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07 Jun 2019 13:52:04
What do Barcelona see in Rashford that our fans don't?

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07 Jun 2019 14:05:22
Potential perhaps.

07 Jun 2019 14:08:39
It's the highlights, it all looks good until you see him shoot without any thought from any where on the pitch everytime he gets open not to mention the rugby free kicks. They never show the rugby fk's in the highlights.

07 Jun 2019 14:47:12
I read somewhere the other day, he had 112 shots 48 were shots on target,
As a striker on goals for the season he finished way down the pecking order in the league,
25th in the league he was for goals.

07 Jun 2019 15:11:17
At least he’s having a go! If Barcelona are keen, we closely have a talented player on our hands. Lay off him.

07 Jun 2019 15:13:16
He’s dreadful, we should get rid immediately to whoever is stupid enough to take him.

07 Jun 2019 15:18:10
He needs to be lass rash and be more Calmford instead. Its an area to improve. But very few players were the finished article at that age.

07 Jun 2019 15:53:21
We should keep him, as long as we are happy with europa league.

07 Jun 2019 16:17:40
Very good Mort.

I agree, give the lad a break.

We've spent silly money on forwards yet Rashford is the one carrying the burden of scoring the goals for the team. Frustrations should be aimed at Sanchez and Lukaku, not Rashford. We've invested millions yet the home grown kid is keeping some of our biggest signings out of the side.

07 Jun 2019 16:43:17
Barcelona want him, Dr Ligt named him as his toughest opponent.

But the lads crap according to the fans. I mean what does one of the best clubs in the world and a professional footballer know about football?

The lad is 21, no footballer is the finished article at 21. If he didn't have areas to improve on then he would be a phenomenon.

07 Jun 2019 17:38:14
Alcacer, dembele, andre gomez, vermaelen, arda turan. Just some of the big money failed signings by one of the best clubs in football Shappy. De Ligt is himself 18 so his opinion should be naught given that 21 Rashford shouldn't be considered a finished article.

Wazza, today was a long day at work but your joke did make me laugh. Rashford carrying the burden of scoring goals is really funny. Perhaps someone needs to tell him that shooting from 100 yards everytime you get the ball at your feet and actually scoring are now being considered different in football. didn't Lukaku outscore Rashford this season even when Ole almost froze him out?

07 Jun 2019 17:41:40
I can't believe what I'm reading. He's very young. He frightens defenders, has pace and skill. But our fans have already turned on him as he's not performing to Ronaldo standards.
Give the guy a break, his decision making and shooting will improve, so suggest you turn your gripes to Sanchez and Martial who have been truly awful.

07 Jun 2019 17:59:54
I think my main gripe with Rashford is how he's evolved over the last couple of years. He exploded onto the scene taking on defenders with pace. He played with no fear. There was a humbleness about him. He's completely changed his game from what got him here in the first place.

He used to just run, run and run at defenders all day. Now he slows the ball down, almost the way Best did it. It's almost like he's trying to be Ronaldoesqe with the tricks and flicks. His insistence on shooting from every free kick sums up his attitude. In a team with no leaders he has gone down the wrong path. He seems cocky, not a good trait for someone who still has a lot to prove.

There's a player in there but right now he's not good enough to start week in week out for a team with aspirations of challenging for top honours.

07 Jun 2019 17:37:07
he needs to played as a regular forward with players who create chances for there strikers.

hes got the pace and strength give him 12-18 months of working on his finishing under a manager who was clinical in front of goal and come back on this page with what you think of rashford.

ed do you know if we are planning on contract talks with him at some point with him having only a few years left on his current deal.

{Ed002's Note - I have no idea about contract talks I am afraid.}

07 Jun 2019 18:17:39
Terrible attitude on him 😁.

07 Jun 2019 20:10:03
So is he ready to lead the line for man united if not how many more seasons do we give him while we wait in europa league,
One of rash or lukkaku need to go.
We can't have 2 passengers up front.

07 Jun 2019 21:29:36
Thanks for the reply ed.

07 Jun 2019 21:51:52
For goodness sake it's all now now now. The same toxic fans on here would be bashing 18/ 19 year old Ronaldo for being a show pony. "Hes got no end product, get rid". Players mature at different rates. There's a reason Barcelona are after him, a reason Southgate trusts him so much and a reason his fellow pro's rate him so highly. He was only given a proper run at CF midway through this season, and he was fantastic for the first few games. Sure his form dipped but so did the whole teams. Some players don't break into the first team til 21, lay off the kid.

07 Jun 2019 22:30:15
Rash is a good player. He appears to have a good attitude. He will improve when we have a better midfield and wide players with better movement.
Im relaxed on rashford. I think we should sign an experience goal scorer to back him up if lukaku and sanchez leave. Let martial james and lingard and hopefully another fight it out for the wide positions.

07 Jun 2019 22:56:02
I think Barcelona like the big gold chain with “Rashy” on it whereas most of us think that is a bit cheap! 😂

On a serious note we need to keep him for one or two more seasons before we pass judgement.

07 Jun 2019 23:28:10
I like rash and I hope he gets us 30 goals a season, but my question is how long do we give him, I heard the same story about welbeck, give him a chance and he will come good,
Shappy I don't know what your on. About, you put a picture of him up here looking to get a reaction from posters, give the lad a chance will you
We need a striker that can get 20 goals plus in the league, we are one of the biggest clubs and the richest in Europe, so for me we should have the best players not average ones.
If we want to get back to winning the league we have to be ruthless.
Get rid of players that don't want to be here and players that aren't good enough.
But the same posters will be moaning next season we aren't good enough the players aren't good enough.
Now I have no problem keeping rash but he needs to up his game, he is a man now not the child some make him out to be. What was Ryan giggs doing when he was 21,ripping the league and defences apart, wasn't he lucky the snowflake generation weren't around back then or he wouldn't have got the chance he got when he was about 4 years younger that rashford.

08 Jun 2019 17:35:03
Not good enough, should cash in why we have the chance. Rocks up 1 game in 10. Scoring record worse than Glenn Murray, contributions to play are worse than Glenn Murray - I genuinely think we would do better with Glenn Murray!



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