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18 Mar 2019 09:17:36
Was just thinking about our team and what replacements we would need in the summer. for me the priority should be the right wing position.
We have lacked real quality in that position for too long.

the other positions are obviously a replacement for Matic and Smalling. and possibly a new rightback.

Though, i'm not optimistic that we could bring in any players of quality this summer that play in those positions.

Koulibaly is a very good CB but i can't see us spending the 90m that they are rumoured to want.

not sure there are quality players available that play CDM or RW either.

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18 Mar 2019 09:34:53
I'm not convinced RW is a serious problem. We have several players who can play well out there, although none have entirely locked that position down.

For me the three key areas are a ball playing centre back to partner Lindelof.

A RB to replace Valencia, Darmian and Young. While also going competition to Dalot.

And someone who can create from midfield. In Matic, McTominay, Herrera and Fred we have players who can do the defensive side and disrupt the opposition. However, beyond Pogba we have no one who can create chances for our forwards.

As seen in the first game against PSG, if you mark Pogba out of the game you severely limit our ability to create goal scoring chances. Plus Pogba doesn't turn up for every game. Having someone to complete with him and offer us another creative outlet in midfield will make us more dynamic going forward.

As for RW, we have Rashford, Lingard, Martial, Lukaku, Mata, Sanchez, Greenwood, Chong and Gomes who will all be fighting it out for three positions. So it's not a vital position, especially when we consider the talent we have coming through that can play in that position.

18 Mar 2019 10:17:27
Agree Shappy.

RB and CB are priorities as our defence is still not good enough. Liverpool and City would not of conceded those goals against Wolves.

Then a quality midfield player would also be good.

We need to get rid of the dead wood as well as this is hampering us in bringing in new players i. e. Darmian, Valencia, Rojo, Jones and hopefully Sánchez as well.

18 Mar 2019 10:34:52
We need 4 top class players to push us to the next level.
CB, RB, CM and a forward.

We still do not have an elite level forward who can take pressure off the youngsters like Rash and Martial.
City have Aguero who delivers almost every week. Likewise, Liverpool have Mane, Salah. Spurs have Kane. Chelsea have Hazard.
We need to identify one such top caliber forward who can make something out of nothing.
At the moment, most of the time, the team plays well only if Pogba performs.

18 Mar 2019 10:43:15
We also need to strengthen the most important position of our squad - THE MANAGER.

18 Mar 2019 11:09:23
United Addict, I take it your not in the Ole camp then?

Just out of interest which managers do you think the club could go for who would GUARANTEE better performances, better promotion of youngsters and better results than Ole?

18 Mar 2019 11:52:38
Who do we have who plays well at RW?

Lingard is our best option, and he continually drifts central when he plays there. Lukaku can play there, but is better centrally. Mata, no pace and drifts central. Dalot, who is a defender.

We haven’t had a genuine RW for years, and this limits our attacking options, and means that the majority of our width comes from the left.

{Ed002's Note - The club still wants to add a RW in the summer.}

18 Mar 2019 12:08:50
Hi Ed002,
Is there anybody new that United are considering for the RW role other than the ones mentioned previously?

{Ed002's Note - They have continued to look at players like Steven Bergwijn (although his preferred position is on the left) and Samuel Kalu (although he has moved to the centre) but Douglas Costa still looks to be a viable and affordable option and unless the new Juventus coach demands he stays in the summer, he will be used to raise funds.}

18 Mar 2019 12:50:21
Absolutely Shappy. I am not in favour of Ole at all. Ole has been doing all the same things that we accused Jose of i.e playing negative football with at times 11 men behind the ball. The first 3 and a half games of his reign were great to watch and then it has gone downhill. But I have already listed out my reasons in several posts.

There are no guarantees in football but you still go with the best available option. Ed2 has ruled out Allegri and I guess he might be off to PSG and that would make Tuchel available. Poch is likely to leave. Nagelsmann. Blanc. Just a few from the top of my head. But hey I don't make the decisions and I am sure there are several others that would make the list.

Everyone keeps saying that we have tried experience and CVs before that didn't work but let me point out to them that since SAF retired, we have won 2 Community Sheilds, 1 FA Cup, 1 League Cup and 1 Europa League. That's more than what Liverpool with their ultra modern managers have won in a decade or more.

