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13 Jul 2019 21:14:53
Right lads

With Wan Bissaka and Daniel James already in how would you rate the window if Maguire, Longstaff and Bruno followed?

I know RW is needed but I don't see many links for one of those so those 5 players come in

How happy are we?

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13 Jul 2019 21:50:17
6 on 10 Dave. Not the best CB. No RW. Not replacing Lukaku. Loads of money spent. But a decent spine to build on.

13 Jul 2019 21:53:03
If pogba and lukaku left i wouldn't be too pleased as we would still lack creativity from midfield and a proven goalscorer.

If pogba and lukaku stay then i would be happy with a maguire (someone who can pass the ball out from the back), longstaff (mouldable midfielder who can play deeper or box to box) and fernandes ( goalscoring midfielder) .

13 Jul 2019 23:24:55
Dont rate Maguire, Longstaff and James. Unconvinced by Bruno. Wan Bissaka will be a good signing. Overall 3/ 10. Completely unconvinced with no replacement for Lukaku or RW. I particularly don't see it in Maguire, personally think he will be a terrible signing at the prices mentioned.

14 Jul 2019 00:13:45
Totally agree with LaBamba here, I wouldn't take Maguire even for free, he is not good enough, i don't think he is even better than Jones and Smalling, very slow, i would love Dias. Wan Bissaka was a spot on signing, he is exactly what we needed there, James? i'm not sure yet will give him one season to see how he adapts, we desperately need a right winger, another central midfielder preferible a defensive mid because i don't see Matic getting too many games this season to me he looks done, we need a very energetic midifielder there, forwards? we need a proven goalscorer machine but who is available? not a good window so far but we'll see, anyways i'm not expecting much maybe 5th place this season? one thing is clear to me, we are way behind Liverpool and City so no premier league this year or the next.

14 Jul 2019 01:10:58
You don’t think Maguire is better than Jones and Smalling? Haha reman, I can tell you now that he definitely is.

Good window that imo and probably the best we can hope for as it stands, I think Longstaff would be a great signing and not too fussed about lukaku going. I’m hoping Greenwood can prove himself on the right and have a go in that position, we have a lot of attacking players on the books and we just need to hope a few of them hit some form. The squad is nowhere near as bad as people are making out.

14 Jul 2019 01:16:25
La bamba,

When you say you don’t rate Longstaff, do you mean because you haven’t seen him play? Because when he did play it would be hard not to rate him, he was really good whenever he played last season.

Also, when have you watched Daniel James? And how much Portuguese football do you watch to decide Bruno isn’t good because he has been player of the year there for 2 years? It sounds to me like you are just being negative for the sake of it without even knowing much about the players.

14 Jul 2019 06:21:07
Dave, the players you have mentioned will definitely improve the squad.
Considering we cannot provide UCL, I think it would be coup to get those players in.

14 Jul 2019 08:47:53
I don't get this Maguire is better than smalling and Jones argument. They both are rubbish, being better than rubbish doesn't make one great, just better than rubbish. We need a great cb or atleast someone who can be that in future. Maguire is niether. He is an average cb who we will pay premium for because he is english. We should be using the maguire money to buy someone like a koilibaly or if pogba really wants to leave convince varane.

14 Jul 2019 08:55:22
Pep must be a crap Manager if he sees something in McGuire.

14 Jul 2019 09:07:01
Gds maybe like shappy he spends every waking hour watching Portuguese french Italian and german football.
He has seen over 50 full live games from Portuguese and Italian leagues alone last season and that's before watching all our games plus all of our position games. Honestly not enough hours in the week he only sleeps every second Thursday😂😂 tough netting a tv scout for no one.

14 Jul 2019 10:51:08
Agree with GDS here.

Some of our supporters come across so spoilt at times I mean aren't maguire and longstaff fancy enough names?

Maguire not an upgrade on Smalling and Jones give me a break also he stays fit so that's a huge plus.

Longstaff I can't offer an opinion on him as I haven't seen him but I like what I've read.

Bruno goals and creativity from midfield something we lack and your unconvinced by him.

Wan Bissaka will be great a massive upgrade and a specialist right back finally!

Dan James I'm excited for him pacy player that will terrify fullbacks with his pace and can play all across the front three.

Some just mean for the sake of moaning.

I've more or less echoed GDS words here but I thought I'd get my head in 😀.

14 Jul 2019 10:52:14
“Don’t rate Longstaff, James. unconvinced by Fernandes”.
In other words you’ve never seen them play? How somebody can watch Fernandes last season and be u convinced by his work rate and returns is beyond me.

“Wouldn’t take Maguire on a free”
Nonsense, Maguire will improve our defence. Don’t get me wrong he’s not the best available and I would prefer Dias, Milenkovic or Toby, but he is definitely an improvement on Smalling and Jones so to say you wouldn’t take him for free is an emotional response.

Back to the question in hand. I’ve been crying out for a RW for years now and I think it’s our most desperate position. A specialist RW will give us a different dynamic to our play, allow us to keep the ball better using the full width of the pitch meaning the opposition don’t crowd our left side (which Wolves did so well) to take possession back off us. I think solving that one position takes pressure off the whole team.

We obviously need a CB and CM. If we can sign three more players this window (RW, CB, CM), in addition to AWB and James, as well as remove the poison from the dressing room, I think that’s a lot of activity for 1 window and we will be better for it.

It might even be a stretch too far to bring in 5 first teamers in a single window but we need it and if it happens it’s a job well done imo.

14 Jul 2019 11:10:57
CSM you are assuming the likes of koulibaly, Varane etc want to come to us. Yes maguire at the reported 80m is excessive but unfortunately that's the market now. Maguire will improve our defense how anyone would disagree with that baffles me.

14 Jul 2019 12:36:13
Ajh pep also wanted Sanchez and fred, how great they have been for us.

Dave the question isn't whether he will improve us, but rather will his arrival improve us enough to compete with likes of city and liverpool atleast defensively today or in future, and the answer from me is a clear no.

14 Jul 2019 13:02:20
Maguire is a decent player and will be a good fit at United imo.
Koulibaly is another player that is massively over rated on this site . Good player but he isn't head and shoulders above everyone else .

14 Jul 2019 14:30:31
But he has a nice fancy alliterative foreign name jred so he’s better than any other English player.



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