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25 Apr 2019 21:42:47
I’ve been a little quiet as I’m struggling with the extreme reactions to our current malaise. Things are clearly not good but the comments on here are bordering on tragic. Ole’s first 11 games saw us securing title winning points, the latest run would put us in the relegation zone. There was a demand to have him appointed but now there is a loud wave of opinion saying he was the wrong appointment. Talk about flip flopping.

Ole wants to play on the front foot, working harder than our opponents. We tried that with huge success before injuries set in and right now we are again being out run by our opponents. We had (apparently) one of the best Managers in the world for the last 2 and a half years yet our players are not as fit as any other team, well I never.

Pogba looked a world beater for 10 games but now looks like a pub player. DDG who has been the best GK in the world for many years is now making a lot of mistakes. And they are not alone. I still don’t accept that our players are crap and that we need to ship all but 5 of them out. What we are lacking right now is leadership at every level, leadership on the pitch, leadership in the boardroom.

Allowing SAF and Gill to leave at the same time was a mistake, appointing Moyes was a mistake, chasing big name signings was a mistake, allowing Woody to look after football matters / transfers was a mistake, signing Sanchez was a horrendous mistake. All these things have compounded our situation, a situation that was initiated by SAFs constant refrain that ‘there was no value in the market’ whilst Chelsea and a City were hoovering up talent.

What we need is for the club to back the Manager and sign players who can play to the required style, high intensity, hard work, play on the front foot, and proud to play for our club. We also need to quickly ship out those who do not want to be here, relegate those who are not quite good enough to squad players, and promote the most promising youth players. Anyone who is less than 100% committed needs to be shown the door, whatever the cost. Right now, attitude is everything.

City and Liverpool have raised the bar to a new level, their football is a joy to watch and whoever wins the title will be worthy winners. Bear in mind we spoke to both Pep and Klopp and they left scratching their heads about what we wanted, another example of poor leadership from our club. It is not just on the pitch they are leading the way but also off the pitch: their structure and approach leaves us a long way behind. We are the richest brand in world football but we are being run by rank amateurs.

Still, all is not lost. We do have some very talented players but right now they are surrounded by leeches, fakes, and charlatans. A ruthless approach is needed, an inspirational leader is needed (which may or may not be Ole), and a shed load of cash is needed.

Keep the faith.

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25 Apr 2019 22:09:18
Smashing post mate. I agree with everything, ole may or may not be the right man. That will be found out in time, but we can’t make that assumption until he gets to build his own team and play his way.


25 Apr 2019 22:32:58
Top post Tony.

25 Apr 2019 22:38:41
Hi Ajh, initiated by SAF?

25 Apr 2019 23:04:20
Good post AJH.

25 Apr 2019 22:57:14
Good post that R3dman but we really don't know of Ole is right man or not and we will only find that out after if he is backed in th3 transfer window and that is the big window.

Our main issues are the players qe have are not good enough, bad attitude, lack of talent and clearly some of them don't want to be here.

Look at City they stepped away from Fred, Sanchez and Jorginho as soon as they found out that thwy eanted to come over here for the money.

That is how you run recruitment. We panicked when city got Guradiola and we decided to bring in Mourinho but he wasnt backed fully wher3 as Guardiola was.

City had a red carpet for Guardiola to do what he wants where as we didn't beleive in Mourinho's plan which was insane. Why would you bring in a manager if you are not going to back them.

I can only see one reason in that and that is to keep the man utd brand going and fool the fans into the stadium to make more money.

United whether you like it or not is a money making machine and until we get th3 structure sorted in terms of recruitment, right football decisions and a clear way of playing/ style then we might get somewhere with the club.

My 2 cents on this that as soon as we start losing games next seqson and if Ole doesn't perform he will b3 sacked in 12 months and then we will start all over again.

Th3 fans have no patience and they want success over night but that is not going to happen, we are not going to win any premier league title for the next 2 to 3 years what we do need to do is keep th3 faith with Ole even if he doesn't perform and buy the right players in and get rid of the players that lack talent or players that don't want to play.

