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01 Apr 2019 22:58:22
I would be sad to see Ander leave, he comes across as a leader. While he is only second to Pogba for ability amoungst our midfielders, and is probably our hardest working and most consistent midfielder.

So losing him would be a blow in my opinion. However, it isn't sensible to be handing out long contracts of up to 200k per week to a player who will be 30 next season.

As good as he is currently, he isn't part of the long or even medium term plans for our club going forward.

Again I will echo what many others have said in that it appears to be poor management from Ed Woodward to allow this situation to occur. Handing out contracts to lesser players while neglecting to nail down key players in Herrera and DDG.

However, if we had to give in to the wages demands of one of them, it is always going to be the guy with the gloves.

We are on a cusp atm, and how Ed Woodward handles this might be the difference between him leaving Old Trafford in a limo or a hearse.

We could potentially lose DDG, Herrera and Pogba in one window.

Now all players are replaceable, even DDG. However, getting the right quality of player to sign to replace them when all of our best players appear to be leaving might be significantly harder.

This looks like it is shaping up to be a key summer for the future of Manchester United. Get this right and we could bounce back quicker than expected, get this wrong and it could another 5 years in the wilderness.

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02 Apr 2019 06:16:20
Agree Shappy, Herrera always puts up a fight when he wears the shirt.
But I will not be too disappointed if he leaves.
To compete for the league, we need an upgrade on Herrera and probably Matic.
We loose many midfield battles, because the distribution is poor from midfield.
Therefore we need a midfielder who is good on the ball in the summer who would go straight into the midfield alongside Pogba and Matic.
If pogba is man marked, we need another midfielder to take control of the match and initiate the counter attacks.

02 Apr 2019 07:02:49

I agree, I like Herrera, he has been a really good committed player. However, there has to be a line drawn, if he wants to leave and can get better elsewhere, thinks the grass is greener, he isn’t THAT key a player, so then good luck, goodbye and don’t let the door hit you on the ass as you go. The question is why have we let good players get to a position where they have no sell on value, that is down to the Exec Vice Bean Counter.

02 Apr 2019 08:54:59
Never thought he was that good. Decent player, but not top class. If he wants 200k+ a week and can get it elsewhere, I wish him all the best and say fair play to him.

02 Apr 2019 10:34:19
Bottom line is as much as we like him, if he really wants to leave, Utd can equally find a better replacement.

02 Apr 2019 11:52:54
Shappy tbh I don't agree to 200k per week for a 25 year old never mind herrera as decent as he is. Its been stated that we will have to pay more in transfer fee (50m) sugested to replace. Fair play but would rather spend that now as opposed to 75m in a couple of years the way the markets going! Probably get a barrage of dislikes but would stand firm with DDG and others too: we cannot sensibly maintain the payments demanded by players even with a top level income into the coffers. I would say spend on a quality replacement N'dombele for example who could be a top player for 8 + years.

02 Apr 2019 13:11:48
Shappy - The Herrera situation is fascinating and it will be interesting to see how it develops.

There is no doubt he has become a key player under OGS. Herrera brings the energy, intensity and mobility which has allowed Pogba to flourish and play further forward and he gives us the ability to press and win the ball higher up the pitch.

Many have said they wouldn't be sorry to see him leave yet he will need replacing. Whilst I can't proclaim him to be world class he's certainly performed well for Solskjear and become a key component of his midfield. He's not 30 until August so he's not particularly old and probably playing some of the best football of his Utd career.

Without being an expert or knowing the details of the negotiations I think the problem may lie with the length of contract rather than his wages. I would imagine he'd want a four year deal which considering his age would be a huge financial commitment to the Club for a player with perhaps his best years behind him.

I think in the past Utd have predominantly preferred to offer one year rolling extensions to players in their 30's. I suppose this keeps the players hungry and fighting for their place. It also means the Club aren't burdened with players approaching the end of their careers where form can fluctuate and players become more susceptible to injury. Herrera is interesting because he's not yet in his 30's and this is maybe his last chance to secure a lucrative contract. If PSG are willing to increase his wages and offer him a long term contract we can't blame him for wanting to secure his financial future for his family. From
a Utd perspective maybe the money could be better spent elsewhere?!

