindsight we should have brought Greenwood on sooner, 5 minutes isn't enough to influence a game. But I did wonder what Ole would do given we have limited options from the bench. Last night made it clearer than ever that we need an out-and-out RW.

Martial is already going some way to change my opinion. He was closing down the defenders and GK, he's started this season really well and I hope he keeps his head up because he could be the 20+ goals a season striker we've missed for so long.

All in all, good start to the season, two tough fixtures out of the way and now we have 4 favourable fixtures to look forward to.

20 Aug 2019 12:31:36
We weren't great in the first half. We were comfortable because Wolves sat deep. We didn't move the ball quick enough to cause them many problems. If the manager doesn't want to make a sub until 10 minutes to go when some players were appalling then I would say we are short in quality.

The Jesse Lingard runs around a bit is getting nauseating. He's playing the number 10 role at Man Utd and he's in the team because he has legs?

I guess I'm angry because with the right decisions we could have won this game. We panicked and Wolves finished the game stronger. On paper of course it's not a bad point but watching the game, We certainly dropped two.

20 Aug 2019 13:09:16
Jred if you can’t see we are short of quality in midfield then you need to take your rose tinted glasses off. That’s not an offence to any player, it’s simply pointing out a fact. I’m pleased with what I’ve seen so far and have enjoyed the past two games. It is early days as you say, but we will come unstuck due to our lack of quality in midfield with only pogba the difference maker. Defence I’m very pleased with and martial and rashford have impressed me. Would give Greenwood a start against palace as I think he would be more effective than James. Bring James off the bench to stretch the tired legs in the final 20.

20 Aug 2019 13:28:01
Take away a wonderful goal and hitting the post, what did wolves do mumbles? De gea didn’t have a save to make.

Off course we are bit short on quality, no one has disputed that. There’s kids who I believe can make a huge impact, but those two games were not going to be easy to get them in.

Lingard does not do a fancy role for this team but he is very good for us in the press. It would be great if he had the quality of someone like Firmino but he doesn’t. I’d love to know your opinion on Park Ji-Sung mumbles. Wasn’t world class and worked his back side off. He was in the big games to do a job, press and cause problems. I guess because he didn’t come through our academy he wasn’t viewed as someone who just ran about. He was viewed as a bargain.

We can most certainly upgrade on Jesse in the number 10 role, but he does a bit more than just run around.


20 Aug 2019 13:35:41
Mctom and pogba played cm yesterday.
I have high Hope's of mctom and pogba is a very good player I see them 2 playing the majority of games to be honest.
They will get better the more games they play together but we are 2 games in to a season, not sure how you can say we look short. Matic and fred haven't even played a competitive game yet .

20 Aug 2019 14:16:23
Some people moan about players jred moans about posters.

Park remember.
You are not entitled to an opinion.

Every single football expert has given an opinion that united are short in midfield options.

20 Aug 2019 14:17:45
I agree on pogba and mctominay so there is no dispute there. There are our first choices for sure. I hope and expect to see Fred step up and have a better season. The high energy game will suit him imo. Unfortunately matic is finished, although I was always a fan personally. Pereira it remains to be seen if he can step up. I like mata, he has quality from dead balls, but he is not suited to the press. Gomes can play #10 and he’s a fantastic talent but he needs to be bedded in. Then add lingard who works his socks off and presses very well. But he does not contribute enough in terms of goals and assists. That’s our midfield options there.

An injury to pogba and we are done. There are bodies there but I’m not sure you can say there is a lot of quality. So how can you come to the conclusion that we are not short? Perhaps I should say we are short on quality which was evident yesterday when teams sit back. It will take time and next window we must address it. Like I said, I was very pleased with the defence and the attack. James needs time to adapt and an impact sub would be a better idea for him. I hope to see Fred start some games with pogba and Mctom in midfield.

20 Aug 2019 14:25:41
Caolan all that is fine but park was never a first 11 player, lingard for some reason is. Also the whole he does a bit more than run, is rubbish all he does is huff and puff, found this on twitter yesterday,

Q. Did Jesse Lingard get a PL goal or assist in the following months?

May 18? No

Augt 18? No

Sep 18? No

Oct 18? No

Nov 18? No

Dec 2018? YES (4 Goals, 2 assists)

Jan 19? No

Feb 19? No

Mar 19? No

Apr 19? No

May 19? No

Aug 19? No

That is the definition of a guy who does nothing but run around.

20 Aug 2019 14:33:42
We dropped two points for one reason only. Pogba's ego.

20 Aug 2019 14:57:31
Caolan, you simply cannot compare Lingard to Park, Park had an end product and was decisive. There's was a pass last night from Lingard that went towards two players, it wasn't aimed at either, just kicked in their general direction and those two players (Maguire and Pogba, if memory serves) had to look to each other to decide who would take the ball, that's not acceptable and it's definitely not decisive. I know that's one example, but it's something that happens all too often with him, speculative passes, speculative runs, speculative shots, when one out of a hundred comes through, he is lauded.

