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03 Apr 2019 15:54:04
I think we have Ole because no other serious realistic candidate came forward who wanted the job. There was absolutely no other compelling reason to appoint him at this stage of the season having previously indicated he was strictly an interim manager and before we had seen how he and the team handled the most critical part of the season. Is it possible that SAF's hands are on this as they were over Moyes

Ed002 talks about toxic fans, but the real problem is a toxic management team. I expect because of our financial resources we will consistently be good enough to finish top 6 come what may, but my prediction is that unless both Woodward and Ferguson are removed from involvement in matters of football we will not see a truly competitive United team.

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03 Apr 2019 16:25:26
shawthing, are you suggesting that the results didn't play any part for Ole's appointment?

I would agree with how the club has been managed over the past few years and would remove Woodward without any hesitation. But, to remove Sir Alex would be the most silly thing to do - his experience and know-how could still be vital for us going forward as we look to stabilize the club.

The most critical appointment needed is a DOF, irrespective of what happens with Woodie.

03 Apr 2019 16:50:31
Shawthing, Who are these amazing phenomenal managers who are readily available who will GUARANTEE a league challenge while playing fantastic attacking football, while promoting youngsters and developing them into world class players, who will respect the club, its history and traditions?

I have asked numerous times from all the people who are unhappy with the appointment of Ole who would be a better candidate and all I get back is a deafening silence. It's almost as if no one knows who would be better they just want to moan about who we have.

You want to know why it might have been a good idea to hire Ole now rather then wait two months?

1, It allows the club to start planning for the summer with the consent and alongside the full time manager.

2, It allows the players to know what is going on, who will be their manager next season and maybe even give confidence in some of them to sign new deals.

3, It allows the club to start the process of moving some players on, as the next full time manager can say which players he deems not necessary for next season.

4, It allows Ole to start the process of moving his family over and all the planning that goes with that. One of the often said big issues with Mourinho was him struggling to cope with living in a hotel without his family. So making sure that all that can be sorted as soon as possible should make things easier for the new manager.

5, It stops the media repeatedly asking the same question at the start of every interview. This is distracting from the club, the team and the players.

6, It makes the club look more stable, lifting the lid of ambiguity that has surrounded the club since Jose left.

Why Ole? Well he has earned it. He has given us a shot of finishing in the top four, which was a distant and unrealistic dream before he took over. He has on the whole improved both performances and results, in spite of having the same players with the same limitations. He has lifted the mood around the whole club, top to bottom. He has started the process of re-establishing the clubs identity.

So to not give him the job and offer it to someone else who will also have areas whey haven't yet proven themselves which are vital to the club.

03 Apr 2019 17:11:49
Shappy do you even read the site or more inportantly do you even respect Ed002's inputs on this page. He has stated that Ole will have no to very little inputs on transfer matters, so what good does it do to name him manager when he has no inputs. On the available options, i replied to your query on 18th March, go read buddy. Better, nuch better options out there. As of now, we don't think that the players know whether they will be here or not next season so don't think it matters. As many said to one of the posts at the beginning of Ole's reign that players think about the club and not the manager when they sign for the club so Ole or anyone else wouldn't matter. The results over the past month make us look stable? How?

You ask which managers guarantee all those things, Ole doesn't either. His score on all those points is 0.

03 Apr 2019 20:09:53
Let’s play united

The presence of Sir Matt Busby around the club was seen as a hindrance for many years so I would not dismiss keeping SAF away from football matters. Old muddled thinking may be a result of the icons influence rather than bright new ideas.

03 Apr 2019 20:41:58
United Addict, I have the utmost respect for Ed002 and his input on this site. I was saddened to hear him say Ole would have minimal input on transfers. I feel that highlights the broader problem at the club. If the manager isn't key in transfers then who is? We don't have a DoF or a TD so who with in depth football knowledge is making these key decisions?

However, you haven't answered my question, just tried to pick a hole in one of six points I made while glossing over the other 5 as they are all totally valid.

I won't be digging though on the search pages. If you honestly feel there are other better candidates then name them in this thread and let's see how credible they truly are. However, I doubt you will as you know they aren't and you don't want to look a fool.

