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18 Jul 2019 14:29:12
I understand the positivity around the fans for the start of new season after seeing the youngsters playing and doing well.
However deep down we all know we just have a couple of world class players in the team (DDG and Pogba) and a bunch of "promising" players who are yet to set the stage alight.
We are incomplete on all fronts except Goal Keepers, we don't have a partner for Lindelof let alone someone to cover in case of injuries, Herrera is still to be replaced, there is no genuine right winger (again this year), and striking is totally dependent on Rashford.
Point being do we still think we can finish top 6 or top 4 with this squad?

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18 Jul 2019 14:34:56
Top 4 by a good few points.

18 Jul 2019 14:47:14
Jesus you're right we might as well start popping cyanide pills right now. We have no hope, nothing to look forward to. Let's all meet at Beachy head and go do as the lemmings do. We can call it a protest, seems no one pays attention to planes with banners anymore.

Seriously, the negativity it ridiculous. We will not compete next season no matter how many "Glaticios" we sign.

City and Liverpool are too far ahead and Spurs too probably.

4th is realistic, 3rd would be an excellent season.

That is the state of play and no huge number of signings will change that.

However, that doesn't mean it has to be all doom and gloom. There are 20 teams in the EPL and only one gets to win it. Why should any fans of teams who are never going to win the title bother showing up and supporting their side?

Because there is more to football than just winning. If Greenwood or one of the other youngster step at can't that be success to be happy/ proud of? If the team plays good entertaining football isn't that something we can enjoy?

As fans we need to appreciate where we are and find the enjoyment where we can. It's a long road back and it won't happen overnight.

We have been spoilt over the last 30 years, let's not act like brats now.

18 Jul 2019 15:20:24
Without anymore incoming signings the squad as it is today would not make top 4 next season.
But there will be more incoming signings and out going players.
Maguire fernandes plus 1 more should be enough to secure top 4
I expect us with 3 more signings to close the gap to city by 15 to 20 points that would be great progress.

18 Jul 2019 15:12:45
Fantastic post shappy. It is quite ridiculous that we are not allowed to even get excited about a good performance in a pre season game. Nobody is saying we are going to win the league or that we are even close to city. It’s just nice to see some pressing and attacking football that’s been so sorely missed over the past 6 years. Have we got weaknesses? Of course we have. The cb position is still shaky and until we address that we are win nought. We still have weaknesses in midfield and we have the big issues of Paul pogba to sort out.

But that doesn’t mean that every post has to be doom and gloom. The reality is we are 2/ 3 years from challenging. It’s not a quick fix and will not be overnight. But with a solid window this season we could finally see a plan and an identity to our game. An increase of fitness so we don’t tail off dramatically at the business end of every season. And some much needed consistency and excitement to get the old Trafford crowd on their feet again. We have some extremely talented and exciting young players. We could potentially have Maguire (not his biggest fan but he is an improvement) and Bruno in our side as well. I’m really excited. So can we please temper back on the ridiculous negativity because tbh it’s becoming nauseatingly boring. Ed is right united fans can be unbearably toxic and we are acting like spoilt children tbh. We all want to see united win, but a little patience wouldn’t go amiss.

18 Jul 2019 15:53:58
Not a chance top 4 . Not negative just realistic .
Terrible last season and so far a promising James and a 1 good season AWB. that’s not a big improvement for a club of our stature and not enough to secure us a top 4 finish .
Yes McGuire looks imminent but is he really the missing part of our back four .? For £80mil! I think the money could be spent elsewhere on other defenders.
Lukaku looks like leaving Herrera gone and only two players signed .
You lot believe what you want but with a Pogba who is bigger than our club a sulky martial never interested in playing . Sanchez just who doesn’t suit our club lingard another just all about publicity surrounded by a group of average average players and aging players I for one cannot see too many good signs and positivity of our club for this season or near future .

18 Jul 2019 16:06:40
It’s ok saying we’re getting boring being negative but solskjaer said about getting players out the door that shouldn’t be at the club . Get rid of some of the deadwood . yes can’t happen overnight I get that but offering Jones n Smalling contracts the other year was a disgrace.
If rojo for example isn’t wanted at the club and cannot sell or loan out why don’t they just cut their loses and pay him his full contract . Why carry on with a full squad of average players season after season. All the ex footballers pundits etc last year slated our team and performances . so they must be wrong . No they’re not, signing two players is not the answer yes it helps but is not what’s expected this season . Got too many average players taking money from our club and too many big time Charlie’s . Pogbas literally allowed to do and say whatever he wants . All wrong .
Still recall majority criticising our performances last season week after week on this site . now as we have two more signings we have to be positive . wise up . Bigger changes needed at the club . Pogba is one of them.

