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08 May 2019 10:23:57
We all have our opinions of how we can return to the top but the only way back is by good planning and patience.

The most important thing is we re-establish an identity and recognisable style of play. Tactical tweaks are fine but when your changing players and formations every week it breeds uncertainty and inconsistency. Players need to understand their role and expectations within the team. The most refreshing aspect of Ole's first few games in charge was we could all name the starting 11 and formation. Results and performances suffered when he morphed into Mourinho and started experimenting with different players and formations. He placed more importance on the result rather than performances and betrayed the principles that brought him his early success. The players looked confused and despondent and reverted back to playing as individuals rather than a team.

What we need now is decisive and robust leadership. Tough decisions must be made about the futures of Pogba and De Gea. They can't be allowed to fester and rumble on into the summer. Football decisions must be prioritised over financial reward. We can't allow ourselves to be bullied by the likes of Madrid where they will look to unsettle the players in order to drive down the price. We hold the cards, Pogba is under contract and if our valuation is not met by a specific time then he stays. If they are both on the plane come pre season then they both must be retained. It is impossible to plan for next season if you don't know the future of your two best players. It will become disruptive and the Club can ill afford another transfer saga. We must re establish control and demonstrate who is in charge.

We all know the areas of the squad that need strengthening. They must be addressed during the summer. There is little point in targeting the likes of Cavani or Dybala at the expense of other positions. This will just further exacerbate the imbalances in the squad and alienate others who in my opinion are the future of our Club.

We must find a partner for Lindelof and a RW to bring balance to the team and enable us to attack down both flanks. A RB and CM are other areas that need strengthening especially if Pogba leaves.

On the surface the re-building job looks daunting but it's amazing what a few quality additions in the rights positions can do.

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08 May 2019 10:38:00
The most important thing is to bring in people who know how to run a club, as we stand nothing is going to change. We can buy and sell till the cows come home, our problems run way deeper than the we layers on the pitch.

08 May 2019 10:40:06
I’ve just posted a long post about this, it’s on the discussion page.

08 May 2019 12:21:25
Great post DLIB.

I just want to raise a point as I see it over and over again. People say we need a RW. But do we have a LW?

Sancjez needs to be sold, beyond him we have Martial who doesn't want to be a winger and doesn't work hard enough and Rashford who is a striker.

Personally I wouldn't sign a true RW, but a creative player who can score and create from either the RW or as a No.10.

I see us setting up with a front two and a versatile player playing in the No.10 role. Rather than a traditional front three with two wider players.

08 May 2019 12:37:10
We can do these posts all day long but it doesn't alter the shambolic way things are ran. For example Ole wants Sancho but we're linked with Bale and Dybala. Until this changes nothing will change.

08 May 2019 13:23:34
Mort, spot on. It doesn't matter who we sign if the club is so old. I predict we will keep Pogba (for marketing reasons) and sign Bale.

08 May 2019 14:06:10
Bale wouldn't surprise me in the slightest the way Ed Woodward goes about his business. We should sign a couple of players from Leicester and Wolves. Proper team players who will fight for the badge and know the premier league.

08 May 2019 16:03:17
Damon- what makes you think that we COULD sign players from leicester and wolves? From the outside we would be lucky to attract players from Salford and Grimsby!
Not only is it a concern how bad we are in every aspect from the infastructure and team performance' but how far we are behind the top 2 and the probability they will improve more. We really have got a mountain to climb but it has to be approached carefully and sensibly, not kneejerk or gungho and that starts with Woodward going. If he isn't gone then anything will merely be a bandaid over an amputated limb; simple.

08 May 2019 16:14:29
Why would wolves or Leicester sell? They probably see us as rivals in the battle for best of the rest. If you were Rodgers or Nuno which club would you be targeting?

08 May 2019 17:44:43
I agree Shappy and that's why we need a clear identity and vision of how we want to play.

I think Martial is a wide forward, he's at his best with the ball at his feet in that left channel within the final third where he can run at defenders.

