08 Mar 2021 11:57:50
Yesterday I felt the manager and players got most things right against one of the best teams in Europe and the best in England by quite a distance.
A great start we could have been 2 or 3 up within 10 mins.
The dominated the next 30 mins but without really hurting us.
In the 2nd half we should have scored 3 but fluffed great chances.
We passed forward quicker and with intend running off the ball was much better.
Shaw was outstanding and awb not far behind. Martial was very good with his back to goal and brought others into play well. That was his best performance for a year and would have deserved his goal but it wasn't to be. It makes his lethargic last 12 months look hard to defend.
Ole deserves the credit for the approach yesterday. Others are improving we need to maintain the buffer built up yesterday for me was a bonus 3 points and keeps us just above what will be a dogfight for the minor but vital placings.
Can we have more of the same from now till the end of the season.? I loved hearing bruno say that. He has a winners mentality.

1.) 08 Mar 2021
08 Mar 2021 13:36:50
Ken - I’ve said it a thousand times but against the lesser teams there is definitely a significant drop off in our energy, hunger and desire.

This Utd team can press, it can play on the front foot. We did it brilliantly against City yesterday and it led to the early penalty. We did it in the first half against Chelsea and we should have had another penalty. We created some good opportunities against Chelsea and were a bit sloppy with the final pass on occasions but the opportunities were there.

I think it was Klopp who said his pressing was better than any No10 and I’d just like to see Utd do it more often. If we can press higher up the pitch and win the ball back it also negates the lack of quality in the midfield pivot. Win the ball back then play it quickly into Bruno, Rashford, Martial, Greenwood etc. They all thrive on quick ball and being able to isolate defenders and play 1v1. We are not the most assured team in possession and really struggle to keep the ball on occasions thus sustain attacks.
A high press offers a different solution to this problem allowing us to dominate the game and sustain attacks by pining the opposition in their own half.

A lack of pace at CB is a problem but if the press is effective it’s very hard to play accurate long balls over the top if there is pressure on the ball.

I think if Ole wants to take this team to the next level then this is an area we can definitely improve.

On a final note there has been some criticism of Fred and his wayward passing which I agree with but we really miss his energy and tenacity when he doesn’t play. I’ve not done the stats (maybe Shappy can help) but I bet our record is pretty impressive when Fred and Mctominay start together in the midfield pivot. If we pressed more aggressively which suits their game anyway it might just help with their lack of creativity.

2.) 08 Mar 2021
08 Mar 2021 16:17:17

It is true what you say, the desire isn't there against lesser teams.

Perhaps they are just far too arrogant. Under SAF, a Utd loss against a lesser usually resulted in spurring the team on and going on good run.

Against West Ham we could quite easily lose, as this team is hit and miss. Fingers crossed we can go on a good run. We have certainly failed to make the most of the teams below losing.