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02 Jul 2019 11:26:16
So we have bid £70m for Maguire. A big no from myside. Better than what we have but not worth the price. I would not pay anything more than £45m for him even in this inflated market. Further players we have beat city to have been horrible for us. Sanchez has brought incredible disbalance to the club while Fred has done next to nothing. I would rather get Dias for less than that price. Juve are getting De ligt for £62m while £70m is not enough for Maguire. For me, if Dias is not attainable then maybe go for Alderweireld and wait for Tuanzebe to develop.

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02 Jul 2019 11:56:26
Juve still haven't agreed a price for de ligt yet. and waiting for taunzebe would be a disaster we need a a CB now not in a few years

Although the fee is high that's the going rate. he's prem proven and is better than what we have

And he is a leader something which we don't have

Young English defender.

02 Jul 2019 12:01:49
Looks like the 70m bid is rejected.
I say we should walk away right now.
Go for Milenkovic or Dias or Koulibaly instead.

02 Jul 2019 12:03:54
Top 5 CBS in the league, young for a center back, decent on the ball and dominates in the air. He will instantly become the best defender we ve had since 2010.

Carries virtually no risk whatsoever, is a leader, captain material, and the size of his head means an increase in the gravitational field surrounding it means if we got him, our defense will improve tenfold and he will have a similar effect to Van Dijk at Liverpool, but to a lesser extent.

De ligt wants to go to Juve, and as of yet is not as good as Maguire. Likely to become much better, but isn't as good now. We can just buy him later.

{Ed001's Note - I had to check who you were talking about then, because Maguire is barely top 5 cb at Leicester and is certainly not a leader, which is why Morgan got recalled. The best bit is the similar effect to van Dijk. That is funny. Do you employ a writer for this stuff?}

02 Jul 2019 12:05:52
Koulibaly is not an option and would cost a lot more than Maguire.

02 Jul 2019 12:09:40
Good Ed01 agrees. Just do not rate Maguire and hope we go somewhere else if we did bid 70m and it got refused.

02 Jul 2019 12:14:37
Bolger, from what i have seen, he is just little bit over average and certainly is not a leader. I doubt we will get what we paid for. We need CB but that does not mean we buy crazily.

Mick, Disagree. He is nowhere near top 10 defenders in the league and certainly is not a leader. The effect Van dijk has on liverpool is never ever going to happen with Maguire, corely because he is not half as good as Van dijk and does not possess captainship quality that Van dijk has.

02 Jul 2019 12:22:46
The thought that Maguire is one of the best in the league is not as ridiculous as you make it out to be ed001. You might disagree, and your opinion on players hold more weight than many I have access too, including my own, but making it out like I'm saying Messi is championship level is harsh.

And pardon my poor use of English, I'm not a native speaker, but similar might not be the best adjective here. What I meant to say was that his signing will, by itself, improve the defense to such an extent the whole team will be more liberated. Maybe not champions league liberated, because Maguire is nowhere near as good as Van Dijk who stands as best in the division/ world.

Van Dijk, Laporte, Rudiger, Alderweireld and Maguire. Top 5 in order.

I get that I rate Maguire much more than you do, but so do most pundits, and whilst I respect your opinion, rating physical size and heading ability for a cb is not yet as ridiculous as you're making it out to be.

{Ed001's Note - poor use of English? Your English is excellent, don't worry about that. Much better than most people from England!

You seem to have forgotten Vertonghen, who carried Spurs on his own at times last season. I would say Joe Gomez is better, Issa Diop, Zouma, Sokratis and Ben Mee just off the top of my head. So not even top 10 for me.

As for physical size and heading ability, that is only of use if you have the positional sense to use them and he doesn't.}

02 Jul 2019 12:31:17
Srestha I agree with your assessment of Maguire. We need to walk away.

02 Jul 2019 12:43:15
Ed001's answers echoed my thoughts, if maguire wasnt English he won't get this much hype.

02 Jul 2019 12:45:58
Maguire is a no no from me, not good enough, don't know what the people at Liecester are smoking, they should be happy to get rid of him, $20M tops. Get someone else and have Tuanzebe as back up with Baily and Smalling, get rid of Jones, Rojo and Darmian. Sanchez can stay in chile for all i care, not good enough. AFTER we get a centre back, a right winger should be the priority, Mata won't see many minutes this season in my opinion.

02 Jul 2019 12:56:36
Ed001 is completely right about Maguire. He is not a leader. He has some ability, but this is undermined by his lack of footballing intelligence, and particularly poor positional awareness.

Given that Shaw is already positionally suspect (with Lindelof covering for him for much of last season), adding Maguire to the mix would be a disaster. You’d have our two left sided defenders drawn upfield leaving us completely open on that side.

{Ed001's Note - that is what I was thinking, but at least you would get to see lots of goals...}

02 Jul 2019 13:10:12
Maguire, I've seen him all season and I watched him closely the last game he played for England, how people rate him is beyond me, I won't go in to it, if wwe sign him someone needs sacking.

02 Jul 2019 13:25:46
I don't think United want to make the same mistake as previous windows buying a defender from abroad no prem experience. We can't afford to buy someone and have them be bedded in for a season.

Our centre defence is poor other than lindoff who has become our best cb

Rojo bailly smalling and Jones are not good enough.

I agree the fee is ridiculous but he's prem proven has international experience. And wouldn't be much of a risk he is also very rarely injured.

02 Jul 2019 13:38:22
Anyone who thinks Maguire is a top CB is naive, apart from his passing ability (which is decent) and heading ability i don't think there is much to his game. His positional sense which is a must for a defender is awful. He may be an upgrade on what we have right now but there are better defenders available for that huge price.

02 Jul 2019 14:05:50
Huge expensive mistake if we sign him. If you think signing Sanchez was a mistake then this is even a bigger mistake.

Not worth the 70 mill and i would rather go with Jones and Smalling then sign this guy as he is younger version of Jones and Smalling.

02 Jul 2019 14:06:11
Maguire is an upgrade on what we have, but he is nowhere near a UCL level defender. He can header the ball well and is decent with the ball at his feet. Yet he is often out of position and lacks the pace to recover and often gives the ball away either when stepping out of defence or through an I'll judged pass. He lacks the footballing intelligence to be a true top level CB.

My order of preference is: Dias, Diop, Milenkovic, Alderweireld, Tuanzebe, Maguire.



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