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04 Jul 2019 06:59:30
I know we shouldn't really talk about money, and that the reports are probably a load of guff.

However, if the reports are true and we have agreed a wage of 80k a week for AWB and now we have supposedly agreed a wage of 100k per week for Bruno Fernandes.

How does the club balance out a team where everyone feel equally valued. When the club is also supposedly playing 200k to Rashford, 160k to Jones, 280k to Pogba, 390k to Sanchez and now about to agree to pay 350k to DDG.

How does the club justify paying Jones twice as much per week than AWB a new 50m signing when Jones is hardly ever fit and would struggle to sell for 20m.

Our wage structure is so out of whack, and badly needs bring under control. It looks like the club might be in the process of doing that. The reported wages of the new signings, and Mata's pay cut in his new deal.
However, if the club wants to create better harmony in the dressing room then they need to make sure there isn't such a disparity in wages amongst players playing in the same team.

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04 Jul 2019 07:14:35
Good post Shappy.
The club brought the disaster on themselves throught the Sanchez deal.
However, I think the club is taking the right decision by not agreeing to De Gea's demands for example.

I believe that the wages should predominantly be incentivised based on performance, objectives achieved, on-off field behaviors and no of games played etc, .
By implementing this type of split in wages, the players who deserve will be paid more.
But I have no idea of the practicality of such structures.

04 Jul 2019 08:02:53
There was a club, i think arsenal under wenger where their wage distribution was less skewed and more equitable. But then they were unable to pay their best players the wages they wanted and ended up losing them to city, united etc.

The problem at united is not the disparity in wages, its the fact that some of the highest paid players at the club are performing awfully.

If sanchez is the highest paid player at the club then even fred the red has a claim to be the highest paid player at the club as ge has been as equally productive as the chilean dog lover.

04 Jul 2019 11:45:05
There will be players in every top team that earn 30 40 50 and even 500% more than their team mates. That's just the easy it is in every club.
Was hazard earning 5 times more than alonso? Yes he was.
Is vvd earning 5 times more than Robertson and 30% more than the captain yes he is.
Does de bruyne earn more than double walker or laporte? Yes he does.
Each player has the opportunity to get the best deal they can.

04 Jul 2019 11:51:16
I'd say the club look at the total cost of a player over his contract. Fee + wages = total. Pogba's fee + wages would dwarf Sanchez. I don't think they were right paying those wages for Sanchez. The Jones contract doesn't make sense, renew his contract to protect his value. But no one will take him on his current wages, so instead of cutting your loss and letting him go for free, you now have a player that will play 50 games over 3/ 4 years and cost 20 million plus in wages.

It's not the top earners making the big bucks I have a problem with. It's the squad players on high wages that is putting us in a pickle.

04 Jul 2019 12:36:37
Yeah jones didn't make sense. same terms or slight increase. But those wages for what he offers is daft.

04 Jul 2019 14:22:32
What worries me most is players like Rashford getting huge deals. Aside from having done very little to earn it, with him being so young his wages are going to keep rising for as long as he stays at the club. If he’s reportedly on 250k a week now, what are we going to have to offer him next time it’s time to renew. This creates the secondary problem where other players demand parity. I don’t think our current system is at all sustainable. From what I’ve read we’ve been pushing ffp regulations a few times already because of our wage bill and this is only going to get worse unless changes are made. The new signings suggest that the club are looking to make changes, but the deals for Rashford, Jones and the rumored deal for DDG contradict this somewhat.

04 Jul 2019 14:34:49
He's on a 150k. The rest is bonuses.

04 Jul 2019 17:25:00
Mort, i've got to ask: how do you know his wages? The only time I have ever heard a full disclosure of a footballers wages was Hernan crespo's leaked payslip when he was at chelsea (33k) and tbh that was probably fake.
Sanchez has been reported as getting every figure between 200k and 600k per week which is a massive difference.
Personally I couldn't give a crap how much anyof them earn as a) I cannot do anything about it, b) I don't pay it and c) The main time it becomes a problem is when the obvious lack of parity between players wages causes the immature cry babies to spit their dummies out.
In an ideal world performance related pay would be the way to go but that'll never happen.

04 Jul 2019 20:43:31
Mort golden rule. Any tabloid wage figure divide by three.



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