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19 Apr 2019 14:03:09
The discussion was a few months back that poor Jose could do no wrong, that infact no manager in world football could do any better than he was given the poor players he has .

Now the goal posts on this argument seem to have moved a bit, I can't remember many we should win the league with this squad, post but there was a definite disagreement as to whether Jose was getting the most out of our current squad .
So looking at it, Jose had a pretty average 26 points from 17 games .
Ole has come in and got a very respectful 38 points from 16 games .
We have moved from 11 points of top 4 to 2 points .
Gone from 2 points above this week's opponents Everton, to 18, from 2 points above Watford to 18, 1 point above wolves to 17That was the level we where at .
From ole 17 league games in charge he has so far won 12 drew 2 lost 2 .
12-2-2 is is a very good return and most would say there is still room for improvement, which tells it own story .
Are we at the level of city? No of course not they have an argument to be the best ever EPL team with a manager that is getting the most out of his set of players .
That infact was what the discussion about Jose always came back to, was he getting the most out of our squad, ole has answered that question, this squad is far better than what we saw under Jose, no matter how far people want to move the goal posts.

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19 Apr 2019 14:22:33
Good point well said jred.

19 Apr 2019 14:50:56
Jred with all due respect your posts are getting boring. You really need to Get over comparing Ole to Jose.

Jose has been a serial winner and he will continue to win trophirs and prove you wrong. Jose didn't get the support from the club but he still won us more trophies then anyone since Fergie has left.

Your so called Guardiola ripped the team up and yet the reason he has come to england is to ein the champions league and he has failed on two occasions.

Pellegrini won the title with them with a inferior squad so you can't come on here and say Guardiola has turned them into the best in the world. They can't be the best in the world if they are not in the champions league final.

Ole might or might not work out but you really need to stop compparing as it just sounds like you just want Ole to do well so you can come on here an prove your point.

19 Apr 2019 14:52:38
I'm not sure who's moved the goal posts. Jose did get the best out of the squad last season in finishing 2nd. This season for a number of reasons he didn't. Ole came in and has got more out of them. But it hasn't been enough due to a combination of some players not being up to the task and some players believing their better than the task.

19 Apr 2019 15:10:16
Last season he did finishing second was pretty good, the table never lies, second best in the epl and I still think there was room for improvement.
This season he definitely never and as I said at the top of my post a few months back the argument was Jose or no other manager could do better .
I seem to have hit a nerve with the mention of Jose, the justification of Jose being a great manager is actually behind a lot of the above.
I would argue pep was brought in to take city to the next level, which he has .
Who said anything about city being the best in the world? But they do have an argument to be the best epl side ever due to the fact they won a record amount of points last season .
Will Jose win trophies at another club? Maybe but if he wins 3 trebles it won't change the fact he was probably the wrong man for United.

19 Apr 2019 15:17:28
Nobody has moved the goal posts.
Ole started well with the team no doubt. Lots of feel good factor and momentum.
But the players have reverted to type. 6 losses in last 8 games is well below what they were achieving at the beginning of our season. But you only want to talk about the early performances.
We were 4th and are now 6th.
Because the squad simply cannot sustain consistency no matter where you move the goal posts to. In last 6 games we have lost 6 points to city 5 to liverpool which is on par with how many jose was losing in the 1st 18 games.
You need to accept you are wrong ole says you are. Jose said you are every pundit says you are the results say you are nearly 90% on here say you are but you keep living your ostrich like existence.

There are plenty if individuals you could put from our team into city or Barcelona and they would do fine but as a collective our squad is a shambles.
2nd last year was a huge over achievement. Jose over achieved in terms of results considering the squad at his disposal.

19 Apr 2019 15:34:41
Ken I'm concentrating on all the league games no just the ones that suit my argument.
All 16 of them. 38 points from 16 games 12 wins 2 draws 2 defeats.
Jose got 26 from 17 that's not opion its fact .
This squad is far better than what we saw under Jose this season far better than 26 points from 17 games .
Yourself and others argued we shouldn't get rid of jose as he was doing the best with the players and squad he had . Ole has shown that's not the case .
Now as you can see from Singh post you need to be careful if you criticise jose, as some get upset . But the facts are the facts .

Some said jose or any other manager could do better with this squad .
Some said the squad was underperforming.
No one said we should win the league with this squad but a few myself included said we should be doing better .
This discussing was always about Jose, ole has then come in done better than him and the goal post have been moved .

As for this poll you keep going on about I haven't seen a single post from anyone that has said if we don't buy any players we would win the league next season .

19 Apr 2019 16:44:40
I'm more worried about the last few games. Form is temporary and all that.

19 Apr 2019 16:53:12
Lol I am not upset. I just find your posts funny now a days and i thought i might as well tell you to relax and hold on to your horse and stop comparing jose did 17 points in 16 games and Ole did 25 points in 16 games or whatever you point you keep on mentioning.

The bottom line is when a new manager comes the performances go up as they probably didn't like the previous manager but you can see now that some of the playwrs are not upto thw standards of City and Liverpool and that is thw reason we are 6th and not because we had Jose.

But anyways each to their own and you keep on posting whatever you wish.

19 Apr 2019 17:07:02
Ok that must of been it .



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