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16 May 2019 08:46:13
Joshua King has outscored Rashford for 4th Season in a row.
They compared Rahsford to Mbappe :D.

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16 May 2019 08:56:57
Wait, what! that's a scandal. Wait for the next season. With a full pre-season under his belt and Ole at the wheel, he will be outscored for the 5th season running. Unless ofcourse you give him 500 chances and then he will miss-hit a few into the back of the net. But hey, he is one of our own, right? I can't for the life of me understand how people want to sell Lukaku and keep him.

16 May 2019 10:15:22
Because Josh King is Bournemouth's penalty taker.

16 May 2019 10:42:31
Bournemouth also create more chances for there strikers than we do.

16 May 2019 10:46:09
I fear deeply for the next youngsters to come through at our club.

16 May 2019 11:15:32
Lukaku is poor with no support from the wings and he just looks so big in size to be a mobile striker with quick feet.

16 May 2019 11:25:31
Maybe because Lukaku is two stone overweight, has a touch like a 70s centre back and doesn't fit Uniteds style of play. He's totally misused.

16 May 2019 12:38:09
if he is being misused, that doesn't make him poor. Its the team and the management of the striker that is poor. Given equal chances, Lukaku will outscore Rashford by a 100 goals to say the least. Bring in proper wingers to help him score goals rather than show him the door and use Rashford upfront. We as such don't create many chances, Rashford needs so many chances to score a goal that the creators will get bored creating for him. And, can anyone explain what is so good about Rashford's first touch?

16 May 2019 13:30:00
Who are these creators you speak of? And over how long would it take for Lukaku to score 100 more goals?

I don't think Rashford is the finished product by any means but he is only 21 and to use Lukaku as the comparison is a little ridiculous.

16 May 2019 14:17:30
The OP compared Rashford to Joshua King and Rashford failed that too. Lukaku was used because he is the only striker in our team who knows how to score a goal and actually gives a rubbish about it too. Who else do you want him compared with GDS2? What if he is 21. hasn't he been playing for the "biggest club" in the world since he was what 17-18.Thats 4 years at the top level. Remember what Rooney was at 21? Age is just a number. If you are good enough you are old enough. Lingard is 26? Did he mature to be a great player from what he was at 21?

16 May 2019 14:21:40
70's centre back? Bit harsh on the centre back the pitches were bog sites most of the time.

16 May 2019 14:30:06
Rashford reminds me of Agbonlahor.

16 May 2019 16:01:03
Don’t see the point in talking about Rashford and Lukaku at present.

If we had decent attacking width on both wings then we could analyse and compare these two players. Lukaku has a poor first touch and was overweight last season. However, play him as a CF and give him service and he scores plenty of goals. Anyone who thinks differently hasn’t looked at his record. RVN was a different class to Lukaku but we never asked him to play RW he was a CF and that only and so is Lukaku.

Square pegs and round holes.

Rashford has great ability but we are still to see how good he is or can be as the team as a whole is currently poor. We believe he prefers the CF role but again at present we don’t know his best position.

All efforts need to be concentrated in getting players in at RB, CB, CM and RW. Once we can defend properly and have balance on both sides of the pitch we can talk about what we do with Rashford and Lukaku.

Too many other things need to be done before we worry about the CF position.

16 May 2019 16:56:13
Both Rashford and Lukaku have a similar conversation statistic. Both score with 1 in 4 shots.

Josh King scores with 1 in 6 shots. However, playing in a side that create more chances and being the penalty taker has meant he has scored a decent amount. For the record we have had 10 penalties this season, if Rashford was on penalty duties he would have likely have scored as many as Pogba has (7/ 10). An extra 7 goals and he would have out scored King while having less chances.

As for Rashford Vs Lukaku, both are different kinds of strikers. Rashfords skill set just better suits the type/ style of football we want to see (quick, technical, full of movement) . That said Lukaku significantly bulked up over last summer, too much weights and not enough cardio. That massively limited his mobility this season and meant he tired quickly. Not making him ideal for a high pressing system. If he leans up over the summer and comes back lighter, leaner and more mobile then he will likely have a much better season next year. He does seem to have the right mentality, so let's wait and see.

On a side note, like it or not Rashford is currently the most talented youngster in our first squad to have come through the academy. I have no doubts that Greenwood if he continues on his current trajectory, and avoids serious injury will ecilpse Rashford in the not too distant future. However, I find it deeply troubling that for a club that prides itself on its history and success with academy players the fans show a real lack of faith and support in those lads.

Rashford may well have been in and around the first team for 3 and a half seasons now. Yet he has played no more than one season in total in his best position. 3 months towards the end of LvG's tenure and the second half of this season under Ole. Neither of those times was the club in a strong point, in fact during both occasions you could argue the club was in turmoil. The rest of his time has been spent out wide and on the subs bench.

No player peaks at 21, he is at least 5 years away from being the finished article. Yet fans insist on throwing him under the bus. He might not be the most talented young player in the world, but he is a talented young player, he is one of our own and we should support him.

16 May 2019 20:51:02
It’s posts like this that make me want to give up. We had a crap season so now it’s slag the players time. Many many teams had better defensive records than us last year, that must mean all their goalies are better than DDG. Some people have too much time on their hands.

16 May 2019 21:48:22
Its ok to have an opinion and to share it on here Ajh. You had no problem slagging off the previous manager or pogba or martial or depay or whomever.
Rashford had a poor season along with plenty of others.
I think he has potential to be a lot better than he showed last season. But i understand why people don't feel he will make it.
Januzai was meant to be the next big thing so was welbeck so were countless others.
Posters who doubt him do it with good reason. Personally as i said i am confidant that he will come good.
I never thought januzai would and got slammed the way others are now for saying rash wont.
Wanting to 'give up' because posters'slag' players you like is an odd reaction when you do the same about other players.
There is not more than 2 or 3 players that can't be questioned after the last 18 months.



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