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22 Mar 2019 03:04:39
Morning Ed's reports are coming out this morning that Ander Herrera May he signing with PSG? Does anyone know if there is any substance to this?
We're all aware that his contract is up for renewal. I for one would not like to see him go. He demonstrates the heart and fight we need the players to have. A commodity this squad is low on at times.

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22 Mar 2019 08:26:49
It's a bit worrying when we prioritise keeping the likes of Jones but seem to not be worried about losing Herrera. Who in my opinion deserves an extension and should be valued higher at this club.

22 Mar 2019 09:28:05
One of those ones if reports are true that psg are offering him a salary increase and a 3/ 4 year deal then i don't think we will compete with that as we should be wary of offering multi year deals to players entering their 30s.

Especially after the alexis sanchez debacle. But herrera is very much low down on the list of players i would like to see leave in the summer.

Ironically the perfect spanish midfielder (saul) to replace herrera will be playing at the other club in manchester next season.

Shows what you can do if you plan and prepare properly for transfer windows and are good at recruitment.

22 Mar 2019 12:22:32
Woodward has snookered us behind the black ball. A club with our turnover and money making ability is currently at our capacity for wages. Woodward and the club's lack of a plan is stopping us from moving forward. Ed's short termism in signing players on huge wages ie Zlatan and Alexis was a disaster.

Ed002 said we were in precarious situation with our wages which was solved when we paid Zlatan off and got him off the wage bill. Alexis wages dwarf our best players. So we have very little wiggle room to get new players in without getting players off the wage bill. De Gea, Herrera are let run their contracts dangerously low but Smalling and Jones are signed up even though both could/ should be surplus.

The man with a career in banking might be good at getting a top dollar noodle sponsorship but the actual running of the football side of the club is a shambles.

22 Mar 2019 14:43:55
What happened to the talk of a Director of Football being appointed? Where we'll see Herrera getting a contract instead of Phil Jones.

It's fantastic that Ole and Phelan are at the wheel but we'll still need a better football man than Ed to take care of the football matters.

22 Mar 2019 15:17:01
Cant see that happening any time soon Killerscones. Woodward has both power and influence in who could and would be appointed and as its obvious he models himself off Kim Jong-un, why would he want to relinquish power. We shouldn't just settle for, or get for getting sake a DoF but really can't see it happening whilst EW is in his current role.

22 Mar 2019 16:53:28
We have a director of football: Ed Woodward. He should just cut out the middle man and appoint himself as manager as well.

23 Mar 2019 01:18:48
Well then the same problems from the last nearly 6 years are going to keep happen. History repeats itself if there isn't change. Please Ed do the right thing. Give the football side of things over to someone in the know and fade into the corporate background where you're a wizard. Horses for courses.

23 Mar 2019 09:08:37
Is he even a wizard on the financial side? It can't be that difficult to sell marketing your company with a club like united.

23 Mar 2019 18:11:32
Mort. Could you do it to that extent? Ed W is absolutely brilliant at what he does. Unfortunately the club passed too much power to him. That’s not his fault. He’s just in the wrong position. But he’s an intelligent bloke and very good on the financial side. Unfortunately the club let him be in charge of too much and now us fans are paying the price.

23 Mar 2019 22:43:09
Wazza, ed002 has said the problem with finding a Director of football is Woodward. The man with the job to find a DoF, doesn't want to relinquish control. He'd rather spend the entire summer flashing a bit of thigh at Gareth Bale or another "superstar" player instead of trying to build a squad with an identity.

He's a huge problem on the football side of things.

24 Mar 2019 08:16:37
Mumbles I don’t dispute that and I agree with you 100%.

Mort was questioning if he’s good on the financial side. He clearly is. He’s got where he has because he’s an expert in his field. Unfortunately somebody decided to give him more control over matters he has little experience with and EW decided to go for it. I don’t think any of us can question his ability on financial matters. It’s football matters where he’s seemingly is out of his depth.

24 Mar 2019 10:00:37
He's perceived as an expert in his field. Is it really so hard to propose commercial deals between a globally known sports team and globally known companies? I think ed1 said it best previously.



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