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10 Jul 2019 01:23:05
Reading Ed002’s comments are worrying. He is often spot on with things. But I want to add my 2 cents if I may.

Quite frankly the lack of support for the manager is disgraceful. What has happened to supporting the club through thick and thin? What’s happened to backing the manager and getting behind the team? There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism, but the constant vitriol and ‘I told you so’ attitude is unbearable.

Ole has my support as long as he is the manager of Manchester United, like Jose did and LVG did before him. And ole will retain this support till the day he walks out the door. Why is it so difficult for our own supporters to back the manager? They may not like him, but he is one of our own until he walks out that door. And then whoever comes in will gain my support. That is what proper fans do. This is the toxic behaviour ed has been talking about. We act like a bunch of spoilt immature kids who haven’t got their way. We are not entitled to win, and we have no given right to be champions.

Nobody likes the predicament we are in. It has been a dire 6 years or so. But we love this club and we support it till the very end. I don’t see why we cannot wait till the end of the window to judge the transfers or take stock of the situation. If things are still shocking, then by all means aim your criticism at the right people. But until then, can we not just sit back and see who we bring in? The doom and gloom is painful tbh.

We all have preferences of who we want as manager. Will ole succeed? The odds are stacked against him tbh. Would I have chosen him? Likely not, with Poch a much better option. But here we are with ole and so we must make the best of the situation. I really think it’s time we unite and mend these fractions in our fan base. It’s so toxic and depressing being a fan at the moment if all there is, is negativity. Yes things aren’t where we want to be, but we still support united through thick and thin.

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10 Jul 2019 09:16:33
Excellent post Park.

10 Jul 2019 09:50:02
Spot on Park.

10 Jul 2019 10:19:26
Great post Park. The over reaction on social media to the press conference is a bit of a joke today. Surely it shouldn’t be to hard to support the manager and the team?

10 Jul 2019 10:24:10
Spot on park, same could be said for players as well.

The likes of pogba, martial, rashford and lingard (tbh i have indulged in criticising him lol) has been pathetic. People are way too emotional about everything associated with the club and allow personal animus for certain players to turn into vitriol and abuse.

Words likes virus, clown, bad influence, leading people astray etc seem unnecessary ways to refer to people.

Most of the people at the club, even alexis sanchez, are hard working professionals trying to do their best for the club. We should just try and support them.

10 Jul 2019 10:33:45
I would also like to echo this sentiment.

Not only is there from some people a complete lack of support, even wanting him sacked even before a ball has been kicked in the new season, there is also a lack of respect for a club legend. Some are saying that he was only appointed to be a yes man for Woodward, the board and the Glazers. Firstly that is illogical, because that would mean that the people making the decisions are more ore less actively trying to sabotage the club. Many poor decisions has been made since SAF, but I find it hard to believe it has become that bad. Secondly, about a week ago I saw someone say that Ole being a yes man was proved by him saying in the first pre-season press conference that he was happy with the recruitment so far, even though he has previously said that he wanted it all done before the tour. Only a year ago lots of people were not happy with how Mourinho was complaining with the recruitment, and talking down the squad, effectively eradicating the self-confidence of some players. Now Ole is doing the opposite, then he is only a yes man. Well, guess what, then so is most peoples favorite for the job. Pochettino, did not complain at all, when his club bought no-one for several windows. Even at a cruicial point, trying to develop his team into serious title contenders, he did not complain at the lack of recruitment. So he must surely be a yes man as well. Or maybe he understood and accepted the predicament the club was in with the building of the new stadium, and got on with the job. Just like maybe Ole understands and accepts that it is extremely hard in todays market to get players in, especially if you want the right ones. So he gets on with the job without talking down the squad.

Additionally I saw below someone questioning wether Ole had been advised by someone how to answer questions in the most recent press conference, because he answered them well. So now not only is he a yes man, he is also incapable of answering questions in a press conference on his own? He played for United under SAF for 11 years, and was immediately after his retirement trusted to take over the clubs reserve team. Then he had a short and disastrous spell at a club inn chaos, and since then he managed in the Norwegian top level, which is about Championship level. He also seens like a relatively intelligent man. He is clearly inexperienced at PL-level, but to suggest he is incapable of answering questions in a press conference is just ridicoulus.

So, do I think appointing Ole was a good idea? Well, he is clearly inexperienced, and only time will tell if he has what it takes to step up. It is cartainly a gample, but for me there are some positive signs:

The turnaround when he took over was impressive. The football might not have been amazing, but the team certainly played with more tempo and effort.

He quickly identified a lack of fitness levels in the squad, which I think has been an issue for years, and which might also somewhat explain the poor results towards the end of the season.
Hopefully he will improve the players fitness, although I am afraid it can take some seasons (like Klopp used some time to build his teams fitness) .

It also seemes like Ole and the club agrees on recruitment policy, going for younger players. Now I agree the club should always support the manager (or replace him), but at least there now seem to be agreement between manager and club.

It is obviusly peoples right to be critical of the decicion to appoint Ole, but please, show some respect.

Rant over.

10 Jul 2019 10:35:49
Well said.

10 Jul 2019 11:03:22
Good post Park.

If you don't want to go to games, don't.
If you don't want to watch on TV, don't.
If you don't want to buy the shirt, don't.

But waiting for somebody to fail just to say "I told you so" shouldn't be accepted as a football fan.

The days of supporting a team through thick and thin are now fantasy. People have got used to getting everything they want, it is the way of the world, and if they don't get what they want or somebody disagrees with them, they get emotional and retaliate.

I really, truly hope that OGS makes a success of this, that AWB, James and whoever else we sign this summer do really well, that other players respond, and at the end of the season it is us positive fans saying "I told you so".

10 Jul 2019 11:11:06
DSG that is a great point. There is such a negative and toxic atmosphere around the club and the fan base is so divided. It’s so draining. And you have these idiot accounts on Twitter stirring up the masses. It’s utterly embarrassing.

10 Jul 2019 11:48:26
I can both support the manager and acknowledge that hiring him full time was an awful decision. I can both use my heart to want him to succeed and my brain to acknowledge that the odds aren't good.

10 Jul 2019 11:56:58
Park, I'm glad you posted this, fella. Saved me repeating myself.

10 Jul 2019 14:59:24
RedRosie nobody is saying you can’t criticise the manager constructively. But the point is people are waiting for him to fail so they can suit their own agenda. It’s embarrassing. To say things like ‘oh sack ole now’ before the season has started us embarrassing. I’m not saying he will be a success. Ed002 clearly has knowledge that I don’t have. But there are fans who are acting you spoilt kids and the toxic tag ed has given us is clear as day to see. So perspective and less of the hysteria would be nice. As I said in my original post, I don’t think ole is the right man. But he’s here now and he retains my support. Some patience to see how things play out during the transfer window is not too much to ask is it?



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