It's looking likely we'll lose both Mata and Herrera this summer. Both have been good servants but presided over a time of mediocrity and inconsistency at the Club. With the likes of Fellaini, Mata, Herrera and possibly Rojo, Valencia and Darmian all leaving in the summer hopefully we can inject some freshness, enthusiasm and vitality back into the squad.

One thing is for certain if Herrera leaves he MUST be replaced. I've been really impressed with Tielemans on loan at Leicester. He was well rated before his move to Monaco and he's proven he can perform in the EPL. At 21 his potential is huge and maybe that's where the investment should go if we can get the others off the wage bill. With Monaco struggling maybe a deal could be done and his wage demands would be a fraction of Herrera's on a player with massive potential who could represent the Club for many years.

{Ed001's Note - can I ask why Tielemans? He is very similar to Pogba, offers next to nothing defensively and so I fail to see how he would work as a Herrera replacement.}

02 Apr 2019 13:17:21
Thinking the same, Ed001. I like him a lot, but I'd be thinking of him as a replacement for Pogba if he goes.

{Ed001's Note - I would agree on that, though I personally do not like him. He is half-arsed imo. Puts too little effort into it, like he is not really giving his all for me.}

02 Apr 2019 13:48:41
Ed001 - I think we need more creativity from midfield and you don't always need a direct replacement in my opinion. He's energetic, mobile, he's good on the ball, a good passer and a goal threat.

We have Fred who is similar to Herrera in that he's able to press and play on the front foot. Mctominay is a solid, disciplined midfielder like Matic and I think we need another player in there capable of unlocking defences and providing a goal threat.

I think next season we'll see a lot of teams sit deeper against us especially at OT and we don't need two defensive midfielders. I think we'll look to play faster, with a higher tempo and look to dominate the ball more and I think he'd be a really good addition to the squad.

{Ed001's Note - I will be shocked if Fred ever becomes a Premier League quality player. I just don't see the deal with Tielemans. Even his creativity is not that good imo. Another one that will fade away into obscurity I believe.}

02 Apr 2019 14:18:58
Ed001 - I'll bow to your greater knowledge I must confess I've only seen him a few times so maybe I'm guilty of MOTD fever and playing a bit of fantasy football! I think you might be right about Fred as well!

Whilst I've got your attention what do you make of Declan Rice? I think it's too early to judge at the moment. I'm not convinced he has the quality on the ball to become a really top midfielder?!

{Ed001's Note - I like him, I think he is a top player in the making.}

02 Apr 2019 14:28:41
"Ed001's Note - I would agree on that, though I personally do not like him. He is half-arsed imo. Puts too little effort into it, like he is not really giving his all for me. "

So a perfect Pogba replacement then. 🤣

On a serious note I think we need two midfielders this summer if Herrera leaves, NDombele would be a good replacement for Herrera imo. With someone more creative also coming in to add more going forward. Soler, Pellegrini or Bruno Fernandes could all offer something in that regard.

02 Apr 2019 15:28:15
Shappy with those names mentioned, one that has popped up in the news today is T. Partey of Atletico. |
What are the thoughts on him here?

02 Apr 2019 16:13:55
Don’t see the big deal with Tielemans either. His best attribute is composure and assurance on the ball, and I think that gave him an advantage over other youth players. But as he has progressed, he hasn’t added much to his game. Yes, he’s tidy in possession, but he doesn’t work hard defensively, and doesn’t actually create many chances at the other end. He could develop into a Xavi type player in the right system, but would need to work much harder, and learn how dictate play and set the tempo.

02 Apr 2019 17:19:45
Good post Shappy. Exactly what I was thinking of posting. Herrera is a good player whose work sometimes goes unnoticed but he is nearing the end of his peak and a huge long term contract may not be the best thing for the club financially.
To the people saying if we can't match his wage demand than will we be able to get an adequate replacement, we are close to the limit wage wise but can spend on transfer fees.

Shappy who do you suggest to replace him? Also I think we may be in for an interesting transfer window this summer. 2 of our first choice CM may leave and Matic also might need replacing soon.



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