18 Jul 2019 16:16:39
I find the negativity difficult to understand.
We finished last season 5 points below 4th place, despite having a mid-season meltdown following the managers meltdown. Of the teams we are realistically competing with at the moment only Spurs have signed a player who is potentially going to improve their team. Chelsea have lost their best player, can't sign anyone else and have a new and unproven manager. Arsenal seem to be doing the usual Arsenal of trying to spend 50p and claim to be buying world class players. Meanwhile we have signed arguably the best RB in the league (with Alexander-Arnold), a promising pacey winger and seem intent on signing more players to improve the first team?
Why wouldn't we be able to improve by 5 points? I'm not saying it will be easy, but at the moment I feel that we have improved more than others so it's definitely possible.

18 Jul 2019 16:21:03
Of course we can finish top 4. If the squad was fitter last season we could’ve carried on the great run. The fitness levels were appalling and it cost us CL football. Better fitness levels and a few signings that improve our team will see us into the top 4. Maybe I’m being overly optimistic but I believe we’re heading in the right direction.

18 Jul 2019 16:15:47
Eds, please pin Shappy's post to the top of this page.

18 Jul 2019 16:30:08
Good post that pal, people seem to think we finished bottom half last season .

18 Jul 2019 17:24:37
Torqs, which of Arsenal or Chelsea do you see as a lock in to finish above us? One is shopping in the bargain bucket, while the other have lost their best player, hired an even less experienced manager than us and currently have a transfer ban.

With the new signings and a preseason to get the squad fitter I see no reason why we haven't already closed the 4/ 5 point gap between us and 4th place last season.

Last season we spent the first three months practically in free fall under Jose, then had a great start under Ole which tailed off when the squad didn't seem to have the fitness to keep going with the style Ole wanted to play.

We also have 4 or 5 hugely talented youngsters who could make the jump up and become great squad players next season.

We are likely to see players such as Lindelof, Dalot, Shaw, McTominay and Rashford continue to improve.

I think this squad as it is now can easily get forth. We will likely see a couple leave, and maybe a few more join. Which will likely further improve our squad.

It seems the fan base is spilt at the moment. One half want to support the side, while the other half only seem happy if they can wallow in self pity.

Enough with the woe is me attitude. We have been spoilt for the best part of 30 years. Seeing more success in that time than nearly every other side in England have in the last 100 years.

We have a manager who "gets" the club and the fans. Someone who has the club's best interests at heart.

We have a young talented squad, who look set to go on and have very successful careers.

We are playing a more offensive entertaining style of football more akin to what we have come to expect.

We look likely to bring in more players likely for fees than only one or two other side's in the EPL could afford. Which highlights our financial strength. This is on top of the 65-70m we have already spent.

There is much to look forward to, if you could just open your eyes long enough to appreciate what we have.

18 Jul 2019 18:10:55
Well said Shappy.
The improved fitness of players will help us in good stead.

18 Jul 2019 20:24:03
Good post shappy.
I don't get the doom and gloom at all.
By the end of August we will have seen a big change.
For the first time in 5 years we have actual full backs on both sides to choose from.
We will have a new cb that is better than arguably than any of our current cbs.
We will see the emergence of mctom and possibly andreas in midfield.
We are expected to sign a very talented goal scoring midfielder ruining really hot for the last 2 years.
James will add a completely new dimension to the squad.
Others will leave.

With maguire fernandes plus another and the improvement expected from last seadon by others we will be in good shape to close the gap to city by a significant margin.
So much to be positive about.

18 Jul 2019 20:34:30
2 new players 1 maybe 2 more to come in, we need the players from last season to find some consistency and more importantly the manager to get the best out of the team.

