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04 Apr 2019 07:35:47
It's like this page has jumped into a time machine and we're back in November again with all the negativity.

Two defeats in big games and all the progress of the past three months is forgotten. We were something like 11 points off 4th with no chance of CL qualification, now we're in the mix and have a CL QF to look forward to. Best start ever for a PL manager, our best ever away winning streak. Players we all wanted to be dropped have been dropped. Rashford is back on track.

You'd think the last few years would have humbled some of our fans. We can all agree our squad is poor. That's not Ole's fault and he's got a tune out of the players.

We're a lot closer to the top 4 now than before he took over and a busy summer lies ahead.

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04 Apr 2019 08:10:28

I agree, some of the posts and overreactions in the last 2 days have been utterly pathetic.

04 Apr 2019 08:39:10
I couldn’t agree more. It beggars belief that there’s so much agreement about the lack of quality in the 1st team, yet alone the squad, that people have such high expectations. I just don’t get it. especially as we rock in to a fabulous tie with Barcelona when weeks ago we couldn’t even dream about such a situation.

Get with it people!

04 Apr 2019 09:12:05
Spot on wazza. It’s a shame because it was enjoyable the last few months. Nothing wrong with people disagreeing or having differing point of views. But some perspective would be nice.

04 Apr 2019 09:32:35
1) It’s not an easy league. It contains good managers, players and a lot of money.
2) Solskjaer is not an experienced manager and needs the suppprt around him to make it work. From the board to the players. One man alone is never the solution in itself.
3) The squad needs changes and be built with a plan in mind over the medium to long term.
4) United fans are generally very supportive and I hope criticism for some is understood as passion/ opinion by others.
5) Ed’s I find your insights and opinions fantastic and thank you for all your efforts.

04 Apr 2019 09:33:45
Totally agree Wazza.
Shame on those who call themselves fans or "supporters".

04 Apr 2019 10:36:04
its the fact that all our hard work over the past few months we have just threw away with the performances in the past few games

some players have stopped performing, where are the warriors that played against psg. giving everything, that is what is frustrating we can play the way we did against psg FIGHTING.

consistency has been the problem all season

OLE has changed the way we play for the better and we were on a roll, injuries affected us and we have not been the same since but we are heading in the right direction but unless we make major changes we are looking at being a top 6 team not top 4.

we are not a title chasing team we have spent mega money and are still way off how many more times does Woodward have to fail with the recruitment, 2 players were bought in the summer when we needed major changes

its not mathematically impossible to still get 4th but it looks like we will be in the Europa again

if in the summer we don't sell and buy the right players it will be another season of top 6 football because we are not good enough to complete at the very top with the best teams.

if we are serious about wanting to challenge it will be a busy summer. that doesn't mean spending 100 million on a player just to make a statement we need the right player to fit the team

but if come august we are still lining up with the same players we will have to except we are no longer one of the big teams in terms of challenging.

but were going to win the champions league so no need to worry.

04 Apr 2019 13:24:47
Consistency has been a problem all season? Apart from when we won our record number of away games in a row and didn't lose for months under Ole. Seemed fairly consistent then to me. We have hit a slight bad patch but even then we played ok, I can't wait for Tuesday, nothing to lose and the atmosphere should be incredible.

04 Apr 2019 14:51:25
I agree GDS. Also, we have consistently created chances - even in the games we lost against Arsenal and Wolves in the league, the only thing we failed to take them, otherwise we would have been in a much better position for top 4 or even top 3.

One thing is for sure that it's going to be a interesting and testing time ahead. Next up is Barcelona at home, it's going to be tough but we are UNITED and we can cause them problems on the counter - should be fascinating.

04 Apr 2019 15:12:25
we wouldn't be in 6th place if consistency wasn't the problem.

its a 38 game season not 11.

thats why we are so far off the top 2. its not ability or for lack of creating chances.

we are consistently making mistakes. i would love to know how many errors have led to goals against us and how many points this has made us drop.

04 Apr 2019 15:25:13
Bolger, I don't think you can blame Ole for the first half of the season! There was definitely more consistency in our performances after José left. We have a fighting chance now, which was definitely more than we could have hoped for at Xmas.

04 Apr 2019 16:20:26
thats what i was aiming at noucamp that consistency has cost us this season even pre ole.

i love ole, i'm glad he's got the job he has deserved it, we needed a miracle to get close to the top 4 before he was brought in.

maybe my posts have been misinterpreted

what i was getting at was we were consistently playing at a level that was able to make us go on that 11 game streak and now that consistency from some players has gone and that is the reason we have hit speed bump.

but there's always another game so we must put it right against a Barcelona side that will take us apart if we play at anything less that 100.

04 Apr 2019 16:34:11

You said our consistency has cost us ALL season, I was just pointing out that isn't really the case, we were inconsistent / dreadful before Ole took over and pretty good since.



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