10 Jun 2022 18:48:45
Evening folks,
Does any edds have any information regarding rashford an if he would be made available if a fee was offered?
Is he valued as an asset, an does anyone know if any team are interested.

{Ed002's Note - Marcus Rashford (F) has an uncertain future at Manchester United although there has been no final decision. PSG have previously enquired although their interest has now gone. He may provide an option for Arsenal who could shift their interest to him. Newcastle and Spurs may well provide options. Right now he would be difficult to sell and perhaps a loan away would benefit him. The club is certainly considering options.}

1.) 11 Jun 2022
10 Jun 2022 23:51:16
Time to sell, not good enough.

2.) 11 Jun 2022
10 Jun 2022 23:51:35
Sell him ASAP. He's brutal. Arsenal can have him. We need better players than that.

3.) 11 Jun 2022
11 Jun 2022 10:26:22
Thx for info 002 ?.

4.) 11 Jun 2022
11 Jun 2022 12:52:01
English media act like he’s had a minor dip in form…. he’s been crap for nearly 2 years ?‍♂️?.

5.) 11 Jun 2022
11 Jun 2022 16:27:59
Tim he spent 8-9 months of the season before injured with shoulder and ankle injuries and still scored 20 puls goals despite coming into the season after surgery on a back injury he'd suffered the season before.

This season he struggled he went to the euros which i think everyone can now see was a mistake it delayed surgery on the shoulder which then meant he didn't get much preaseason, on return he found a team in awful form and he ended up being rushed back into the team. When that happened he struggled for form and fitness with a team playing awful and a unhappy dressing room full of players being forced to stay who want to leave a new interim manager who these players decided not to listen to the form got worse and we continued to play crap.

Hes had a bad year but if you actually look into it there are reasons behind it yes he should have tried more done more but there wasnt a lot of that from any of our team last season he's not the only one who had a bad year.

6.) 11 Jun 2022
11 Jun 2022 16:34:28
I’m not a big fan of him, but come on he not as crap as your all making out, what’s more you have no idea if the names being banded about as potentials are any better!
No one knows, perhaps he just did not see eye to eye with RR, and not over enthused by Ole, perhaps he had personal problems… but really! Come on, oh let’s pay 70 mil for someone because he plays for Ajax…. He will be fantastic.

7.) 11 Jun 2022
11 Jun 2022 16:40:35
Spurs are in for Richarlison which presumably ends any interest they may have had in Rashford.

Interesting to see what happens with Rashford. Clearly our stance looks to be keep him and hope Ten Hag can reinvigorate a player who’s clearly flagged last 18 months. Have no issue with that and would love Rashford to come good again. But from a business perspective if we’d been offered anything north of £60m for him, given he’s one year left on his contract plus optional one year extension, it’s likely a mistake. I’d be disappointed in United if they gave Rashford any more favourable terms than his current contract if / when he looks to renew.

Love Rashford and genuinely hope he can kick on again. But 22/ 23 clearly make or break for him at United and he’s not a guaranteed starter for sure.

8.) 11 Jun 2022
11 Jun 2022 16:51:11
Dbrooks are you Shappy in disguise? I promise i can dig out an exact same post from Shappy from sometime back defending that crap rashford.

9.) 11 Jun 2022
11 Jun 2022 17:07:31
UA what's your point? If anything i said is wrong let me know, cheers.

10.) 11 Jun 2022
11 Jun 2022 17:36:06
My point is if there was nothing wrong then you wouldn't have to defend him in the first place. All this out injured and unhappy dressing room crap is mere deflection from the fact that Rashford is an overrated one trick pony who has been found out by teams not giving him space in behind to run.

11.) 11 Jun 2022
11 Jun 2022 18:31:24
In your opinion UA……. so going by what your saying Messi is crap too, did he not have an awful season last season, what’s he get 3 goals! So they should throw him on the scrap heap too……. Short memories some have got….

12.) 11 Jun 2022
11 Jun 2022 18:46:05
I like rashford and before his injuries he was electric off the left. Whether he can get back to that is another question, but If ten hag wants to keep him around then that is good enough for me.

13.) 11 Jun 2022
11 Jun 2022 19:01:50
Rashford is still a far better player with a higher ceiling than Elanga.

14.) 11 Jun 2022
11 Jun 2022 19:18:02
So come on Duvin, i don't see you throwing excuses around for Messi are you?

15.) 11 Jun 2022
11 Jun 2022 19:25:36
UA i never commented on how good a player rashford was just that tim said over the last 2 years he's been awful i presented facts about the last 2 seasons.

Which show 2 seasons ago he had a good year despite injuries and last year the whole team had a bad year.

If you want my opinion on rashford i think he's a good player who can do spectacular things but he sometimes over complicates things, i'm not sure you know what a 1 trick pony is as rashford has pace, a good long shot, and isn't too bad in the pass, and has decent movement. He often makes runs and rhe passes don't come he then gets frustrated comes short and tries to do to much, he needs to be patitent and keep trying to get in behind.

He needs a good season this year or i would probably agree it might be best for both for him to have a change of scenery but he certainly isn't crap he's just struggled at a team where everyones struggled there's a very good player there if he keeps patient focuses on getting in behind and using his pace and skill to kill teams. Also i think we should buy a left footed right winger this year and play him as a striker it would balance the team better.