03 Apr 2019 21:00:21

Ed002 has said this before, he also said Mourinho was not supported. LvG has talked about it. I was pilloried for suggesting that Mourinho didn’t get the level of player he asked for. Add this to the decisions on managerial appointments.

03 Apr 2019 21:01:10
Good post Shappy it would appear we are in crisis again but not to worry because if we win against Barcelona he'll be a genius again!

03 Apr 2019 23:13:45
It looks like I got well beaten at home. 0-6! That's a record I'm proud of. I hope I'm wrong, but it seems clear to me that the interplay between the old United football guys, for whom I have the greatest respect and affection, on the one hand and the board/ CEO remains utterly out of whack. Just like players, managers and directors reach a time when it is wise to hang up ones boots. With the amount of money available to the club, after 5 years we should be much further along the road. The fact we're not speaks volumes. Can anyone see us challenging City or Liverpool in the next 3 years?

04 Apr 2019 04:47:24
There you go Shappy, the names from 18th March.

"Absolutely Shappy. I am not in favour of Ole at all. Ole has been doing all the same things that we accused Jose of i.e playing negative football with at times 11 men behind the ball. The first 3 and a half games of his reign were great to watch and then it has gone downhill. But I have already listed out my reasons in several posts.

There are no guarantees in football but you still go with the best available option. Ed2 has ruled out Allegri and I guess he might be off to PSG and that would make Tuchel available. Poch is likely to leave. Nagelsmann. Blanc. Just a few from the top of my head. But hey I don't make the decisions and I am sure there are several others that would make the list.

Everyone keeps saying that we have tried experience and CVs before that didn't work but let me point out to them that since SAF retired, we have won 2 Community Sheilds, 1 FA Cup, 1 League Cup and 1 Europa League. That's more than what Liverpool with their ultra modern managers have won in a decade or more. "

Now before you say that Poch stayed at Spurs, please do confirm that he wasnt told by United that Ole was being confirmed. Sounds a bit odd that all the negative comments coming from Poch around 2 months ago when he was looking for a way out stopped suddenly.

Shappy i am not a fool and if you read my reply properly you will find that i have covered atleast 3 of your points regarding players and the manager. On Ole's family, i don't give a damn to where they live. I am only concerned about the football and not the WAGs. And if you think that the media would stop asking questions than you are a bigger fool than what you are accusing me of being. If anything, the media will ask more questions of the great results that Ole has delivered past month.

04 Apr 2019 06:51:35
Shappy. Some posters cannot be convinced.
Such a shame that they do not understand or ignoring the fact that the true problem lies behind the scene.

Ed002 was right "the fundamental problem with the MU supports here is a complete lack of knowledge about the club. "

04 Apr 2019 07:00:07
Shaw thing

It is unlikely to say the least that we will truly challenge the Barcelona Real Madrid level at all because the owners and Woodward do not seem to have that ambition.

The next level down from Madrid Barcelona is City and Liverpool, will we join them? I have low confidence that the club will buy what it takes. The press don’t always know but already rumours are Sancho and Hudson Odoi are rumoured to be out of sight. Maybe their clubs won’t sell but as in previous windows we will likely look at cheaper alternatives. I just can’t see Mourinho signing off on some of those bought and LvG said he wasn’t supported either. Whoever is buying seems to have money in mind. We must not blame Ole this summer; the fault of where we are, the sentimentality of appointing him, the lack of spending on the ground or on the level of players is down to Woodward and the owners.

04 Apr 2019 08:19:51
TrueRedDevil, Ed002 said that about you. My point is that when Jose was sacked, ole was nowhere in contention for the job, in fact his name didn't even appear in the shortlist and now 3 months in he is named permanent. Why? Why not wait till the end of the season when we finish 6th. We all know that Woodward is the problem, so why was Jose sacked and not backed. What makes you think that Ole darling would be allowed to do what he wants. 4 months down the line and we haven't seen a change. No tactics no style no attractive play, so why give it to him now? Yes man got the job.



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