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20 Aug 2019 08:50:36
So much drama over a missed penalty, it happens. When Ole says there is an agenda against Pogba, it is quite obvious today, would the media reaction be the same had Rashford missed? (there doesn't seem to be a mention of his dreadful freekick) . Then there's an article about Pogba being racially abused on Twitter, maybe the platforms writing those articles should take a long hard look at themselves and question whether they have some part in fuelling that.

Overall a good performance last night. Pogba and McTominay dictated the tempo in the first half by sitting deep and causing a wide gap between the Wolves defence and midfield. Wolves changed that in the second half with some high pressing, but we still managed to regain control after they took command. I do think Ole needs to make changes sooner though. Lingard was crap again and should have been taken of much sooner. No one is highlighting his dreadful attempt at a volley which could have also won us the game. Still 4 points from Chelsea and Wolves is not a bad start and probably more than most would have expected.

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20 Aug 2019 09:09:27
Agree completely with that, the reaction to the penalty has been so reactionary especially from someone like g neville last night who was in a hysterical mood.

Pogba was our regular penalty taker last season and its not like he stole the ball off of rashford and there was big argument. That being said ole needs to make a decision and pick one out rashford, pogba or even martial to be the designated taker.

20 Aug 2019 09:32:37
Pogba did extremely well to win the penalty.

However, It was 2 points dropped against a very good well drilled Wolves side.
Adama Traore was in beast mode when he came on.

20 Aug 2019 09:42:57
Good Post Van, Its a game and you can miss a penalty nothing wrong in that, saw a few tweets from G. Neville as well where is absolutely furious for no reason.

20 Aug 2019 09:56:36
Pogba has missed 5 penalties for us in less than 12 months. He should not be anywhere near them. Maybe ole doesn't want to upset him. The golden child.
He is an egomaniac who needs to be put in his place.
Worst penalty taking record for any designated penalty taker across each and every European league.
Its his fault but by he should be stripped of the duty. But as i said ole is scared of him as far as I'm concerned. Or at least afraid of upsetting him.
If pogba was any sort of man at all he would walk away from pen duty imo.
We played ok last night. More of the same really. We were in control most of the match but have no cutting edge or creativity to take advantage of our control.

20 Aug 2019 10:48:38
becks neville is an media shill with an agenda these days, slightest mistake from likes of martial or pogba and he cries murder but if any of lingard or rashford or anyother english players don't do well he will have 101 excuses for them.

20 Aug 2019 12:11:01
Ken, it wasn't too bad a penalty, that is even mentioned in the articles, but the concentration isn't on that, or Rui Patricio's save, or even, as you mention, the excellent run Pogba made to win that penalty, it has all been focused on the fact Pogba didn't score. It wasn't a botched penalty, it was struck hard, maybe not enough to the left, but Patricio would have still covered much more. We should all be focusing on the run and the save, not the unfortunate miss. That being said, Pogba doesn't have the best record on penalties, but he seems to have confidence, which is far more likely to be the reason he still gets to take them. Again, I must insist here, no other manager complains about Pogba other than Mourinho, so this whole character diffamation is getting old, it would have some ground to stand on if it was the broader opinion of the coaches he's worked under.

TrueRedDevil, sure it was two points dropped, but Lingard could be considered just as much at fault for that mis-kick, that pretty much summed up his entire career, if he'd bagged that goal as he should have, Pogba's miss wouldn't even be an issue.

Becks, Neville is just a grumpy old man, but his messages are appalling at times, severe lack of respect for a club he supposedly loves. I guess he wants to prove he's objectif, but he just comes off as petty when he does so.

20 Aug 2019 14:23:49
Llv he first come across as petty to me.

Pogba is confident to take penalties. Just 2 simple questions for you.
Do you thinks pogbas confidence in taking penalties is misplaced given that he has missed 5 in his last 10?

Do you think he should be removed from the duty because he misses more than any other designated penalty taker In europe?

20 Aug 2019 15:23:09
Ole has dug a little hole for himself with last night's penalty miss. Who takes the next one? If it's Rashford he'll be accused of being indecisive. If it's Pogba, he'll be accused of being weak. Or that he's undermining Pogba.
He should choose one. Rashford is the guy in my opinion.
To be fair, Patricio is a very good penalty stopper.
Generally, United have started reasonably well and look a more cohesive unit. Yes there are definite areas where they must improve. But there is desire and passion in the players. That's good to see. I'm hoping that it continues.

20 Aug 2019 18:20:18
Not necessarily bad penalties though Ken, that's the issue. But in the end, neither you or I are Ole, nor are we anywhere near the dressing room or training sessions. Rashford has scored what 3/ 3, he could miss three out of the next five, and what then?

It's just over-dramatisation for the sake of over-dramatisation. It was a decent team effort, and we're all be petty because a player missed a penalty, which was A- well earned, B- well struck and C- well saved. If it was a dubious penalty, badly taken or wide of the mark, then I could get the whining, but this is merely overreacting.

20 Aug 2019 18:56:37
I actually thought he handled it brilliantly. By saying that the decision is made by Rashford and Pogba he has avoided any come back when we next get a penalty. As whoever takes it Ole can say it was the decision of the players.

Some might say that is weak management, yet it makes little sense to have a specific penalty taker.

For example, Let's say it's Rashford. We are playing a key cup game we have created 4 or 5 good chances but Rashford is having a mare and fluffed all of them. We then win a vital penalty late into the game. Do you stick with Rashford as he is the designated penalty taker or do you switch?

If you switch then you risk undermining Rashford's confidence. If you stick and he misses then you risk backlash from the fans and the media. The only way you come off well is if you stick and Rashford buries it. Which of the three potential outcomes gives you a 33.3% chance of "doing the right thing".

Whereas, if you have two players who share the responsibility they get to have a discussion and hopefully the player who feels best placed to take it takes the penalty. Then score or not it doesn't come back on the manager.

20 Aug 2019 19:30:22
You have a valid point Shappy and well put. But Pogba's penalty record is not great and Rashford scored last game. Ole should really stick with that and discussed that pre match.
You're right though, he did handle it well and deflected back on to the players. Gives them something to think about.
As well, it wasn't a shocking penalty and Patricio is very good in those situations.
Good post Shappy.

20 Aug 2019 20:30:53
Mmm jose does that its throwing the players under the bus.
The double standards are hilarious.

20 Aug 2019 21:17:35
He didn't throw them under the bus Ken. That's the point I think. It was more subtle than that.
Jose would actually name and shame. God knows what he'd of said about last night if he was still in charge.

20 Aug 2019 22:20:36
Ken, there is a subtle difference. Ole didn't throw anyone under the bus, he said that the coaches and the players have come to the conclusion that either Pogba or Rashford should take penalties and left it down to the players to decide on a game by game basis.

He hasn't thrown anyone under the bus. He defended both Pogba and Rashford.

Mourinho would have said he wanted Rashford to take the penalty so he couldn't be blamed for the miss. Then for good measure he'd have called Rashford a coward for letting Pogba take it and Pogba a bully for taking it off of Rashford. He'd then say it's all Luke Shaw's fault for some reason.

21 Aug 2019 06:17:53
Well said Shappy.
Ole is protecting his players. The players at the moment are giving all on the pitch for him.



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