18 Mar 2019 12:50:24
So UA we get humiliated by Sevilla it's let's go jose, absolutely smashed by tottenham at OT still its jose knows best, end up with the worst start ever beating the record set by moyes and it still is mourinho will turn it around but hey 1 defeat against wolves and we need a new manager, mourinho lovers never fail to amaze. Wonder where you were when we were winning?

The biggest signing for me isn't a cb or rb or rw, it has to be a DoF, Woodward clearly is an inept idiot who has not the slightest clue how to build a team but sadly seems too power hungry to understand that. The dream scenario would be we winning CL and Ole forcing him to hire a DoF or he quits.

18 Mar 2019 13:17:15
Lets not get ahead of ourselves. Ole has been good so far but that is also down to the players trying harder then they did for Mourinho.

Lets see what he does until the end of the season. If he continues like he has so far then he deserves the manager's position.

18 Mar 2019 13:23:33
shappy, our front 3 are nowhere near good enough to be challenging the best teams in Europe.
Rashford lacks intelligence and composure around the box.
Lingard is 26, and we still don't know where is best position is.
Martial very rarely turns up. and is better suited as a striker.
Lukaku needs 3 chances before he scores.
Sanchez is getting old, lacks his pace he once had and hasn't shown that he is going to come good.

as for the right wing position, none of those players can play well there.
We have the worst wide players out of City, Liverpool and Spurs.
Son, Sterling/ Sane and Mane are all better than our left wingers.
Salah, Lucas and Mahrez/ Silva are all much better than our right wingers.

We need a balance to our team. At the moment we have 3 strikers and attacking midfielders playing wide and none of them do a good enough job.

18 Mar 2019 13:39:20
JK7, well with your analysis of our forward players a RW looks like the least of our problems. By the sounds of it we need to sell Rashford, Lukaku, Martial, Lingard, Sanchez and Mata as according to none of them are good enough.

18 Mar 2019 14:27:32
It's a tough question with our talent in the attacking positions. Rashford, Lukaku, Lingard, Martial, and Mata are all very good players, but none of them have that ability or consistency to beat players at will or have that clinical edge like an Aguero. And then of course many of us have hopes that Chong or Greenwood can make the breakthrough to the first team.

Do we spend a fortune on a player who is good but not great? Where does that leave the youngsters? A guy like Douglas Costa is a talented left-footer, but of questionable character. Would he make that much of a difference to spend 40-50m? And keep the youngsters on the bench for another year? I am not so sure.

18 Mar 2019 14:33:32
So CSM, we beat City at the Etihad and we lost to Wolves, how about that comparison? We finished second last season to a record beating City and with a point total that in any other season would be challenging for a title. How about that? Players refused to put in the shift for Jose and we backed them. Not in too distant future these high school bitches will again refuse to give it their all so what do you suggest we do that again. We made a mistake by backing player power. We could end up like Chelsea if we continue to back the prima donnas. Ole simply failed to pick up the team after the Arsenal defeat. Can you say that any player, i am saying ANY one of them put in a shift yesterday? Its Wolves for god sakes, not Barca. Why bother for 4th and qualify for CL when we have set our standards for Wolves. We have rode the rebound wave and been lucky in quite a few games to really say Ole has done anything. Its 4 months into Ole and can you tell me what his approach is? What is his formation or tactics? what's his style?

18 Mar 2019 14:46:01
Shappy, Lukaku, Martial, and Rashford are strikers, Lingard an attacking mid. None of them belong on the wing. My statements of the 4 above are all true.
Rashford lacks composure and intelligence to be a winger, we have seen it plenty of times that he's not brilliant when it comes to decision making. He's best suited to playing through the middle and poaching goals.

As for Martial he very rarely does well out wide, he does his best when he comes inside and plays off another player.
He isn't going to run past a player at full pace and whip a ball into the box.

you can't just say play Martial, Lingard or Rashford down the wing, because they just aren't suited to it. It's not their strength.

All three players are very good, but only when they play in the right positions. and wing isn't that.

18 Mar 2019 15:04:41
United Additct I said this when we won 5 in a row, players haven't improved much, only player i said then will say now who has looked a much better player playing the same way is matic, and i do not think he ever stopped giving rubbish as you put it.

Pogba hasn't improved much defensively he scored goals because the inexperienced rubbish molde manager had a once in a life time thought that no one else could have thought of that if we let a midfielder known for his goal scoring and attacking may be you know attack a bit and let him get into the opposition penalty box he might actually score goals. Same goes for much of the attack, sanchez has been rubbish, but again can't fault his effort not then nor now, lukaku is still hit and miss. So who exactly are these mythical players who stopped giving rubbish and suddenly turned up?

