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10 Jul 2019 08:47:35
Dear Man U fans, I hope you don't mind me popping on the site ( i'm a jolly old West Ham supporter) to see the reaction to where Man U are going, my thoughts are totally neutral as a football fan not as a supporter of another club.

I personally think what has happened to your club is absolutely crazy since AF left. You appoint Moyes on a 6 year contract to off him after 10 months, you than appoint LVH knowing exactly the way he plays football and ditch him for Jose who is not only past his best but a total time bomb waiting to happen at any club, you than appoint a ex player legend to get the spirit back ( I can't see why else he was appointed his hardly done much as a manager) and yes he got the spirit back in the side and bought the best out of players but decided to hand him a contract based on a feel good factor, why on earth did you not wait until the end of the season to decide is beyond me.

Although I like Ole for me he is not going to take you anywhere, although I like his policy of re building on younger players he will not be there come end of the season and the plan to rebuild I can see being abandoned when a top manager comes in wanting instant success, and these youngsters and the millions upon millions spent could again be a waste of money.

Yes you are going to recoup plenty from Pogba and Lukaku, but its not money you need its stability. Its very lucky that Man U as a club has the money to splash about, but really think they are going in the wrong direction. i'm unsure who is in charge of all these decisions I think Woodward but in any other company he would have been sacked years ago.

I am 52 and remember Liverpool dominating in the 80;s, than along came Man U who were for me just brilliant and unbeatable, once Alex left it has become a nightmare, no structure, no plan, no frigging clue. You should be spending £60,70 million on the odd player to enhance the squad, not having to rebuild!

Its absolutely ridiculous the incompetency of your board you are in this predicament, and i'm sorry to say I really don't think you will get anywhere near the top 4 this season let alone top 6 seriously.

I know nothing last forever and all good things come to an end but what an absolute cock up from the board you find yourself where you are now. i'm not digging at Man U as a rival fan but pointing out the obvious. Wishing you all good luck for the season. you will need it!

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10 Jul 2019 09:08:25
To sum up Utd, all the gear and no idea.

10 Jul 2019 09:19:35
You aren’t digging but only pointing out all of the negative things that have been done to death on here?

You don’t think we will finish in the top 6? I’m pretty sure we will, our squad is decent and we will be adding to it, if we get a good start we will have a good season imo, your post sounds more like what you hope to happen rather than what you expect to happen.

As a ‘neutral’ I think West Ham will finish in the bottom half this season.

10 Jul 2019 10:04:07
Thats fair enough your opinion WH may well finish bottom 10, but i'd bet my bottom dollar we will only be a few points off Manu U next season, we too have some decent players, Man U wanted two of them!

I can't see any positives with Man U at the moment its all wishy washie no one seems to know where they are, they may have to forego a season or 2, to ship out and reshape a team worthy of the name.

When rebuilding sometimes u step back reflect get rid and start again which looks like that happening but it takes time, I don't think they will give Ole time, even if the board would, I doubt the fans will, and if the fans do than well played

In the past I just get the feeling the board thought because we are Man U even rebuilding we will get 4th place, there are teams coming up to the levels, Everton, Wolves are just 2, apart from Man C and Liverpool and at a push Spurs there is not much between the top 13 or so clubs which we will see next season

Thank you for the comments though and taking time to reply.

10 Jul 2019 10:18:34
The decline isn't as surprising or crazy as you make it out to be.

We have the reported second highest wage bill in world football yet our squad is full of mediocre players at best. That is what happens when you pivot so drastically from one managerial appointment to the next.

Without a set way of playing our recruitment team has no idea whther they are coming or going and knee jerk signing of a third left winger in alexis sanchez who is our highest paid player yet 6th choice forward is the perfect example of that.

Ole might not be the right man for the job but hopefully he will have enough cachet with the fans that it buys the club some time to do work behind the scenes to put a requisite structure in place for future managers.

10 Jul 2019 10:34:42
I hope so DSG for Man U sake, but as I said all of this will take time, do you honestly think they will give it to him?

I know Ole is a legend by question his managerial ability, if going to rebuild than I suggest they are not thinking of a so called big manager, so would Eddie Howe as a long term appointment not be a decent shout to rebuild? . I don't see any difference between Ole and Howe except Howe knows how to Manager in the Prem.

10 Jul 2019 13:12:26
We might had had a rough 6 seasons but we have still managed to win more trophy in that time then anyone else bar city I think.

{Ed002's Note - Something else the club is not best at then.}

10 Jul 2019 17:36:17
Opinions Seymour, like arseholes, everyone has one.



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