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13 Aug 2019 10:48:00
There was an interesting topic discussed on weekend after the game between G. Neville, Mourinho, Souness and Carragher regarding how teams set up to play these days.
Neville made a point that teams have a specific ideology of playing and they play exactly the same throughout the tournament irrespective of the teams they are playing against.
He pointed out Norwich saying they just decided to attack rather than playing a waiting game to see out how the game holds up in the first 15 minutes.
To this Mourinho said that he would play according to the situation and the players at his helm, he would also set up players to be ready for a situation where he would prepare them to react better when his team loses the ball.

I personally think that we should set up according to the teams, attacking play is important but you would not like to do that against teams like City where they would just finish the game in first 15 minutes.
Defending in a compact way was what Mourinho focussed in his time at the studio. Thoughts?

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13 Aug 2019 12:02:36
Often these studio debates purposely pick the extremes of a situation.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Pep is renowned for playing a certain way. Yet if you believe he sets up exactly the same regardless of the opposition then you are perhaps being a little naïve. He might set up to attack or control a game in a certain way. Yet he will still scout his opponents, he will target where to try to turn over the ball, which areas to focus the attack. As seen by him telling his team to attack the space behind Harry Maguire when preparing his side to play Leicester.

You play to your strengths and target your opponents weaknesses while trying to mitigate your own weaknesses.

Every manager is doing that, they just have different approaches.

Looking at our side we don't have that clever creative player in midfield. So controlling possession and trying to pick the lock it's team isn't a great game plan for us. We have pace up front, and players in Lindelof, Maguire and Pogba who can hit quick accurate passes either in to the channels or to a player. So we are best set up to be a counter attacking side. That doesn't mean you have to sit deep, you can counter with a high press.

I don't think sitting deep is a good idea with our players. McTominay isn't a true defensive midfielder, and Pogba doesn't work hard enough defensively, if we invite pressure on to these players we will struggle.

13 Aug 2019 12:26:21
I agree with the studio part shappy, however i never said that Pep's plays are static throughout. He is a master tactician, there are not many teams which respond so quickly after getting the ball.

As for us, we are a couple of signings away from having a fantastic title challenging team, this also includes conditioning of current players to press for 90 mins.

13 Aug 2019 16:00:05
I think when we play away against the top teams, we have to play in a compact way. Defenders and midfielders have to stay close, so teams cannot find easy space between them. I don't see any of that at present. Also, the attackers have to form first line of defence by closing their defenders down.
It requires hard work amd discipline, but it will pay off if we can do it.



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