Sometimes players don't play well, it happens, that's why liverpool and city both went through mini blips, also you haven't told us where you were when we won at PSG? so much for supporting the club, i suppose you only support it when it suits your agenda.

18 Mar 2019 15:25:24
You really want to talk about PSG? 14% possession, that's the number we were at. We were gifted the game, just put it on the table for us, conspiracy buffs would even call it fixed. Did we even play in that game? We had 11 men behind the ball for close to 80 minutes in that game, a game we needed to win. Two gifts of a goal and a penalty that wasnt a penalty. Yes, i was very happy with us going through but i do not see what Ole did in that game. Shout out to the young ones who stood up though when the Pogbas of these world weren't playing.

Pogba performed well for 3/ 4 games and then back to his usual non performances. My opinions on Rashford are well documented.

If you really think that the players were giving it all under Jose then i don't want to have this discussion with you buddy.

18 Mar 2019 16:20:23
So 10 of the 25 member squad are injured and you expect us to go gung ho attack at PSG of all places that too after we scored the first goal in the 3rd minute and led the game for 77 of the 95 minutes played but hey useless ole did nothing. Since ole joined up we have gone from it would take a miracle to get top 4 to we are in with a very good chance of top 4 but useless ole did nothing, I suppose useless ole should be more like your God Mourinho who was beating moyes's bad records.

Again please tell us who these players are who underperformed for Mourinho, you keep harping on about them please tell us who they were. Players play well when you give them a chance to do so, all Mourinho much like you are doing is moan about something. Also it's very intriguing how you have found time to come out of that rock after 2 defeats, I suppose we will see you for a while now with no football and post Watford off you go to hiding again.

18 Mar 2019 17:38:05
Suggest you visit the site more often and see my posts. Pogba, Rashford, Martial, Shaw (still useless) hell even De Gea made uncharacteristic mistakes. What do you expect? It wouldn't have taken a miracle if these players performed.

I am not defending Jose Mourinho, he has his flaws and is more suited to managing a team with men rather than high school girls who are more interested in instagram than football. He let his frustration of Woodward get the better of him and took it out on his players and that was his downfall but that does not give the players a free run. I suppose Jose would have broken Moyes' records if he put on the shoes and played rather than Pogba. By the way how has Pogba played under Ole. Been missing for 75% of the games.

Rebound effect is very common and i say that anyone could have gotten this result post traumatic Jose reign. Ralf something something (saints manager) in his first game beat Chelsea. Does that make him a great manager? Even Matteo took Chelsea to a champions league title out of rebound. Got sacked a few weeks into the next season. Was he great? Now i am not saying Ole is bad or anything but i do not think its him who will take us back to glory days.

77 of the 95 minutes, we were gifted the lead and then the match. Gift wrapped.

18 Mar 2019 17:56:39
Maybe if psg had played instead of showboating they might have won. Gifted is a joke. Yes var could've gone the other way. It didn't.

18 Mar 2019 21:36:35
I found this thread really interesting on debates about ole and right sided attacker pros and cons and posters have made valid points on both sides of each topic .
To me keep our powder dry on the manager position and decide on ole at the end of the season not now and see how we finished under him not just how we started if he finishes how he's started he won't have a problem .
I'm all for a right sided attacker we have loads who can play there but none are particularly effective there . We are looking to haul in city and Liverpool but over the last two seasons there's a massive chasm between what we get from our right side of attack and what Salah and Stirling have produced and if a player is good enough and available then it's an obvious area of Improvement .

18 Mar 2019 22:22:19
I’d still take Poch as next manager!

18 Mar 2019 22:51:04
86% possession and what did they do with it? Only one stat counts in a game an its at top left of the tv screen.

19 Mar 2019 05:10:20
Exactly Mort. Our squad has glaring deficiencies and too many inconsistent players.
We have been buying players poorly.
Player's morale was down, top 4 seemed impossible.
PSG match was a daunting task.
No DoF. Too many players injured.
Considering all this aspects, Ole has done an incredible job.
Some of them just don't seem to acknowledge it.

19 Mar 2019 09:15:16
68% possession for psg, 4 shots on target each
Unfortunately you can't win the possession stat every game, with 10 1st team players out, away from home, not a bad effort I thought.



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