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07 Oct 2018 17:17:01
Firstly, great fight back by the team (but what plonkers to get themselves in the mess to start with) . Great to have maximum points in the bag from a game - quite rare these days.

Secondly, the win changes none of the underlying fundamentals. Poor club management from owners downwards. One half played in desperation because Jose has his back to the wall will not stop Jose reverting to type, perhaps as early as the next fixture. Personality and instinctive reactions are so inbred into all of us that it is almost impossible to change.

Imagine the half time score had 0-0 I have no doubt we would have seen the usual dross played out to a scoreless draw or a last minute loss due to a team error.
All other arguments aside Jose needs to be properly and decently managed towards the exit. We have not significantly improved under him and ultimately we will not be able to stop Jose being Jose.

What the second half did show us is what we might be capable of with a different coach and relatively minor tinkering with the squad.

Owners and Board. The ball is in your court. Do the right thing and do it in an above board and fair way.

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07 Oct 2018 18:07:47
DW20 its not gonae happen were gonae be stuck with him till at least Xmas but I will say is the board should be saying to him he needs to change his ways because we a look a lot more balanced when we're on the front foot I feel we need to go to a 3 at the back so our full backs can push forward more and I would put Sanchez up front 2 lukaku needs dropped. I personally think he would be better out wide.

07 Oct 2018 18:44:22
its a bit wrong to ask someone who has built considerable success playing a certain way to change his ways. why employ him then?

07 Oct 2018 19:54:01
Why employ him - that, as they say, is a moot point. Certainly not to play attractive United style football. That has never been the tool in his locker.
Maybe to massage Woodie's ego?

07 Oct 2018 21:15:38
Your post sums up the issue here perfectly - opinions like the one you have.
Stop thinking papering over the cracks is the answer, the changes that need to be made are well above the teams manager. Jose may not be the manager we want long term but before we ‘twtist’ again substantial changes need to be made at board level.
I’m not a Jose fan, but surely it’s for all to see that changing the manager AGAIN will just postpone this situation from arising again?



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