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20 Jun 2019 16:41:03
do not now if it is true but what is your thoughts on lingards snapchat video on holiday. i have to say if he was my son i would ring his neck. no wonder youngsters of today have no respect. and a few ex players and managers are calling for him to be sacked.

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20 Jun 2019 17:16:45
He’s not a youngster. He’ll be 27 before the year is over. He’s an immature man-child. There’s a reason why he’s best friends with Rashford.

20 Jun 2019 17:20:30
Couldnt care less, what he does in his holidays in his own business.

If you don't want go watch his social media antics, don't follow him.

What has he done that can be considered anywhere near a sackable offence?

20 Jun 2019 17:28:51
I would do what Sir Alex, Clough and Shankly would do. Boot him out the club.

20 Jun 2019 17:32:25
Headless checken. On and off the field. nothing more to say.

20 Jun 2019 17:42:46
I seem to remember Ferdinand, Lampard and Kieron Dyer filming themselves shagging someone back in the day. Lingard filmed his mate pretending to shag a pillow. You can’t sack him for that.
He’s an immature twit but that’s about it. If anything he, and others on social media are making it uncool to be a professional footballer nowadays.

20 Jun 2019 18:06:48
I have a huge problem with Lingards personality in that squad. He should be becoming a senior member of the squad turning 27 this year and he is nothing short of embarrassing. I don't know if it's a coincidence that Rashfords lost his humbleness when senior figures left the squad and JLingz was the one the younger players look up to.

He's a Manchester United academy graduate, in the first team, in a turbulent time in our history. He's not even a decent player to be putting up with this nonsense.

20 Jun 2019 18:09:05
What a moron.

20 Jun 2019 18:12:04
Only thing that’s annoyed me is the people he is with. If Jesse wants to act like a douche on a lads holiday su be it we’ve all been there.

But he’s meant to be a role model to younger players so I’d rather it be with non footballing mates.

20 Jun 2019 18:10:54
Haven’t seen the full version, don’t want or need to but did see a bit

People are talking about it so he will get more followers, his agent can ask more fees for advertisers or more for his clothing range. Some will be happy the club have another high click media personality, maybe he will get a pay rise, oh wait. After the season we have had you would have thought he would keep his head down but no.

Again I won’t be popular but it shows he thinks he can do this, I significantly doubt he would have dared under SAF. However, we don’t have a leader as manager, the players may like the manager but the latest media exploits indicates they don’t fear or respect Ole. By all accounts the players call him Ole in training, I bet they didn’t dare call SAF by his first name. It may pass you by but leadership is not necessarily being best friends with everyone. Do you think he would have done what is just nonsense with Pep, Klopp or Poch, really?

20 Jun 2019 18:26:10
United seem to show a lack of discipline in this regard. Mourinho was practically bad mouthing and branding ed woodward or whoever is responsible for transfers as incompetent but seems like nothing was ever done. if Lingard is a negative influence on the squad then i do think he needs to be disciplined, banned from the first team for the first half of the season and made to work his way back in the team. Ryan Giggs was guilty of doing far worse thing then Lingard but football ability wise he was head and shoulders above Lingard. United are slow at transfers and i would not want to waste time trying to sell Lingard this summer.

20 Jun 2019 18:39:28
I can tell you for sure that it is a stackable offence.
Im not saying he will or should be sacked.
But any employee can be fired if their behaviour damages the employers reputation / brand / values or ethics among other things whether it happens during working hours or not.
Its dumb behaviour and not befitting of a professional sportsman. Its crude foolish childish and irresponsible and totally classless imo.
Ive always maintained that jessie is a decent squad player. Second choice for a couple of positions. Does well in big games sometimes. He always gives 100% which is more than many can say.
However he is now walking a thin line and needs to walk the walk on the pitch more than he talks the talk on Instagram.
Last chance salon for me he needs to be told that in no uncertain terms.

20 Jun 2019 18:58:08
dsg i do not follow anybody it is in the rags and he is supposed to be a role moddle for youngsters not a nob head.

