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21 Jul 2019 12:00:08
OGS wanted all transfers completed before the club went for pre season. We’re 3 weeks from the opening game of the season with two deals done for new players and no outgoings.

What is everyone’s thoughts on this?
It’s a concern for me. I know we think the club would be starting negotiations with other clubs for potential targets prior to the transfer window opening but with all the talk out there, there is not much progression from what I can see on any of our targets.
With the exception of Maguire I suppose as Ed 002 said we just haven’t agreed terms, it’s probably the only case where we are seen to actively pushing for a deal.

It worries me when OGS says the team is very strong as it is etc. If the defense is not sorted out and we go into the season with Jones or Smalling at CB it is a very worrying time to be a United fan and a Manager I feel.

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21 Jul 2019 12:11:54
Part of the problem is our bloated squad. So far only Herrera and Valencia have left, and two players have joined to replace them.

We need a few more out, and soon.

21 Jul 2019 12:29:19
In terms of transfers it is worrying we still haven't sorted out the CB/ MF position and hopefully we do so before the start of the season.

You don't need to be worried about what OGS says in the public about the team being strong. Every other manager would do the same as they wouldn't want to say anything negative which could alienate or bring a sense of mistrust between the manager and the players and have a detrimental impact on the preparations for the new season.

21 Jul 2019 12:46:42
I personally would be ok with giving Twanzebe a chance to become a regular, he looks very compose in that central defense role and got to remember he has lindelof to his left and bissaka to his right so that's a plus. But i do want rojo, jones and darmian out of the club asap, snalling needs to stay as back up for now.

21 Jul 2019 13:05:30

A certain mr Mourinho went for the opposite approach last summer and that didn’t work out too well, I’m enjoying the positivity around the club at the moment, even if the negatives are still shouting the loudest at times.

21 Jul 2019 13:33:56
Twanzebe, brilliant.

21 Jul 2019 13:48:48
If you think heading into the season with the current team is good enough then I'm afraid you need to wake up

Yes we have signed 2 players that will no doubt improve us but we are still way short of the other 5 teams that finished above us.

3 weeks to go anything can happen we must have to wait and see.

21 Jul 2019 14:59:55
The manager indicated the team were not fit enough last season and all this would be put right in pre season. If the new players are not in place that fitness ethos is going to be difficult to put in place if the arrive now and OGA will have to hope that when new players arrive they can get up to speed quickly.

Two players have arrived, only one is likely a definite starter, but you could surmise that Greenwood is like an addition, if he can keep it up. Only 17 so needs to not have the weight of our expectation on his shoulders alone.

It has been shown that our central defence isn’t good enough so it needs addressing, however, the nearer the window closing becomes, the more the selling clubs know how desperate we are. Negotiations are like that so we have to be patient, however, if Lukaku and Pogba leave it would not be great trying to replace them at the last minute. Where we are now, with the team we have we will have to look over our shoulders at Wolves, Leicester and Everton, not up at Chelsea and Arsenal. A lot can happen yet and needs to, but there should be no panic.

21 Jul 2019 14:13:58
You’re probably right in saying most managers would say the team is strong etc so to not bring in any conflicts with the team. The quotes I read this morning from Zizu about a Bale show the other side though. He doesn’t want him at the club and is not shy of saying it.
Do you think more honesty and clarity from managers would be more beneficial or do you think Zidane is wrong here?

On the other side, you really have to say this is the best chance we have or closing the gap to every other team above us.
City have not strengthened. Now they may well bring someone in, but to date there has not been anyone.

Liverpool look unlikely to bring in any major first team signings so they will likely enter the season with the same team they had last year.

Chelsea have a transfer ban and arsenal don’t seem to have the budget to try and strengthen.
I think if Erikson leaves Spurs then potentially they will be weaker coming into this season regardless of Ndombele.

This is the best chance to improve. So far the Spanish league has really put their money where their mouths are to bridge that gap from last season and the premier league in all seems to be content with what they have.