To be honest I don't thnk what i mentioned is going to happen based on the past experiences with previous manager but i hope I am wrong and Ole is backed to make this team United again.

25 Apr 2019 23:17:54
Singh keep up, that's ajh.

25 Apr 2019 23:09:59
Ajh I agree with most of what you say but answer me this how many world class players are in our team?

How many of our players would get into city or liverpool's team or even spurs.

We have a bang average team with bang average players only interested in 1 thing. We need more than 5 players gone but that's not going to happen we are full of crap players who don't care

I don't get the whole the players ain't fit enough bs they train enough to be able to run for 90 minutes.

I play sundays for 90 minutes and run my arse off I might get tired but not once will I stop running.

The players are lazy and they have no pride I'm sick of hearing them say what's needed yet none of them are grabbing deep looking for a pair of balls and doing on the pitch

What I wpuod give to be able to play my the team I love.

Ole is not the issue. Injuries are not the issue the owners are not the issue. The players are and I agree get rid of those not wanting to be here

But we have set ourselves up to fail by giving the likes of smalling and Jones and young new deals

You would think Jones and smalling would have learnt the basics on how to defend when Rio and Vidic were here. and to think they will be getting testimonials soon

This is going to take more than just money to throw at it. But I do agree with keep the faith. in ole but he can only succeed if Woodward the clown backs what he wants.

25 Apr 2019 23:28:46
The ironic thing though AJH is that some of the most talented ones are the same ones that need shipping out. DDG I would like to keep, but we get this circus every year. He needs to go and for us to move on. What isn't he point of us blocking the move as Ed has suggested we could do? If he wants to go, then go.

Pogba I would carry tongue nearest airport myself. Martial I thought would go on to be a huge talent for us, but I've seen more effort in a dead sloth - get rid. Sanchez has been a disaster both in terms of performances and the effect I suspect it has had on the dressing room and morale.

Lukaku is a conundrum - he is a decent striker if played in the right way, but we don't seem to want to play that way. Rashford needs to get his head down and stop believing this own hype and prove he can be the player we all hope. Mata is a top bloke and professional, but he has little or no impact these days, just too slow for the EPL but one of the few who can hold his head night knowing that he has given his best - but time to move on.

Herrera is a decent enough player who I hope stays, but that is no certainty. The rest, well I just look around an don't see a whole lot of talent - at least not enough to get us to where we need to be.

Dalot has potential and has a future here, as does Lindeloff and Shaw. As for the rest, well I struggle to find any other defenders to keep. Bailly, Jones, Shaw etc all about as reliable as fishnet condoms.

It really is that time for a proper clear out and major recruitment. Of course we can ship out 10 or 12 in one window, so it will be a big headache in deciding who stays and who goes, but one thing I do think is important is that we make a point of recruiting at least some new players from the EPL.

All signings are a gamble to some extent, but at least players from the same league know what it's all about.
Very interesting and important summer coming up.

26 Apr 2019 05:54:55
Great posts AJH and Betty.
I said before just let Ole do his job till end of season before deciding but we went ahead. So that’s done for good or bad reason so be it. We back and support him hereon like it or not.
I agree with you both on clearing out. I’d rather see us taking chance on a younger team and go challenge the title in a year or two. If lucky we may even do better than Ajax! .
Through all these, I feel it is imperative that we have a final team plan which we want to achieve over that 2 yrs. May start with a minx of a few seniors since we can’t go out to buy 10 players right away. I guess the word is evolution so that we phase the senior out by that time. So pple like Young and Shaw can be squad players but we hone the younger team’s skills and development. Give the youngster more game time and exposure.
Key criteria is they must want to play for the club. Monetary rewards comes when they have achieved targets. I know it may be difficult to look for such players but I’m sure there are. I still believe SAF’s “no value out there” statement. Hasn’t Pep and Klopp adopted that even though their clubs might have paid highly for a few (but key players)? Obviously managers sometimes make mistakes but importantly it should be more success than the mistakes.
I’m disappointed with our current state with the highly paid players being side tracked and some who start to think they are the CR7 or Messi. Of course they have potential but that should come with hard work. However I feel a good house will last a long time with proper foundation. I just hope the club take this opportunity to reflect the tradition of the club and do the right thing. Else sooner or later it will be hit financially if supporters and sponsors start staying away.