20 Jun 2019 19:23:15
Ken that is very true.
That's written in bold in my employee handbook.

20 Jun 2019 23:05:17
Really is this where we are?

If people genuinely think things were that much different 10, 20 or 30 years ago then you're deluded.

The only difference was there was no way of filming this behaviour or any sort of audience for it.

He is young rich and famous. A certain former priminister when at University commited a sex act on a dead pig. He was only rich and young at the time.

Rio and the boys filmed themselves have sex with a woman.

And God only knows what George Best used to get up to. And I can't remember Charlton or other senior players smacking that behaviour out of Best either, or Busby for that matter.

Yes, Lingard is a bit of an idiot. And yes, I would rather not see it. But this is the world we live in, and he is in the majority for his age, wealth and fame level. You only need to turn on the TV and watch the most popular show at the minute (Love Island 🤮) to see what the world is like. Is Lingards behaviour out of whack with that? Sadly not.

20 Jun 2019 23:24:42
To be honest what he does off the pitch so long as it’s not a sackable offence doesn’t get in the way of my view of him on the pitch where he along with Jones young Smalling just aren’t good enough at all and I could chuck in mata Bailly lukaku Sanchez.

20 Jun 2019 23:44:27
I just watched the video. Frankly it's disgusting. The way they have left the room in such a mess is bad enough without the other things being shown. Never mind that they they are famous footballers. What about being decent human beings and respecting others peoples property. They have no consideration for the staff of the hotel who have to clear up their mess. They have no consideration for the image that they will send out as being representative of normal English people. They obviously have no regard for the reputation of the team they play for. That they are relatively young, highly paid and famous does not mean that they can act like animals. Shameful shameful shameful. They get paid obscene amounts of money and with that goes a duty to act responsibly in public if not in private. What sort of example does it show to young impressionable fans. only that having money and fame means you can do what you like. They should both be made to do hours and hours of community work with deprived kids and families to remind them to be humble and grateful for what they have.

21 Jun 2019 00:10:29
Spot on Ken.

20 Jun 2019 23:35:58
Funny thing is it doesn't happen at any other club

Yeah do what you like on holiday but your in a profession where your held In high regards.

Act professionally your representing the club all year.

20 Jun 2019 23:38:31
Hi Angel, we are seeing so many things across all sorts of cases across ap sectors of business from entrainment politics business and sport where people are being fitted for 'behaviour unbecoming' sure the sexual harassment and racial get the headlines or bullying but its happening for reasons a lot less office than jessies video.

Honestly a final written warning is in order and that's if he is lucky. Its massively disrespectful and not acceptable in today's society. Sponsors won't want to be associated with that sort of video nor should fellow employees of the club.

Football is so far behind in what they deem to be acceptable behaviour. Turning blind eyes to what goes on around them every single day. Its sad really.

21 Jun 2019 00:23:19
shappy 20 years ago when i got into a lot of trouble you got a real bollocking of the police and a good hiding of your dad it is totaly different now kids of today have no respect because there are no reprecusions and back then the idiots could not put it on socal media so no it is not the same.

21 Jun 2019 06:57:19
Dazw, unfortunately that is how society is going. There is less structure, less responsibility, and less accountability.

Part of that is due to greater understanding. Knowing the psychological reasons behind someone's actions are often used as a way of excusing their behaviour. However, understanding why someone acts a certain way does not excuse that behaviour.

But everything filters down from the top. When MP's are found to have broken laws but they suffer no consequences, when wealthy people are able to buy their way out of trouble it filters down.

It's always been that way of course it's just now everyone knows about it.

{Ed025's Note - your spot on shappy..

21 Jun 2019 07:20:24
Ah yes, that makes it all okay then shappy. Love island, that's where we are.

Look, he's behaving like an idiot and should be at least reminded of how he should behave.

As ken said above, employees have standards to uphold when representing their workplace. I wouldn't get away with that carry on at my place, he's at the biggest club in the world.

