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03 Jun 2019 20:44:28
Someone who is classed as reliable on reddit has said we've offered Rabiot a contract and he's accepted it. If so that's great, will be low risk because he was on a free and brings in a proven midfielder to replace Herrera.

Ed002 if you're about, are you aware of the club approaching Rabiot?

{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any agreement with Rabiot.}

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03 Jun 2019 22:10:42
Cheers ed. Always appreciate your input on the rumours.

03 Jun 2019 23:38:38
It may be low risk in that there will be no transfer fee but he will certainly get mega wages which doesn't help keep a lid on our wage structure (not that we appear to have one) . Also I don't want us to sign players who possibly only come to us because of high wages. I wnar fully committed top quality players or young players with the potential to become top quality. I do not know enough about Rabiot to say whether he will be good enough to enable us to compete against City and Liverpool. I have not been impressed with the little I have seen of him. So in my eyes it is a not insignificant risk signing him.

04 Jun 2019 08:15:19
I understand Salford, but we currently have very little quality in the middle and a player like Rabiot is welcomed when you consider who else we've got.

I worry too about his intentions and the issues he had a PSG seem a tad worrying but it's one of those players who you can deal with if they perform on the pitch, he would definitely be our second best midfielder behind Pogba.

Also chuck in someone like Fernandes or Maddison and our midfield would look a lot stronger.

04 Jun 2019 10:35:10
think he will feel he has a lot to prove after how he was treated at PSG, make them see what they're going to miss.

04 Jun 2019 10:45:04
I find myself in two minds about Rabiot. Talent and playing style wise he could be a great fit.

However, he comes with "baggage", most significantly his mother. I would be prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt as to his "poor" attitude as it has only been "poor" since PSG threw their toys out of the pram in December and he was dumped in to the reserves and was told he would never play for PSG again. So I think some back lash was to be expected. Add to that it was at a time when his Father, who had locked in syndrome since a stroke in 2007, and his grandmother died within weeks of each other.

Apparently he has replaced his Mother as his agent, which if true can only be a good thing. From the outside looking in he seems like a lad who needs an arm around his shoulder and to be made to feel wanted. Then he could hit new heights.

I'm not saying he has the same potential to have as big an impact but we did once take a gamble on a Frenchman with "baggage", and he turned us into champions. Maybe like Cantona he just needs a home.

As for the wages, 95% of players in the world will pick wages over a specific club. It would be great if we could find a few players who want to play for our club and who have a passion for our club. But we will need players who aren't fans of the club. But as long as they are prepared to be professional and hard working then it won't be a huge problem.
Aaron Ramsey is a huge United fan but chose Arsenal over us, Shaw is a huge Chelsea fan and chose us over them.
Also we should remember that Keane, Ferdinand and Rooney all held the club to ransom during their careers with the club. Yet none could question their commitment on the pitch. So as the Ed's say maybe its best not to think about the money.

04 Jun 2019 13:25:37
Personally i would steer clear of him, has already made things difficult with his National team manager and PSG let me go for free as he had his own tantrums there. No comparison with Herrera with regards to what he brings to the dressing room.



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