26 Apr 2019 06:25:05
It was SAF who allowed the squad to deteriorate and for whatever reason stopped major investment (other than RVP) in his final years. He squeezed every last drop out of what he had but the squad he handed over needed rebuilding. Unfortunately that rebuilding has been at best poor. Look at the players we have bought in the last 6 years and look at the players who have moved to other clubs and you will see that we have been all over the place, and that is down to our structure, which is down to Woody or the owners. The big worry right now is we need major investment but don’t have structure to support sensible decision making.

We have the biggest wage bill in the Premier League. Think on that for a minute, we are miles behind City and Liverpool, behind Spurs, yet we pay our players more. I suspect there is more than 1 reason that has led to this but it needs to change.

As for the players, there is something not right in the dressing room, the lack of effort by some in unacceptable as is the form of others. People want to ship DDG out after a few mistakes, this is the player who was our player of the year for I think four years running but people now want him gone. Rashford was the next big thing, then overrated, then the future, then overrated. Pogba has been average since he arrived but awoke from his slumber when Ole arrived before nodding off again. Sometimes it can be one or two players who can impact the rest, both positively and negatively and if that is the case then they need to be the first to go.

We are caught in a loop and simply selling and buying players is unlikely to fix it by itself. The rumours of appointing Phelan as DOF or Technical Director reinforce the feeling that the lunatics are running the asylum. Giving Jose a new contract and then having to pay him off was ludicrous, the Sanchez deal was unbelievable, the wast of money in buying players we then quickly sold was amateurish. In any other business, the man in charge would have been sacked by now yet Woodward seems immune to criticism or censure.

We shall see, I still maintain we have some good players but for whatever reason the current culture is having a massive impact on performances on the pitch.

26 Apr 2019 07:10:41
Just reread my last post, I wasn’t suggesting that DDG, Rash, and Pogba are the ones who need to go, I was making a wider point.

26 Apr 2019 08:20:06
Top post AJH.

26 Apr 2019 09:08:06
Great posts AJH mate.

26 Apr 2019 09:20:16
"Just reread my last post, I wasn’t suggesting that DDG, Rash, and Pogba are the ones who need to go, I was making a wider point. "

good points tony but in the words of meatloaf, "2 outta 3 ain't bad"
DDG is the tiresome annual soap opera and pogba simply doesn't justify being first name on the sheet or having a team built round him as is often suggested.
Earlier post stated the huge wage bill at utd for a team only occupying 6th tbh not challenging on any significant level and the answer is obvious: we have attracted mercenary agents who arrange the overpriced sale of players to a club negotiating with a despot with no idea of football.
We will never get the perfect scenario of domination that we would love as fans but as Keane stated among others: youve got to get the foundations right. He was indicating start at the back then move on, but as a club we have to start further back with the hierachy and infastructure.
On a more positive note, we have a big game sunday, a massive window and fingers crossed, soon a DoF.

26 Apr 2019 09:25:10
AJH I’m sure we all have different views. I’m also sure that the players have exhibited their passion and intentions from the way they play on the pitch.
For me, we have just appointed a new manager. Good, bad, right or wrong one hopefully the board backs and support him through. The board went with Ole at the expense of Jose so they must have learnt from our current situation. I only support the manager whoever he or in future she is 😉🤣. That’s my support for the club.
Hopefully we do not deteriorate until we are bottom half of table. I’m disappointed of course but hopefully we can only get better if the management wakes up and support the project. May be 2 maybe 3 or 4 years but damn they better have a bloody good plan. I might die of high blood pressure explosion if they continue this way 🤦‍♂️🙄.

26 Apr 2019 13:17:08
Excellent posts AJH. Totally agree with your analysis. In any other business Woodward would have been sacked several times before now. I'm beginning to feel that it hardly matters which manager or players we have - no-one will be sufficiently backed by the board and the wonderful football mind of Woodward will have the final say. Abu Dhabi City have invested hundreds of millions whilst our owners only seem to be interested in how much money they can take out.



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