If we can get a top quality CB, a RW who has pace and attacking intent and then Bruno Fernandes who I’m starting to really get excited about the more I watch him. Then I think that’s the team ready for next season.
Potentially Savic if Pogba goes or Saul if Athletico Madrid need to sell anymore.

21 Jul 2019 14:26:43
How short are we? Who have arsenal signed? Who have Chelsea signed?

I'd say there's not much between us and them. Spurs haven't done a lot either.

21 Jul 2019 16:04:51
Exactly Mort. Chelsea even lost their best player.
From the pre-season, it is clear that Ole wants us to play exciting high intensity football.
Was this not we longed for after watching LVG's and Jose's defensive style?

Focusing on youth is the right way to build for the future.

21 Jul 2019 16:05:18
Question I've been asking myself most recently.

Everyone (journalists included) seems to knock or praise every team and has opinion about how all the teams should play. If that's the case why don't they work as coaches etc?

Honestly don't get it? We all claim to know ehich players as good and bad but don't have any experience in the top tear level of football? Who are we to judge their opinions?


21 Jul 2019 16:36:55
We can sign players up to the EPL transfer window and sell up to the European window deadline.

Plus we will want to know who we have signed before we sell. Would be pretty dumb if the incoming transfer fell through.

People need to chill.

Sign Bruno and maybe Maguire next week and then on to out goings.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Darmian and Lukaku to join Inter.

Which leaves over a month to move on Rojo, Sanchez (maybe) and maybe Tuanzabe on a loan if we sign a centre back. I don't see Smalling or Jones going unless Jones is p/ x'ed like the stop, start old banger he plays like. 🚘.

21 Jul 2019 17:10:42
Red man, it's not ideal I must admit. Yet we live in the real world and what we would like and what is realistic aren't always the same thing.

We could have signed AWB and James a couple of weeks earlier had we paid 70m and 30m respectively. We could have Maguire in the bag already if we paid 90m for him. Same with Bruno if we just chucked 75m Sporting's way.

We could have sold Lukaku and Pogba if we accepted the 54m and 80m bids for them.

Rojo and Sanchez could also be gone is we just coughed up the 80m odd it will cost to pay up their contacts and release them.

How many fans do you think would be praising Ed Woodward though if he did that. Good old Ed got the in's and out's sorted before pre-season started. Sure he cost the club 100-150mmore than was necessary but that's fine.

You would be here front and centre demanding he get sacked for negligence, highlighting that he is driving up the prices our club have to pay for transfers. That the money he has wasted could be spent on the facilities at the club, fix the leaky roof, or sign another player the club is desperate for.

I'm starting to feel that no matter what the club does it will be in a no win situation with some fans.

21 Jul 2019 17:23:07
Mort chelsea spurs and arsenal all finished above us.

We are the team who most needs to improve and atm the team as it is.

Is nowhere near regardless of hazard leaving

Spurs are still strong and have signed somone and arsenal finished above us.

21 Jul 2019 18:45:02

Completely agree with that.

21 Jul 2019 20:57:45
Bolger they only finished above us because of the lack of fitness in our squad killed us. We get fitter we close the gap.

22 Jul 2019 01:20:48
Mort it was not just a lack of fitness that cost us. The squad was paper thin on quality.
Martial went missing even when fit so did lukaku and pogba No depth in quality in midfield and defence etc etc.
Lots of reasons not least being as fit as we should have been.

22 Jul 2019 08:26:56
We finished 4 points (1.3 wins) behind Arsenal, 5 points (1.6 wins) behind the great Spurs and 6 points (2 wins) behind 3rd place Chelsea. That is not a chasm.
We scored more goals than Chelsea and 2 less than a rampaging Spurs.

We did concede more than Arsenal and many more than Spurs and Chelsea.

By fixing the defence alone (AWB and Maguire) I think we may bridge that gap.
Add in that our attack is now more balance (we have a right side) and the possibility of more midfield reinforcements I don’t believe the gap is insurmountable at all.
We will see.



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