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17 Apr 2019 17:03:33
I’ve been trying not to overreact and be a prisoner of the moment but I must not be the only one who thinks it’s time De Gea leaves? He’s been incredible the last 5 years and has saved us countless times. But he’s been shocking this year. Made several uncharacteristic mistakes and wants crazy money.

We’ve messed up our wage bill. We set a bad precedent giving Sánchez so much money and now many of our players want to be on similar money. We have the third highest wage bill and yet I wouldn’t even put us in the top 10 in Europe for squad quality.

Although De Gea is a great shot stopper, he’s frequently been poor at commanding his box. His distribution has also been shocking this year. It’s never easy having Jones and smalling in front of you. But does anyone think his lack of authority and presence behind also creates nervousness for the defence in front of him?

schmeichel and Van Der Saar were incredible leaders and organisers of defence. They both commanded their boxes very well. Maybe De gea’s Lack of authority is actually contributing to our shakiness at the back. I’m purely playing devil’s advocate here but part of me thinks selling him and reinvesting in the defence is a much better way of moving forward. We give Henderson and Romero a year to fight it out and if it doesn’t work then we bring in say an Oblak. Although he has just signed a new contract and cost a fortune.

I just think we would be mad to give De Gea the obscene wage he wants. It will cause even more issues in the future. We need to gut out the people that don’t want to sign or be here. Taking pogba, Sanchez (near on impossible) and De Gea off the wage bill will allow us to regain some structure and order over the obscene wages flying about.

You can bring in some very talented, young and hungry players who would fight for the shirt every single game and who have the desire to actually want to play for this club. It’s just an idea I’ve been thinking about the last week or so.

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17 Apr 2019 17:28:40
I totally agree. He's been very poor this year. He had a bad world cup and hasn't looked to have recovered yet.

I think the lack of communication does have an effect, as a defender your having to second guess your keeper. It can't help, especially when the defence has the chuckle brothers involved.

Also I think the fact he's been such a good shot stopper is actually counter productive. I think sometimes the defence slacks off expecting him to pull off a save. In the past that happens. Lately though less so.

17 Apr 2019 17:31:54
I've been thinking the same thing for a while. The only thing that keeps holding me back is the idea of selling our only genuinely world class player.

Yet you make some very good points, points I myself have thought this season.

He has been less than his spectacular self this season.

We would need to create further wage problems for us in order to keep him long term.

Although he is without a doubt the best shot stopper in the world he does have several other areas where he is lacking. He still isn't great at coming for crosses, he doesn't command his area and his distribution isn't the best. Now he is far from shocking at any of these elements he just wouldn't be in the top ten if that was the attribute you were measuring.

The problem could be that his best attribute is his refelxes, unfortunately they are the first thing that deteriorates in goalkeepers which might mean he has a shorter shelf life as a top drawer keeper compared to others. This is another reason why you might not want to give him a long term deal on mega money.

I would be very careful outright dismissing any offers for him this summer. I think the club needs to think long and hard about the direction they want to take the club and whether DDG really is a vital component for the next 5 years.

17 Apr 2019 17:32:27
His poor form goes back before the world cup, he was terrible there.

17 Apr 2019 17:43:46
Park, part of me agrees, Romero has shown time and time how good he actually is, he is or was Argentina's number 1. However Liverpool have shown that a class keeper and at least one class centre back can solve problems. We would hopefully be ok with that class CB to go with Lindelof and Shaw and Dalot seem good full backs. Midfield is a problem, Pogba seems to have 1 great game and 4 rubbish games, Matic is finished, Fred, well the less said about him the better. McTominay looks to have potential, Herrera is off. Upfront on paper we have Martial, Rashford, Lukaku and Sanchez. That should be an 80 goal a season front 4? Will they reach 50 between them?

17 Apr 2019 19:00:43
I agree with this view.

De Gea is going to leave at some point and so if a good deal can be taken now then we should accept it and move on.

Romero is a solid keeper and Henderson has played first team football for 2 seasons now on loan. He is currently playing at the top of the championship so being the number 2 who can get some game time seems a good idea.

Then if he is not good enough or Romero is not up to scratch we can buy a new keeper the season after.

We desperately need a RB and CB so sacrificing De Gea might help to improve us overall.

17 Apr 2019 21:47:26
Jeez, are players not allowed poor spells anymore? Remember how this guy has saved us innumerable times over the years, and now because of a relative dip in form, we're saying, get rid? Talk about fickle, lads. Seems even our one true world class player isn't immune.

The same people were probably calling to get rid of Giggs when he had dips in form back in the day.

And for all those saying, just promote Romero, I really don't think you appreciate just how important a world-class keeper is to a side looking to challenge for the league. I like Romero. He's a decent keeper. But he's back up for a reason. Remember the troubles we had after Peter left? Just be careful what you wish for lads, because if there's one player who actually deserves the going rate for his service, then it's De Gea.

17 Apr 2019 23:31:08
De Gea hasn't been vintage, but to get a player like him would cost huge money. I'd back him and buy a couple of decent defenders to help him. Imagine trying to get by him if he were keeper for real madrid. Only he above every other player since Sir Alex left has been the quality we need. I can't believe some of the above -.

{Ed0333's Note - I agree, pay the man what he wants and build around him. He’ll stay if you show him the money.

18 Apr 2019 12:42:20
ed0333 dave is the only one that can demand that sort of money and deserve it.

he has earnt his money.

the amount of times he has saved us in games is unreal.

we lose de gea and we really are a sham of a club.

{Ed0333's Note - you’re mistake was giving Sanchez such an obscene contract. If I was De Gea whose performed outstandingly season after season and then sees sanchez get paid stupid money for performing like a pub player of course he’s within his rights to ask for Sanchez level wages. You’re so right De Gea deserves a shiny new per seed waged contract.



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