Lingard reminds me honestly of Chadwick and Richardson, players who were looked at, given a brief chance in the first team and moved on because they were not good enough. Same should have been done with Lingard 4/ 5 years ago.

20 Aug 2019 15:26:26
We were comfortable in the first half and controlled the game well. The second half once Wolves put pressure on us we panicked and lost our foothold in the game.

Park was a quality reliable professional. Scored many important goals and actually offered a lot more than "closing down". Goals in champions league knockout games. Scored a few last minute winners. Scored against the top 4 at the time. Parks stamina was the basis for his performances, They weren't the main part of his performances.

In the last 12 months we played football, Jesse Lingard has not registered a goal or an assist in 11 of those months. Pathetic. I think the only reason he is anywhere near this squad is because he is a United youth graduate.

There are psostives though. I thought the defence played well as a whole. I thought Martial was doing the right things. Hopefuĺly him and Rashford can get a good understanding.

It's not all doom and gloom but there are certainly some rain clouds overhead.

20 Aug 2019 15:44:41
I agree with mumbles, We didn't really create anything in the game. You talk about de gea not having to do anything but neither did their keeper. I'm still scratching my head wondering why he waited till the 80 minute to make a change, and then bring on 2 attacking players in the last minute was a bit pointless really. AWB was best player on the pitch for me, defensively he was really good.

20 Aug 2019 18:44:45
In jose’s second season Lingard was supposedly better than dele Alli according to many people on here. Again I’ve said we can upgrade on him, but people say he’s absolutely useless but I disagree. Young is now out of the team, so I guess someone has to be criticised. Mourinho and van gaal both used him as an important player, so there must be a bit of quality.

20 Aug 2019 18:48:37
I don't think any one can argue that we are aren't short of quality in depth in midfield.

Pogba is one of the world's best midfielders and McTominay has been excellent for most of the last 6 months.

It is what is beyond them where the trouble lies.

However, in the Chelsea game and the Wolves game both Pogba and McTominay started and played the entire game. We are two games into the season and our first choice midfield has started and played every minute. So I don't think we can complain about a lack of quality or depth in our midfield just yet, as the results haven't been effected by either a lack of options or a lack of quality in our midfield.

The result last night was affected by two things, not converting a penalty. And a lack of creativity in the final third.

Add Maddison and Sancho to our line up last night in place of Lingard and James and we would have cruised that game 3 or 4 nil.

Lots of hard work in our forward players and some quality as well. But we lack killers.

20 Aug 2019 18:49:45
Amen Mort.

20 Aug 2019 20:12:08
Pogba is one of the worlds best midfielders? I’ve seen it all now Shappy.

{Ed047's Note - is that the same Pogba who wouldn’t even make City’s bench?

20 Aug 2019 20:23:17
Caolan remind me why neither of Mourinho or LVG are managing utd right now? Many people here have a weird crush on lingard, he is rubbish who would not make it at any other top 6 club, him being our 2nd most senior player against wolves is exactly why we are in the position we are, too many headless chickens, not enough quality footballers.

20 Aug 2019 20:32:19
Csm, they aren’t in charge because they didn’t get results. Is that down to Jesse Lingard? No. I my just seems people want to always have a player to aim criticism at. Lingard has scored big goals for us, winning goals in cup finals. But let’s forget all that, and bash him.

I have quite clearly stated that we could upgrade him, but he’s not deserving of half the criticism I see him getting. He does his best every week and that can’t be denied by anyone. If he’s not the best number 10 in the world that’s not his fault either.

20 Aug 2019 20:35:00
Pogba is a disaster lads. One of the biggest mistakes we have made is keeping a hold of him.

20 Aug 2019 21:41:22
Sir Alex thought highly not Jesse Lingard. LvG had him as first choice, Mourinho had him as first choice and Ole has him as first choice.

Three great managers and Ole all rate Lingard. So he must have something.

21 Aug 2019 04:27:51
Shappy SAF also rated cleverley and welbeck highly, LvG thought nick Powell was going to be our saviour bringing him on to score goals when chasing a win in ucl game which was basically a knockout game. Mourinho wanted to replace martial with perisic.

He has something, he runs around a lot and once upon a time hit a purple patch. Who do you think he replaces at city or liverpool? Imagine an attacking player going without a goal or assist in 11 of last 12 months and you are defending him.

21 Aug 2019 06:14:37
Lingard is a very useful squad player but his style doesn't suit against teams who sit deep.
In such scenarios I believe Mata or Gomes at no 10 would be a better option.

However, Lingard needs to work on his end product and overall involvement during build ups. His spot is up for grabs.



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