I'm yet to be confined by the split strikers. I've not seen much evidence of any partnerships forming and I don't think Rashford is suited to playing on the right. It's no coincidence to me that his form has dipped the more time he has been deployed down that right channel. If we are to persist then we need a really good No10 to link it all together. Lingard has performed well in that role on occasions but it remains to be seen if he can cement himself in that position on a regular basis.
Another problem with the split strikers in my opinion is that it leaves our full backs exposed and isolated and requires our midfielders to get wide quickly to support them. I just feel it makes us very vulnerable defensively and easy to play through.

In my opinion the way we should line up next season depends on the future of Pogba. If he stays then I'd prefer us to play 4-3-3 and we really need a right sided forward to give balance to the attack. If Pogba is sold then I'd think we'd benefit from changing to a 4-2-3-1 with Lingard moving into a No10 position behind Rashford and our links to someone like Dybala would make more sense. In any case we'd still need a right sided forward which I view as essential if we are to progress. I think Martial and Rashford are both better from the left so far me that's not a priority.

I know it's highly unlikely but if we could somehow get Sancho out of Dortmund and line up with Lingard at 10, Martial left, Sancho right and Rashford up top I think we'd have a really mobile and dynamic attack. If we could find a really good holding midfielder to partner either Matic or Mctominay in midfield and then a commending CB to partner Lindelof I think we'd have the basis of a decent team. A new right back would also help but maybe Dalot deserves his chance so I don't see this as essential.

Like I said I think a lot depends on the future of Pogba I just hope its decided quickly one way or the other so we can move forward. My opinion is if he's determined to leave then he should be sold. He's unlikely to sign a new contract and will become a disruptive influence on the dressing room. We must set a realistic valuation on the player rather than risk it destabilise the squad before the new season has even started.

Strong and robust leadership and a clear vision of how we intend to play will go a long way in deciding what kind of season we can expect next year!

08 May 2019 18:28:52
Shappy the sort of player your describing would be ziyech at Ajax imo. Although I believe there is some baggage with him per Ed002.

08 May 2019 18:58:35
I know we all have different opinions, but I really cannot see how Lingard or Rashford are potential number 10's? Maybe my idea of a no.10 is different to others - I saw Shappy suggest the 10 role for Lingard the other day too.

But isn't the 10 role really the playmaker role, someone with intelligence and vision. The man to link play and unlock defenses, like the Zidane, Totti, and going back to people like Ronaldinho, and Maradona before that.

I know roles vary in different formations, but I just don't see Lingard as a 10, nor Rashford.

If we are to play with a 10, I still think Mata is our best option, though looks like he may be off too.

08 May 2019 19:50:33
Betty I suppose it all comes down to what your definition of a No10 is?

For me it's someone that plays just off the front in advanced positions but can also drop deeper into midfield when required. They don't necessarily have to be a "playmaker" but can influence the attack in other ways. Lingard is brilliant off the ball, he constantly makes intelligent runs and is great at pressing from the front. He had a period last winter when he was played consistently just behind the striker or in the No10 position and he excelled. It appeared he'd finally added an end product to his game but he was eventually moved back out to the right so we could accommodate Pogba in a three man midfield. By no means am I'm saying he's world class but he's vastly undervalued by a lot of our supporters.

It always amuses me when many of our supporters call for youth to be given a chance yet have no patience to allow them to succeed. Mctominay, Rashford and Lingard have all come in for unnecessary criticism yet these are the players that will run themselves into the ground and are capable of allowing us to play a more aggressive pressing style.

08 May 2019 20:25:50
Lingard is a decent enough player, but nothing special. Handles run around a lot, I'll give you that be he's no number 10 - at least not if we expect to start challenging the top teams. And I would hardly call him youth. He's 27 in a few months time.
We need to get away from this sentimental approach with players like Lingard, because he has come through the ranks.
I'm not saying get rid of him, as he is a decent enough squad player, but if we really are going to build a team to challenge, I just don't see a team with Lingard playing such an important role.
Rashford and McTomminay are completely different - they really are youth.

09 May 2019 00:45:31
Yes I agree but Leicester/ Wolves have some very good team players. Also we do have European football to offer and Leicester will not have that next season. I'd take both of their full backs in a heartbeat!



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