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14 Jun 2019 13:13:49
It appears supporting the manager, depends on whether someone rates them personally. If not, they'll stamp their feet until someone they do rate gets in. Then they'll come on and lecture everyone to get behind the manager.

I'll never understand why a supporter hopes a particular manager fails rather than succeeds. If a manager does well, the club is doing well. Seems to be a few on here think they know more than people who actually work in the game, which makes me wonder why they're not working for the club, rather than posting their over-inflated opinions to strangers on a social media site.

{Ed002's Note - A good post and it is difficult to comprehend. I don’t like the irrational kowtowing to supporters by some clubs. Elsewhere than most sides in England, clubs see coaches in the same way as players and switch them out in search of success - and that approach has worked - even in England.}

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14 Jun 2019 13:44:50
I don't think there are many supporters out there hoping ole fails, but with so much uncertainty around the club at the moment are the conditions at the club right for him to be successful?

{Ed002's Note - It is a two way street and as it is I really don’t see him as the right option. The guys coming Ming up with players still have The JM list - which is a good one but may not be as applicable as folks think.

14 Jun 2019 14:04:28
Spot on Stevie. There’s a large group of ‘fans’ that would rather see the manager fail just so they can say ‘I told you so’. Ole is the manager and he has my backing until the day he leaves. I may not agree with everything he does in that time, but he’s part of united and we must support him. When he goes, the next manager will gain that support.

14 Jun 2019 14:11:34
Im still trying to get my head around UA comment, and yes I know its an opinion, 'Ole will never be worthy of being man utd manager in my eyes'. so basically saying even if we won the quadruple or even 1 trophy he wouldn't be worthy? . A pretty baffling statement if you ask me.

14 Jun 2019 14:19:03
It's not rocket science, is it Park?

14 Jun 2019 15:38:31
I'm fully behind the manager and hope he succeeds having said that I don't think he's the right man for us. I'd be delighted to eat my words though.

14 Jun 2019 15:55:18

As I understand it we have a recruitment department consisting of people like Marcel Bout and Jim Lawlor etc and also Ole and Phelan will come up with their own targets and the club then pursues the most viable targets? For eg. The reported interest in Longstaff and perhaps even Daniel James are recommendations by Ole?

The Jose list I assume includes the likes of Bruno Fernandes and Ruben Dias but what do you mean by it not being as applicable? Those players not fitting into what Ole wants to do or them not being viable due to lack of UCL football etc?

{Ed002's Note - Ok - if that is what you think.}

14 Jun 2019 16:49:30
Its really isn't Stevie. It seems good old fashioned supporting the manager and team has gone out the window with the modern fan. You even have fans nowadays who support a player over the team. It's ludicrous tbh.

14 Jun 2019 17:10:37
Wiggy, its quite simple. Who put Ole in charge? The answer is Ed Woodward. What does Ed Woodward know about football? Nought. Name me one poster on the page that says Ed is right when it comes to matters of football or recruitment. Or answer me this, we saw 6 months of football under Ole and if my understanding is correct the managerial position was temp for him and the permanent managaer was to be appointed after the season and yet we got sentimental and appointed him early. If we waited till the end of the season and saw the performances and the results after the first few games, would any sensible person have appointed Ole? Even when Jose was sacked, was there one poster who mentioned Ole as a probable choice? And that is where i am coming from.

Roberto de Matteo won the champions league for Chelsea, one trophy that Jose failed to win for Chelsea. What became of him? Did he become a great manager? No.

I know i will be called a troll and get multiple thumbs down from the "informed" people but i still stand by my views. I liked Ole as a player but that does not automatically mean i will like him as a manager.

14 Jun 2019 17:33:51
I've supported every manager so far.

I had my reservations about Moyes. That first press conference. The gutting of the back room staff and the replacements. That first summer window chasing players we had mo chance and signing the player most unsuited player he could. He still had my support till the Fulham game.

Van Gaal I thought was a good fit. Had a defined philosophy and style. Good with young players. The performances and style were below what was expected. Transfers again were a mess. I think he was badly served and should have had his third season although I didn't want Allegri.

Jose I was excited by. I thought he was what we needed to sort the dressing room out. Instead he lost it. Bad style of play. Again messy transfers. Had to go.

Ole? The football and results were good upto the Liverpool game. Injuries disrupted things. Players reverted to type. let's see where we are at Christmas first.

14 Jun 2019 17:46:08
People love to gloat and stick the boot in early just so they can say "I told you so". I personally wouldn't have appointed Ole, but now he's here I think he'll get the support of 95% of fans. We tried the Premier League veteran in Moyes, the European tactician in LvG and the natural born winner in Jose. If Ole can replicate the ethos in his first few games then we may be onto something.

Whatever about Woodward, the fact is we have a team of players who are playing under their potential. If Ole can restore the core ingredients of hard work, pace and flair into the team. Then I for one will be happy to see him in the job until the steady improvements stop.

14 Jun 2019 19:04:19
I hope OGS succeeds, I just don’t believe he will. I support the club and hope the manager is successful, not support the manager and hope the club is successful. I have chanted managers names when successful but they have earned it not been given it. That is why I didn’t support the Moyes banner nor the ridiculous over sentimental tripe about OGS.

14 Jun 2019 19:43:17
It is utterly ridiculous to even post the original post saying anyone will want OGS or any united manager to fail. Who has actually come on here and said they want OGS or any manager to fail? It simply isn't true.
We ALL want OGS to succeed 100%. But whether he will or not remains to be seen. If he's going to get rid of the under achievers, then he's halfway there and we can get our club back. If he allows Woodward to dominate footballing matters and transfers, then I'm afraid the club will keep going backwards.

14 Jun 2019 22:00:44
Nomid, you obviously haven't read the thread on the Rumours page. Have a read, and then tell me no one hopes our manager fails.

14 Jun 2019 22:38:30
Stevie, i haven't read the thread, but i will do. But in any case, any fan wishing a managet to fail, is not a fan.
If said manager has been given time to do a job and fails, then by all means, people can criticise. But we have to see what OGS can do. My worry is Woodward above all.

15 Jun 2019 02:07:06
AAA regards your last point that's the whole problem isn't it. Jose stood up to Woodward on football matters and couldn't succeed. What chance Ole? The only hope if it goes south on Ole is that Woodward finally goes.

15 Jun 2019 08:46:51
I think that's everyone's worry, NoMid.



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