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05 May 2019 21:04:16
Can somebody please tell me how any manager (Ole, anybody) can be judged so harshly given the resources he has to hand in such a short timescale.

It's quite staggering that with the worst squad, easily for 30 years, that some on here are suggesting Ole should be sacked when:

1. He hasn't had a single transfer window to be judged by.

2. He is managing the laziest squad in the PL, which is also arguably also the unfittest.

3. He has had to try numerous formations to accommodate the issues in 2.

4. He is arguably now playing regulars to demonstrate how inadequate they are.

Ole has done nothing wrong. yet. I'm not suggesting he's the messiah, however the rash conclusions being spouted on here are unfair and illogical. On the one hand the squad is not fit for purpose however on the other Ole should be achieving more! How? Seriously. Just how!?!

The players are getting a free ride. The same players that downed tools on Jose have done exactly the same since Ole was appointed permanent. The evidence, results and quality of performances, is beyond any doubt. So the question is why? My belief is many do not want Ole because they fear what he represents. That being the end for many of them.

For the love of God give the guy a break. He's being managed by the worst football 'CEO' in the history of United whilst also having to manage one of the worst squads I've seen in my 45 years as a United supporter. He is literally surrounded by s***!

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05 May 2019 21:09:10
Good post.

05 May 2019 21:29:54
Personally I think they should sack solskjaer and then replace him with interim manager ole gunnar solskjaer.

05 May 2019 22:33:03
Good post, BRD. Even better one, GB :)

05 May 2019 23:08:49
The players aren't getting a free ride, most on here want the club to sell half the squad lol. The only players getting a free ride are the “home grown” players in the media. Players like young, smalling, jones, shaw, lingard and rashford never get digged out by the likes of neville, scholes and rio. Quite convenient that.

The fans should be questioning whether a managers whos previous managerial experience is at molde and cardiff is ready to do this huge job.

We need to recruit efficiently and effectively, a style of play needs to be introduced and youth players need to be integrated into the first team squad.

What from oles previous experience suggests he can do that?

Just saying “we are man yanited” and being a club legend has a very short shelf life.

06 May 2019 04:34:38
Ok so let me understand this right. The same squad that finished second and were in the FA cup final last year and were apparently being mismanaged and held back byJose Mourinho and under achieving? They are now so bad just because Ole is incharge? The poor performances were used as a reason to sack the manager so why not now? isn't it the manager's role to motivate these players and get the best out of them anymore? We just keep shifting the goal posts to argue our narrative.

06 May 2019 10:14:16
The likes of Young, Jones etc actually look like their bothered in fames compared to some. We all know they're not good enough. Just because Scholes and Neville haven't criticized them doesn't mean others haven't. There's been plenty of pundits and journos on twitter saying how are they still at United.

06 May 2019 10:23:00
UA no one is going to sack a manager 2 months after being appointed. It would be a farce.

You mention last season coming second and the cup final. Good achievement. And yes Jose mismanaged them and held them back. Towards the end of the season you could see the effort starting to go down. Then Jose nuked the squad in the summer with his transfer tantrum, said they were all crap. Look at the performances from the start of the season to Christmas. No effort.

Ole came in and got the new manager bounce. I think some of them thought " great he's gone, temporary boss, best put some effort in and look good for the next sap who comes in. " I think they underestimated Ole, thought he's a nice guy not a tyrant like the last one, thought they could play him. So they responded to the atm around the shoulder. When it looked like he might actually get the job and made noises about moving them on they reverted to type. Now they've gone back and suckered people into calling for another sacking.



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