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04 Apr 2019 15:08:45
Would you guys be worried if Pogba left us? There are no doubts about his talents, but he's far too inconsistent and his contributions in matches and over an entire season doesn't measure up to his obvious talents.

He is world class in terms of his abilities, but not in terms of his performances so far. Probably, he needs to be played in a more advanced attacking position and maybe that could work.

Probably next season would be his make or break season with us, provided he stays.

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04 Apr 2019 15:19:13
Can never make up my mind. Just when I think I've given up on him, he pulls out a great display. Don't know if those far and few games are enough to warrant persevering with him. Can't be any passengers. I guess if he stays I'll be happy enough providing there's more consistency in his performances, but if he goes, I'll not be as upset as I thought I would be.

04 Apr 2019 15:57:53
If you could describe him as a footballer without getting in to any athletic qualities, in my mind anyway, he is remarkably similar to Mesut Özil. Can perfectly execute a range of passes, has immaculate close control and is mecurial on the ball. However, just like Özil he needs to be deployed in a totally free role and looks disinterested when things aren't working for him. This flaky attitude is something Pogba needs to fix, as soon as teams target him and they rightly should he's a key player, he doesn't look up to the challenge of having one or two players tasked with disrupting him. I think to really get the best out of him in the PL, he needs to play in a 'false 10' kind of role with two defensively solid and technically gifted players behind him. Right now there's no one else in the squad who you expect to create something from midfield and teams are free to focus solely on Pogba. It all comes back to squad balance - only one truly creative midfielder stop him and you stop United, only got players who are comfortable on the left wing - can overload the right hand side of defence to suffocate that attacking threat, only got one maybe two good ball playing defenders — close them down let them pass it to Smalling or Young who will smash it away long. It's why I think perhaps some players we won't see the best out of until we have those 4-6 top class editions we really need. Get a right winger and Martial and Shaw will be a lot more dangerous down the left, get someone who can create from deep and Pogba will have much more space to exploit.

04 Apr 2019 15:44:48
He isn't worth the drama around him.

04 Apr 2019 16:15:01
My main concern would be how weak we are in midfield and that we can’t afford to lose another player (whether it be him or any other midfielder) . It seems Ander and Juan will be on their way this summer and Matic is near the end of his career. We will need to replace Ander and already need to look at a replacement for Pogba. If Pogba left, we would need to sign at least three new midfielders minimum as I don’t have much faith in Fred, Andreas or Scott. That much change (as.

04 Apr 2019 16:15:44
Well as the need for a new RB, CB and RW) could have a very negative effect on an already unsettled and unbalanced squad.

04 Apr 2019 15:50:31
LPU- No I wouldn't lose sleep. On his day he can play outrageous passes and show superhero vision to find a teammate but he doesn't have many of those days. I get the impression that craves attention and has to be the man in the news als not always for his football. On a financial note, he's on big wages and would bring in either a hefty fee or cash plus player deal that would benefit the club onlots of levels. If he stays and proves me wrong, sobeit but I won't hold my breath.

04 Apr 2019 15:53:42
thing is when pogba turns up we are a totally different team.

but its not just on pogba to be the only player to turn up. but world class players perform every week and that is what sets them aside to the rest and at the minute pogba is not world class

we need to keep our best players selling him would only make us weaker i feel, plus i bet he makes us a mint in merch.

{Ed002's Note - What "merch"?}

04 Apr 2019 16:25:26
On form he is one of the best players in the world. However, his form wobbles from amazing to awful sometimes within 90 minutes of a game. He doesn't seem to have the mentality to dig deep when needed or work on his game. Which means he is unlikely to ever seriously improve. Add to that he doesn't want to be here and he has the most difficult agent to deal with then it becomes clear that maybe we should allow him to move on if the right deal is available. Either 150m+ or maybe Varane and 40m+. But certainly not Bale or Kroos.

It was bad enough having to deal with the Ronaldo to Madrid circus every summer for 3-4 years. But Ronaldo was worth it. I would rather avoid that sort of distraction for a player such as Pogba.

Sell him and bring in someone who wants to be here, someone who will work on developing their games, someone who'll dig deep and fight when needed.