19 Jul 2019 00:11:36
I take on board your points . to a degree .
But fitness alone is not the problem at the club . We can go sign 11 long distance runners with great athelism that is not the solution. Yes fitness is imperative . but we have players that
A) can’t score and lack scoring ability not out and out strikers.
B) can’t defend jones smalling rojo . has then at club for years and still can’t defend why can solskjaer suddenly make them defend . ( he can’t )
C) players think bigger than club . Sanchez Lukaku lingard Pogba De gea. it’s not right but we’ve become a club begging for them to stay .
D) lack skills creativity that magical flair . that genius pass touch shot etc
Liverpool have : Salah mane
City : silva de Bruyne sterling sane marhez
Spurs : Ali eriksen son
Arsenal : Lacazette auybemang Ozil
Chelsea : pulsic Willian Pedro Hudson

We have nobody . not replaced likes of cantona scholes giggs beckham kanchelskis sharp .

E) we have players that can’t play the basic game of football .

Yes good to see WB and DJ and all for that . but come on for one of the biggest teams in world with everything that surrounds the club this is not good enough . We have likes of dea gea Pogba lingard dictating this and that at the club . it’s not right . It’s disgraceful. Players bigger than the club it’s a fact.
Top 4 you mention Chelsea arsenal . yes they’ll be there so will we but so will likes of Leicester wolves .

This isn’t acceptable for likes of our club it’s a downward spiral before we know it we’ll be talking bout top 6 finish be good then top 10 finish . Let’s stop the rot now and make serious changes at club . I’m not asking for superstars glaticios. I’m asking for passionate hard working heart on sleeve players that will die for the club. at min there’s very few . Herrera was one and we let him go . terrible . What other players currently do you see dying for the club?

This is Manchester United . Jones smalling young rojo darmain Sanchez martial matic fred lingard the list goes on . tell me what players In our team could get into likesLiverpool city Barcelona Madrid Bayern spurs arsenal teams just to name a few . the answer is none . Yet you want to remain positive for this season when there’s not been a massive change from last season and hoping fitness gets us top 4 . Yes it’s a problem but needs more than fitness for top four we need players then can produce flair skill magic goals

We need players that can provide heart desire passion
We need players to defend risk their life as it was depended on
All these things were missing last year the year before and year before that . and two signings so far you believe we should remain positive .
I’m sorry but if you all believe that then yoyr deluded .
Everyone can see that we’re a club in trouble and so far a manager not really experienced . AWB DJ and Lose of Herrera is the answer of us improving this season .
Don’t make me laugh! !

19 Jul 2019 05:28:23
Torqs1, everyone is aware of the situation the club is in and what needs done, you are not saying anything new and so there is no point in arguing and knocking down any positivity from other posters.

You talk about other teams having that creative and skillful players, so do we in Martial, Pogba, Rashford. The only difference being they have been far too inconsistent. With both Martial and Pogba being lazy most times doesn't help our cause either.

Whether we finish in top 4 is up for debate but your sense of realism isn't going to serve any purpose if you can't see any positives. There are a lot of positives to the whole situation:

1. Our transfer strategy this time around has been focused on younger players with potential along with a mix of established ones to complement them. We are looking for the long term and for stability going forward and is a good start.
2. We have signed 2 exciting players in AWB and DJ who have the skills, attitude and potential to succeed at OT and all of us are equally excited to see them play and look forward to how far they progress this season.
3. Ole and his coaching team are working on the player's fitness levels and trying to bring a sense of hardworking attitude into the team which is essential and has been missing for the last couple of years.
4. There are some young exciting academic players with great potential starting to knock for a chance in the first team and probably one or two could really break into the first team in a couple of years. And depending on the transfers, they might get their chance earlier to make an immediate impact.

There is a lot of work yet to be done, but we can't just ignore any positive strides that are made to get us back on top. As a club we need to be positive and optimistic and have the patience to really bring about the change we all aspire for.

Nobody here is suggesting that top 4 is a guarantee, but are being optimistic for the team to do well by looking at the positives so far. By the way, you never know what we can achieve if we get all our targets and the players work hard and play as a team throughout the season.

19 Jul 2019 05:59:12
Wow Torqs1.
Sorry to say, but your reply is ridiculous.
I don't recall a game in last 2 years where Ozil or Willian or Pedro has consistently played well.
Pulisic is yet to play in the EPL lol.
Ali has regressed in the past year.
Mahrez a bench warmer, Erikson likely to leave.

Fitness will play a major part in this season. Playing at higher tempo, pressing the oppponents will force mistakes, unsettle defences etc, .

19 Jul 2019 08:56:50
The grass is always greener eh torqs.



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