16.) 11 Jun 2022
11 Jun 2022 19:38:14
I’m also not throwing excuses around for Rashford, but I just think it’s a bit stupid to all of a sudden say every player at united is crap and replace them with even more unknown entities that have not even played in premiership, that’s a big gamble too, so if ETH thinks Rashford got a better starting point and he can be coached properly that’s good enough, I would rather take ETH opinion then yours. thanks.

17.) 11 Jun 2022
11 Jun 2022 19:39:27
I think Rashford gets a year with Ten Hag to see if having a proper manager and coaching can cause him to kick on.

It's been mentioned before he basically hasn't developed, he was what he was 4 years ago, A guy with good top end speed who can hurt a team running at them in space and cut in from the left where he is a threat

He needs to develop another string or two to his bow however otherwise he is easy to defend against. Keep him from hurting you on the counter and slow man utd down at which point he won't hurt you, he can't unlock an organised defence as he lacks the creativity and intelligence to do it through skill, flair or movement.

Right now he is most use coming on against tired defenders or defending a narrow lead where space would open for him.

Countering this though is his current workrate which is dire.

He could be good under Klopp where after a successful press they transition quickly amd directly know goal. I am less convinced he would work in the City system where they sre more patient and create opening through organised patient series of movements which create gaps that they then attack.

I know it's not possible to assume Utd will play a very similar style to Ajax, Ten Hag was fitting into their style after all but I would say they are far closer to City than Liverpool in methodology.

18.) 11 Jun 2022
11 Jun 2022 19:53:08
And we don’t exactly know how ETH will set up this year either I would think and hope he got more then one string to his bow.

He might have played a way that suited Ajax and the players he had there, don’t mean to say he will play that way here.

I still maintain that with a decent proper manager at united and the same team as last year, it beats ETH and his Ajax team more times out of 10 then it looses.

Yet people keep saying let’s buy Ajax players because there so much better then what we got…but are they?

19.) 12 Jun 2022
12 Jun 2022 06:48:17
Perhaps we should give Rashford a season under ETH (I’m not a rashford fan) and some above posts do state injuries may have factored.

Injuries does not mean he can’t work hard! I’d have accepted his performances if he ran his socks every game, but he didn’t he had an half-arsed attitude. That’s unforgivable at this club.

{Ed001's Note - that depends on what the injury is. Michu was heavily criticised for not working hard enough but he had an injury where his ankle bones were grinding against each other every time he moved. It caused him severe pain, so he was unable to put in the work. So yes injuries can mean a player can't work hard.}

20.) 12 Jun 2022
12 Jun 2022 07:45:54
Ed001 ok I agree so probably a poor example from myself but I personally don’t believe that was Rashfords issue. I mean there was times when he was seen walking when an opponent was attacking down his wing.

Personal opinion was that he gave up last season. Having said that like I said probably should be given a season under ETH.

{Ed001's Note - how would you know? He might simply have been unable to chase back or been ordered to stay up top to look to attack any spaces left.}

21.) 12 Jun 2022
12 Jun 2022 08:04:01
I don’t know which is why I said it’s my opinion he gave up, my opinion was he looked half-arsed. Maybe I am wrong it’s just an opinion.

{Ed001's Note - it just seems a harsh assumption to make of a lad who has never shown any signs of being that type of person.}

22.) 12 Jun 2022
12 Jun 2022 11:59:05

I totally agree, I think there is something going on that we don’t know about with Rashford, his form has dipped so much and he looked like there was something not right for him. Before that he was very good, scored a lot of important goals and was a main part of the team. People have very short memories. I don’t think he’s the kind of person to give up and he’s never said anything bad about the club, fingers crossed a summer off can do him the world of good and he comes back refreshed under a new manager.

23.) 12 Jun 2022
12 Jun 2022 14:08:45
I’m with GDS here. Rashford is quality and one if our own. Should be shown more respect and given the change under ETH.

For years we’ve all moaned about getting a proper coach to improve our players. Now we have that coach and all we want to do is ship everyone out. Bit of a joke really.

24.) 12 Jun 2022
12 Jun 2022 15:25:49
Rashford's attitude and work rate on the pitch has been disgusting in the last year.
Even if a player is out of form, the basic qualities to fight for the team shouldn't be impacted.

25.) 12 Jun 2022
12 Jun 2022 15:53:40
We have to see how he does under ETH, if things just click into place then the last year will be forgotten anyway.

26.) 12 Jun 2022
12 Jun 2022 15:55:56
TRD, not necessarily so I’m afraid, you have no idea what he been told to do, you have no Idea what goes on, on the training pitch.
He does not seem the sort of person to just give up or be half arsed, and if that was the case why would the so called manager not drag him off there and then and why would he even put him on.

Let’s see how he does this season, after all you also have no idea if the players being mentioned are ant better then him, and TBF from what Sancho as shown in the premier i'm not even sure he is in front of him to be honest.

27.) 13 Jun 2022
13 Jun 2022 10:53:49
Ed001, exactly why I'm at a loss as to why Rashford took his foot off the way he did.

I am just hoping that something was up, and I believe that is the case be it injury or something else. He has always given 100 percent and I believe he should be given the benefit of the doubt.

Hoping he can turn a lad because he is a top lad.

{Ed001's Note - it does seem out of character for him, which is why I don't think he just gave up, it is not the way the lad is built.}