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25 Jul 2019 21:46:30
I would just like to say what wonderful tour we have had this year. So much positivity, so much to be happy about. A much better style of football, players working hard and playing for each other, the youth coming through and staking a claim.
McTominay growing in stature within the team. Tuanzebe looking confident and comfortable. Andreas Pereira, Rashford and Martial all playing well. The supposed "trouble" players getting their head down and working hard and not rocking the boat. Dan James and AWB looking like astute new signings. Then Garner, Chong, Gomes and Greenwood all stepping up and looking the part.

I get that it's only preseason, and that even the stronger teams we have played have heavily rotated their squad. As have we. Yet 4 wins surely must be better in the minds of the players than 4 loses.

I think Ole deserves a load of credit. This time last year the club had only made two signings and our manager was throwing his toys out of the pram. That bad atmosphere carried on into the season and we never truly recovered. This season we have positive momentum, and that's down to Ole. You don't win anything in preseason, but if you did Ole would have won it.

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25 Jul 2019 22:12:12
Alot of people said let's give ole a pre season and see what type of football he wants to play.

I think we can all agree we can see a change in approach the high press breaking with speed and the attitude and work rate has been fantastic to watch.

We were never a team to want to 2ork hard and chase and hound and I think the 4 games we have played have shown what type of football he wants to play

We haven't seen that over the past whatever years.

Its refreshing to see so many young players given a chance to shine and its paid off.

Although personally I don't think we are anywhere close to being a top 4 team as we are still lacking in a few areas.

And it is only pre season I don't take anything from these games it's mainly all about getting the fitness

2 weeks to go a I'm hoping for at least 2 more signings and away we go.

25 Jul 2019 22:26:28

I usually consider you a good judgement of player but I think you're well off the mark with James.

He's one of those players who's brain is slower than his body. His decision making is hesitant, he seems lost the majority of the time he approaches the box and he loses the ball like nobody I've ever seen.

I'm not sure he's a top half Premier League player in there, I've seen nothing from him, including two live games at Swansea, which made me think he wasn't already at his level.

Sure there could be a player in there somewhere and sure he's got bags of energy but that's all I see.

For me, he's our 2019 Nick Powell.

25 Jul 2019 22:40:34
Jose - I understand your concerns but the lad doesn't half work hard and he's well suited to the style Ole is trying to implement. He presses really well from the front and always busts a gut to get forward and support play. Whilst his final ball and decision making is questionable at times the boy is still a raw talent but his pace will always make him a threat. Let's give the kid a chance and hope he can continue to improve.

25 Jul 2019 23:29:55

I agree, he's like a terrier, but people don't give Jesse the credit for his energy and he has miles more ability right now.

I'm not going to write him off, I want him to succeed, certainly worth a punt, I'm just not sure on him.

25 Jul 2019 23:56:36
Wow, how many games in and already writing him off.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, moon, your posts are in a different world.

26 Jul 2019 00:51:57
Ed I do wish we still had the disagree button.

26 Jul 2019 03:46:07
Angel red,

Can you read? I literally say the exact words "I'm not going to write him off".

He's not a kid, he's at an age where in the modern game you're expected to produce to some extent.

I also say that I've seen him live on two occasions, both times he was one of the worst players on the pitch.

Again, I'm not writing him off but as it stands he is not good enough for the Premier League and that's just how it is.

He may improve, I hope he does, but I have seen enough of him to know who he is.

My brother in law is a Swansea season ticket holder, he thinks the move was strange and doesn't think he's a premier league player - that's a man who's watched him every single week for the past season or so and thus has a good judgement of him.

He's fast, that's it, there's a reason why Swansea were happy to sell him to a league rival for half of what we paid.

Again, I have no Ill feeling towards him, I'm calling it as I see it and in this case a spade is indeed a spade.

26 Jul 2019 05:56:18
Exactly Shappy, the manager is conducting himself well.
There is a good positive atmosphere around the squad.

Another important point is that we are getting our fundamentals right. The improved fitness, work ethic and endurance will definitely have a positive impact.
I'm sure the fans at Old Trafford will cheer very loudly when they see their players give everything on the pitch.

