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11 Apr 2019 11:35:32
Pique didn't look slow tonight in his 2 races with rashford which surprised me a bit to be honest. He still has a few years left in him Super player still.
Its weird to watch them they look vulnerable but don't give up many chances.
Our set pieces both corners and free kicks were poor again. Its frustrating that we don't have any even semi consistent taker of free kicks and corners. Its another thing to add to a very long list of things ole has to work on.
Ole needs time to get his squad together i only hope he follows his instincts and that the club back those instincts.

We have seen what happens if players and coaches are at odds.
If a coach has a preferred style of play and the players at his disposal either can't or won't adapt to that style it all ends up going terribly wrong.
Jose wanted rid of some players who wouldn't or couldn't play the way he wanted and the club backed the players the same with lvg.
If ole says he wants players x y or z out and he wants x y or z player in then it has to happen if at all possible. No matter the short term cost because the longer term cost is not less.

If we finish outside of top 4 its my guess that pogba and ddg will try to force through a move away and that's a scenario that could well happen.
We have had a serious slump in results despite the obvious effort and desire to win. We do need our game changers to start turning it on again.

Martial rashford lukaku pogba and sanchez have all dropped off really through injury loss of form. Most of the rest are playing pretty solid without much inspiration but solid. So two or three from martial rash lukaku pogba or sanchez need to hit a rich vein of form in the last half dozen games. We know they can all go on a hot streak. Maybe a brooding martial will get his chance up front rash is not 100% he will be busting a gut you would hope if he plays on sat to show ole he should have started tonight.

This run in is going to be tight. We have the toughest fixture list so our game changers need to step up. Could sanchez make himself a hero what a story that would be.
Can lukaku go on a run or pogba carry his team over the line. There is talent there. So let.

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11 Apr 2019 11:51:54
Ken i think we will struggle to make top 4. Arsenal and tottenhan have more of a chance then us.

Rashford looks tired and don't know what type of martial and Lukaku we will get in the last few games and we can't simply rely and Sanchez as he has been poor fora a very long time.

I just don't know where the goals going to come from and that has been our problem for a a number of years.

11 Apr 2019 12:55:56
Ken, I don't think Martial has ever bust a gut to do anything. He's so stereotypically French in his attitude towards work.

11 Apr 2019 13:28:23
Careful wazza if he reads this him an pogba will have the hay bales out at Carrington.

Ken I wouldn't expect anything out of Sanchez, maybe he can do a nice end of season concert for the squad before they hit the beaches.

11 Apr 2019 16:08:55
Why does pogba have to carry the team over the line? We have spent over 600m pounds.

Surely that could have afforded a competent teammate to play alongside him? Maybe he could have 10 teammates and they could carry us over the line as a team. That would be a novel idea.

Sanchez becoming a hero would involve him producing some actual quality on the pitch instead of running around like a headless chicken getting himself injured every 5 minutes.

11 Apr 2019 19:37:38
Dsg. Messi carries his team Ronaldo his robson keane zidane gerard etcetc 1 man wrecking balls. Capable of lifting their team. team mates etc. Showing up 9 weeks out of 10 being the best player scoring assisting or defending better or more than anyone else. Its what the best world class players do 9 weeks out of 10. When the going gets tough they carry their teams they were go to men that delivered weekly to a very high level CONSISTENTLY.

11 Apr 2019 20:21:34
Messi doesn't carry his team, he has one of the best holding midfielders to have ever do it in busquets. Suarez was the best player in the premier league when he left liverpool. Rakitic and arthur are technically superb and provide him with very good service. Alba and semedo are top quality full backs.

Thats not to mention the star studded cast he used to play with in puyol, xavi, iniesta, david villa etc.

Zidane played with raul, original ronaldo, beckham, figo etc.

For goodness sake cristiano ronaldo just played his last season at madrid with the winner of the ballon dor in luka modric.

The idea that these players single handedly carry their teams is laughable.

Football has always been a team game.

Gerrard is the perfect example, when he was expected to carry liverpool on his own and do one man army band roy of the rovers heroics they were an awful team. But pair him with quality such as xabi alonso, mascherano, torres or suarez and sturridge and liverpool were a very good team capable of winning the league.

11 Apr 2019 20:40:41
Messi and Ronaldo carry their team pretty much most games DSG, Madrid without Ronaldo are awful and same goes for Barcelona when Messi doesn't play.

11 Apr 2019 20:50:08
Think Ed1 would disagree with your assessment of Busquets.

Thing is your both right. Pogba can't do it all on his own. But Pogba needs to do more. He's looking like a flat track bully. Great against Cardiff and Huddersfield but anonymous against the big teams.

Personally I would sell because all we're going to get for 75-90% of the season is the constant media circus of him and Madrid. Selling him could fund the overhaul.

11 Apr 2019 23:54:34
Dsg. Of course football is a team game. Nobody suggested these players i mentions do anything single handily. But 90% of the time they deliver. They either assist or score or drove their team to victory. They did it or still do it just about every week. They are the go to men who change games. I've seen pogba do that in the big games for United maybe twice in 3 seasons. i'm talking the big games where he has been the major factor we won.
Talismen that delivery consistently.
Pogba you could argue did that to a degree for France in the world cup. In the 6 games he really shone in 3 but impacted all 6 .
I argue its the the quality he is playing with is the problem on the pitch. He shone at juve and has done for france but he plays with better players there alongside him behind him and ahead of him than he does with united. That's the reality of the situation. Players who compliment him. Make intelligent runs that are prepared to work to cover his indulgent style.
No kante here no mbappe or greizman no pirlo no varane or chillini.
No experienced leader to bollock him when he needs it.

12 Apr 2019 02:03:14
Arsenal are terrible away from home and play Watford, wolves and Leicester away in 3 of their next 4 games, if we finish below them I’ll be very surprised.



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