04 Apr 2019 16:23:44
Good post Nathaniel. Our lack of midfield depth has really been exposed, especially with Fellaini leaving. Pogba is such a frustrating player. Brilliant one day, poor the next. And when adversity hits the team, he goes from invisible to trying to do too much on his own. He does not seem able to drive the team or dictate solutions by combining, which is what we need from a good center midfielder.

Much of his brilliance is individual in nature - the way he can dribble, shield, turn, shoot, pass and run with the ball. These are all tremendous qualities he possesses. But he does not seem to develop that understanding with players around him to quickly pass and move to play out of pressure. Part of what made Barcelona so good at their peak was not just how good Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, and Busquets were individually, but how good they were collectively.

We don't have that currently with our midfield. Matic has quality but is slow, Herrera is excellent defensively, very committed tactically, intense, but limited offensively, and Pogba's strengths are more individual, and that when he is up to it. They are not a trio that come up with solutions together to different kinds of defensive pressure.

04 Apr 2019 17:00:24
Imo for pogba tp succeed he needs the right players around him to allow him to be as indulgent as he is on the ball.
So we either sign those players or sell bim.
He needs runners and players with great technical ability around him. We don't have a greizman or mbappe or kante or varane bonucchi pirlo etc all of these complement his weaknesses.
With better players around him he can excel. We have seen that.
He is no bryan robson or roy keane. He will rarely gran a game and win it on his own. He doesn't have that skill set.
But if he wants to move then its not the end of the world. Get a good deal and move on.
If that happens the irony will be us selling the players jose wanted out and chasing the players ed002 says he targeted.

04 Apr 2019 17:01:38
If a club offers Utd good money for the player then I would take it.
He gives us a 9/ 10 performance in one game followed by a 5/ 10 performance in the next 3 or 4. Players like Keane, Scholes, Beckham, Giggs, Robson, Ince etc were 7/ 10 as standard with a few 9/ 10 performances and hardly never the 5/ 10.
People mention a “false 10” position or a free role for Pogba. That just tells me everything that is wrong with him.
He has the talent and ability to match any player in addition he is powerful, fast and tall.
So why is he not a box to box midfield player that takes the game by the scruff of the neck and just dominate the midfield.
Why couldn’t he go on the pitch against Wolves and say you have Neves and Moutinho but I’m Pogba and I will control the midfield.
All midfield players are pigeonholed as other DM or AM etc it’s nonsense when you have a player of his talent.
He is very frustrating to watch and all the problems with his performances are in his head.

04 Apr 2019 17:02:55
Hard to disagree with everything above.

On his day he's class, absolutely no doubt about it. Watching him run a game is magical. Unfortunately it's once or twice a season which isn't enough.

People say he's world class and I have to disagree, as mentioned above, World Class players turn up every week. Even players like Christian Eriksen who play a similar position, but do it 7 or 8 times out of 10, have really high passing accuracy, scores goals and controls games. I'd much rather have a player like Eriksen than Pogba. More consistent and less drama.

I'm in the Pogba-out camp and have been for a long time. We'd be much better off without him.

04 Apr 2019 18:33:42
If he wants to go let him go. We only want players that actually want to be here. He's great on his day, the problem is he doesn't have too many of them. I can see him moving, his agent would love it plenty of money coming his way.

05 Apr 2019 06:34:13
I personally feel Pogba will excel if we sign top players. When we have players like Martial who rarely makes off the ball runs, it is difficult for Pogba to utilize his vision.

We have seen the pin point passes he spots when Rashford makes those runs in behind the defence.
Those are match winning moments only a few can pull off.
If we have similar attackers on the left and right, I believe Pogba will be a bigger threat as he can find those through balls at will. The team as a whole will be a serious attacking unit.

I also hope that working with Ole teaches him about passion of playing for this beautiful club.

Shappy, I am not convinced regarding the cash exchange deal with Varane. I believe he has never played close to 30 or more league games in the past 5 seasons.
Although his quality is undeniable, the last thing we need is a 100 million defender with exorbitant wages on the treatment table.



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