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01 Jul 2019 17:00:52
Seeing rumours of us agreeing to De Gea's contract demands, bloody hope so.

He's been so important to us for a long time and I'd love to have him at the club for another 4-5 years.

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01 Jul 2019 17:49:09
Personally I'd have sold him this summer.

01 Jul 2019 17:50:17
The club made a rod for its own back with Sanchez’s contract, but having De Gea as the top earner at the club would send the right message.

01 Jul 2019 19:03:02
Id sign him to a new contract. We have messed him about previously and its time to show some loyalty to him.

01 Jul 2019 19:49:30
In all the clamour for bright, young things, I think sometimes people forget that we should still probably try to hold on to our best players.

01 Jul 2019 20:06:43
He’s had one bad spell for us in the last 5 years and now people want him sold.

God only knows where we would be without Dave the Save.

We’ve experienced some terrible keepers in our time but have always had the strongest outfield team. Recently it’s been the opposite.

Hope he signs and stays much longer.

01 Jul 2019 20:28:20
Seeing people dislike the comment but not saying why?

Exactly guys, I would absolutely love to see the bloke lift a few more trophies for us in the next few years, he deserves it.

01 Jul 2019 21:03:58
Ddg staying can only be positive.

02 Jul 2019 09:32:37
I'm in two minds about whether its a good idea to extend DDG's contract.

On one hand it would seem a no-brainer to extend the contract of our best and most consistent player. Arguably our only genuine world class player.

However, that would depend on the terms of that contract. The club currently has serious issues with our wage bill. With it pretty much maxed out under FFP, making it hard to sign or offer extensions. Case in point losing Ander Herrera this summer as the club didn't and couldn't enter contract negotiations sooner.

If the club has just given in and agreed to pay him what he wants then the club could be making a rod for their own back.

Then there is my concerns about the longevity of a goalkeeper such as DDG. Most goalkeepers peak in their late 20's and maintain a high level into their mid-thirties. But not all, whether a player can maintain a high level as their body starts to slow down depends entirely on whether they can adapt their game.

Now if we consider all the aspects that are key to being a goalkeeper, shot stopping, dealing with aerial balls, commanding the penalty box/ communicating with the defence and playing out from the back.

Now if we rate DDG on these areas. He is the best shot stopper in the world without a doubt, yet that ability relies on two things, positioning and reflexes. Now looking at DDG's style and the way he makes many saves with his feet it is clear that he is relying more on his reflexes than his positioning (although his positioning is mostly good) . However, of all the skills a goalkeeper has his reflexes are the first and only one that will decline as they age. Even the most dedicated player will be less flexible and slower to react as they get into their thirties than they were in their early twenties. So it is important to realise one of the best attributes DDG has will be the first to decline.

Now although DDG might be the best keeper in the world at shot stopping, he wouldn't be considered anywhere near the top ten in the world when considering aerial ability. He command of his area may have improved a bit in the last couple of years, but again he is no where near the best at it. His laid back attitude doesn't help him in this area of goalkeeping. He rarely communicates with his defenders which often leads to them being caught out. Goalkeepers have the best position on the pitch from a defensive view point, seeing a player make a run or move into a dangerous situation, talking to your defenders and letting them know what is happening often means they can mitigate the situation and stop a potential shot on goal. However, when no such communication is forth coming then chances can be presented to the opposition that could have easily been avoided.
Finally, playing out from the back. This seems to be an area that DDG has regressed in. Maybe its tactical, but there are at least three or four goalkeepers in the EPL who are significantly better at playing out from the back than DDG is (Ederson, Allison, Pickford, Kepa etc) .

So of the four key areas required to be a top goalkeeper DDG is only in the top ten in one of those areas and unfortunately that is the one area that will decline relatively soonish. We saw something simulate happen with Iker Casillias, Phenomenal shot stopper but porr in other areas, by the time he was 31 he was no where near one of the top ten best keepers in the world.

This could happen with DDG, meaning this summer might be the best time to sell him before he starts to decline and we are left with a past their best player tied down on a long contract on high wages meaning we can't sell them nor can we afford to sign someone better to replace them.

Personally I don't think bring DDG's previous goalkeeping coach has been the best idea. Sure it makes him happier and more comfortable. Yet that familiarity seems to have come at a cost of improving other areas of his game. Had he worked with other coaches they would have likely highlighted his weaknesses more and worked with him to improve those areas of his game.

However, in a summer where we will lose a couple of big name players maybe keeping DDG could have its benefits beyond the pitch. If all the "rats" leave then the perception is we are a sinking ship. which might make it harder to recruit new players. Maybe what we need is a compromise, sign DDG to a new deal but only a 4 year deal at most taking him to 32, at which point if he is no longer doing the business we could let him leave on a free. However, that deal would have to be at a lower wage than the reported 350k per week he supposedly wants.

Either way, sign or sell, DDG is at a cross roads in his career and maybe he wants to be at a club that will challenge for honours and titles next season not in 2 or 3 seasons time. I don't think many people could argue he deserves that.

02 Jul 2019 11:11:05
Good points Shappy.



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