But it's okay because it's not out of whack with what's on TV really? Does that justify the players of yester years players because the times were very different too, what was acceptable then etc. It doesn't, lingard needs to grow up and carry himself better, that's it.

21 Jun 2019 07:36:41
Yep he should of made the bed . It's a disgrace he hasn't tidied his room .
Not sure about getting sacked but his mam should definitely ground him.
Why can't players just have drink, drug and gambling problems and not resort to stuff like not hanging there clothes up .

21 Jun 2019 10:17:08
Angel, I'm not saying it makes it okay. Just that this is the world we have created.

Does life imitate art or does art imitate life. Does society get "programmed" by TV programs, or are TV programs made to imitate society. In which case what does that say about TV programs like Love Island?

Yes, he has acted like an idiot, and yes he needs to learn how he should behave, and yes he has brought about shame on the club.
But then so did Rio when he missed a drugs test, so did Keane and Rooney when they held the club to ransom, or Giggs and Rooney when they had affairs, or Beckham dressing like a manikin, or Best or Robson getting drunk and into trouble.

None of them got sacked for arguably bigger faux pas. Also those saying he should be sacked, well that entirely depends on what is written in his contract of employment and how the disciplinary procedure works with the club. Unless we know that we can't say whether he has breached his contract and should therefore be subject to sanctions.

21 Jun 2019 10:22:39
I must have watched a different video, this reaction is hilarious to me. Maybe some of you need to go on a few stag do's or lads holidays, a lot worse than that goes on.

I assumed when I heard the uproar that there was drugs on the side of the bed or something crazy, it is just lads fooling around in a messy room, who's to say they didn't clean up before they left anyway?

Why are people mentioning police? What has he done that is illegal?

21 Jun 2019 12:01:19
Lingard is a silly, but no longer young man. The video content itself is nothing wild, but it illustrates well that he has poor judgement. It also hints that United may be developing a "bling bling" problem in which players are able to coast through a season without decent performances, pick up enormous wages and spend too much time focussed on social media. This sends exactly the wrong message to younger players and needs to be stamped out.

21 Jun 2019 12:30:40
Did all those players get reprimanded for their actions Shappy? I'm sure they did. Another thing they also made sure of was putting it on the pitch, something our current crop have not been doing.

He just needs to cop on, grow up and behave like an adult and a better role model to kids out there who are looking up to him.

He represents one of the biggest sports franchises in the world, he should act like it too.

That's all I'm saying.

21 Jun 2019 12:45:58
Angel, I would say Lingard is one of the few who always gives 100% on the pitch. That doesn't always equate to game changing performances. But he isn't as talented as some of those that came before him and he is certainly playing in a lesser team.

Either way he hasn't done anything illegal, or anything as bad as some other previous players who not all got reprimanded for their actions.

I think this situation, although regrettable isn't as serious as some previous situations involving our players. Yet it is receiving much more hype and condemnation from supporters who are unhappy and easily annoyed with our club and our players.

21 Jun 2019 13:20:27
Lingard is a knob. Needs to get himself publicity via social media because he isn't good enough to get it from football.
I agree society in general is going down the pan with regards to behaviour and lack of respect, but Lingard is a professional sportsman, playing for one of the most famous and high profile clubs in the world. He should be aware of his responsibilities and accountable for his actions.

Alas, I think that the club is in such a mess that discipline is too far down the list of priorities to even matter now.
The players down just need to learn how to behave, they should be made to. They are a bunch of over paid, under performing wimps.
There was a lot of negativity around Mata signing a new deal this week, but I tell you what if the likes of Lingard and Pogba had one tenth of the class of Mata both as people and professional, we would be in a much better place ON the pitch too.

21 Jun 2019 15:51:24
Top post Betty. You don't get many people like Mata now a days.

21 Jun 2019 17:19:30
Bolger, I'm sure this sort of thing goes on at other clubs as well. Utd don't have a monopoly on silly employees.



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