04 Mar 2021 03:05:30
Bit of humour (here's hoping)
Player "boss what's the tactics for today? "
Ole "counter attack"
R "what about plan b? "
Ole"counter attack"
R " but what if they sit deep? "
Ole"ask Mike"
Mike what if they sit deep?
Mike"counter attack"
But we can't if they sit deep
Mike "ask Carrick"
Carra what if they sit deep
Carrick nods and smiles
Interviewer "Ole where did you get your tactics from?
Ole" well I watched that film with Rambob in and the football was superb"
R" you mean Rambo and Escape to victory"
Ole" yep that's the one. I spoke to Rambob and asked him for his advice
He said "attack, attack, attack all of em"
I explained to him that he had always counter attacked as others attacked him first at which point the line went dead. I also asked Ed to sign that guy up front in the film think his name was smele.
You mean "Pele"
Ole "that's him but he said he was retired. Ed offered him a 1 yr contract with an option for another year on 300k pw but his agent Mino Bolsonaro wanted a 6yr contract on 400k pw plus 68 mill in agent fees. To his credit Mino also offered us 2 full sized training pitches in the Amazon rainforest. Ed to his credit nearly pulled it off but we d av had no sell on fee as smele would ve been 88 at the end of his contract"
Ed Woodward (winks and smiles rather creepily) has now joined us. Ed why do they call you the equaliser.
Ed "ah well I ve removed that as we d av to score to equalise but always remember we can do things others can't"
Like what exactly?
"Six nil Nils and 1 shot on target against palace for starters"
Anything else Ed?
"Ask Mike"
Ole anything else you d like to add?
Ole"yep me, Mike and Carra watched a gr8 film the other night?
What was it called?
Not sure but the female stars dad owns the race track over here called Goldstone
You mean Silverstone?
That's the one I really am CLUELESS.

1.) 04 Mar 2021
04 Mar 2021 05:59:36
Singhray, at least looks like a lot of fun for those guys off the pitch.

2.) 04 Mar 2021
04 Mar 2021 07:42:27
Just weird enough. You should make this a weekly series.

3.) 04 Mar 2021
04 Mar 2021 07:59:27
MancMan, I am sure the usual suspects wouldn't be happy about that.