The squad depth is also quite decent.
If we see Martial whining, there is Chong and DJ to push him and compete for his spot.
If Matic burns out, we have Mctominay.
Likewise there are several youngsters who can push the first teamers.
Greenwood will be like a new signing. His raw talent is there for everyone to see.

Jose Moon - DJ is not the finished product. He is just 21.
Ole himself said "our supporters will love to watch him grow and progress. "
Some signings are brought in for the long term.
Imagine him coming on from the bench against a tired defence at full pace. He will definitely be vital to the squad.

26 Jul 2019 06:51:33
Haha moon, read your first post. You write him off. Calling him 2019s Nick Powell.

Just because you wrote 'I'm not going to write him off yet' in your second post doesn't suddenly delete your first post.

So I'm quite good at reading thanks. I think it's you that has the issue with the reading of your first post.

It's your opinion, by the way, it most definitely is not the view of everyone.

You've watched him only a couple of times, so take the spade and give your head a wobble.

26 Jul 2019 10:01:29
Jose not being funny mate but your talking utter rubbish.

A defenders nightmare is exactly what he has pace and if you seen much of the Swansea games last season that is not all he has.

You can't compare a child in terms of football development yo someone like lingard who had played top level football for years. and tbf lingard is an average player at best so the comparison isn't valid

I'll wait for you to come back on here in 12-18 months and get your opinion on the lad.

26 Jul 2019 11:52:30
I'll take the judgement of an ex Cardiff pro (my brother in law) over almost anyone else when it comes to football.

Nick Powell is having a fine career Angelred.

You say you can read but I have my doubts, I said I've seen him live twice and both times he wasn't very good - I've seen him on TV plenty of times and he's never jumped out at me.

You're correct in that it's my opinion but it's an opinion not filled with Hyperbole.

He'll be 22 before the season is barely a few months old, I don't care about age whatsoever in football but he is not a kid.

I couldn't care less what Ole says, with all due respect to him he's backtracked on almost everything he said during the season about the summer - notice I say backtracked, first there were a few players who weren't good enough and now he says they're all good enough for example.

If you think Daniel James is a premier league player or has even half the ability of someone like a Ryan Fraiser then I think you need to take some genuine football education classes.

26 Jul 2019 13:23:23
Well decision making improves with age.
JM - Again in your last sentence, you are writing DJ off even before he has kicked a ball in EPL.
Really mystifying, the lad has potential and qualities which will be useful for the team.
And seriously, isn't 21 young for you?
Some silly replies to backup your arguments. Typical mourning toxic.

26 Jul 2019 14:01:22
Wrong, decision making and age are not mutually exclusive and for the most part, there is 0 correlation. Decision-making comes down to intelligence, quick thinking and experience.

For example, Angel Gomes, Jimmy Garner and Mason Greenwood are fantastic decision-makers that could do with improvement as they gain experience.

Tahith Chong, Daniel James, Danny Welbeck and to an extent Marcus Rashford have relatively poor decision-making skills, there is no guarantee or expectation that it will improve with experience because you need the intelligence to begin with.

Rashford is probably a good example of someone in the middle with a little bit of intelligence but not enough to let the experience make him an Mbappe level forward in terms of decision making. Adequate nonetheless.

Everything I've seen, heard and been told from first-hand accounts about James suggests intelligence isn't his strong suit.

Firstly, let's go off 22 because he will be in a couple of months. a 22-year old as raw as he is has the odds stacked against him, 20 years ago 22 was considered a young player.

Today, not so much, if you're not producing to some extent, even o at an inconsistent level bt that age you are moved on.

Im toxic? haha.

all my arguments are well founded from former professionals and current coaches in the game. I'm unaware if you know this, you probably do not but it is literally my job to interview coaches from football and various other sports.

literally 6 weeks ago I was with an assistant to Nelson Jardim, his assistant did not speak highly of James at all with the exception of his work-rate and even then that was something they suggested needed a lot of improvement to play at the top level.

Take what you want from this but like I said above, Swansea were happy to move him on to a division rival at a cheap deal, there is a reason for that.

I hope the lad has a successful career but I am telling you now, from interactions with his former day-to-day coaches they do not expect him to be at Manchester United in the long term.



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