14 Nov 2019 14:41:11
Can't wait for the sauce after the internationals and future at Manchester United!

Brandon Williams - Hot Sauce
Wan Bissaka - Hot Sauce
New Fred
Angel Gomes

Then who the team should be built around
Paul Pogba in the 10.

Ooh, suit you sir.

Then go for Madison Sancho and Haaland plus a deep lying baller like Tonali.

Ooooh, suit you sir!

We really could have a great team of footballers in the not so distant future.

Sometimes being optimistic is a nice change of pace.

1.) 14 Nov 2019
14 Nov 2019 16:54:32
Utd Road,

You've been on the sauce today.

2.) 14 Nov 2019
14 Nov 2019 17:53:55
When a Mad Hatter is the sensible one in a discussion I think you need to reconsider a few of your life choices!

3.) 15 Nov 2019
15 Nov 2019 08:22:37
Too much sauce yourself. 😁😁.

4.) 15 Nov 2019
15 Nov 2019 08:40:13
Hahahaha that's a good read to start my morning with Utd Road.