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03 Mar 2019 11:41:47
I got a last minute ticket so went to the game yesterday, the tickets were second row and it’s not always easy to judge from that position but through the first half it felt like one of those days.

Not sure what is going on with Sanchez, he still looks well out of sorts and whilst Dalot had already been warming up, I don’t know who would have come off if Sanchez hadn’t got injured, and flukes like that make all the difference. Dalot immediately injected pace and urgency and looked a handful.

Sometime you have to dig a result out. Since Ole took over we have won in a number of different ways. There have been comfortable wins, smash and grabs, and comebacks. It would be great to win every game 3-0 but that sent going to happen. Interestingly our away form is so much better than our home form, that’s the first win in at home whilst we have 8 straight away wins.

Final niggle from me was the blatant and ridiculous time wasting from Southampton when they were 1-0 up. I know everyone does it but it needs stamping out. Players can be booked for it but I think an indirect free kick to the opposition would sort it out.

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03 Mar 2019 12:37:15
You certainly got your money’s worth with the quality of goals Tony! I really felt for Sanchez. I think the mind is still there but it seems the body cannot do what he wants it to. Shades of Torres at Chelsea. It just not working out. Something I noticed in the first half (which has been said before) is that him and pogba both like to operate in the same area of the pitch. The inside area on the left. Against palace pogba played on the right side of midfield and Sanchez looked better. More balance to our play and with Dalot on the right we had width on either side. Without Dalot starting yesterday Sanchez struggled.

I think unfortunately his time is up. Especially considering the impact Dalot had yesterday. So quick and direct. Brilliant cameo and I think he’s over taken Sanchez now in the pecking order. The difference between him and Lukaku is that although neither fully fit the system, Lukaku will always score goals. Put him in a system which is geared to him strengths then he will score for fun. Sanchez unfortunately offers nothing.

I am impressed with the different ways we have won too. Ole has shown more tactical flexibility than Jose and the likes of sarri. And the latter two are considered experienced managers. He deserves far more credit than he has been getting in that respect.

03 Mar 2019 13:07:01
Sanchez looks lost to me Park, he seems to have an awful lot on his mind and struggles to find a team mate. And what’s with the constant pulling up the leg of his shorts - look at my manly thighs.

03 Mar 2019 13:21:09
Think Sanchez is in the unfortunate position of his abilities waining, and not being able to adapt his game. Age and injuries have taken away a bit of reaction time, pace, touch, spark. As a player operating in tight spaces in the final third, this can be devastating. Some players, Giggs is a good example, can adapt - change the way they play and go on for years at a high level. Others, just can’t adapt.

At the moment Sanchez looks like a player fighting against his body trying to do what he could do before. Until he gives this up and works on adapting, he’s a lost cause.

03 Mar 2019 13:29:54
Park, I said pretty much exactly those words on the other posts page a few days ago. Ole has shown excellent tactical awareness, we’ve found ways to hurt our opposition in different ways.

I was also thinking what does this mean for Sanchez, if our 2nd choice right back is preferred to him in a front three position. You also have to credit Ole for choosing players who fit his system rather than picking players based on how much they cost.

I think Ole is doing an excellent job, there’s only 1 black mark on his record after almost 3 months, which is even more impressive when you consider this is exactly the same team as before, the same team who were dreadful against Southampton in the reverse fixture.

03 Mar 2019 13:30:59
I was there too ajh, when he got injured the players showed no sympathy in kicking the ball out think every one lost their patience with him, soon as Dalot came on the difference was clear to see, much more drive in United more understanding, very nerves game was mixed emotions throughout but a great result, and thank you to who ever told me about the booths car park a fantastic spot and easy to leave after the game, will be using it more often rather than train.

03 Mar 2019 14:02:50
Spot on Danny. I think Sanchez needs to adapt his game. He clearly has a very good football brain and good vision. He’s creative and can spot a pass. Giggs adapted when his legs went and played cm. now I’m not saying Sanchez can be as good. But he has to accept he’s not quick enough anymore to play on the left. He could possibly be a back up to pogba if need be. He has the work rate and industry to do his defensive duties in midfield. He would benefit from having quick youthful wingers making runs in behind for him. Just a thought. I do think we should shift him on though.

Wazza I agree completely mate. I was a pessimist when I saw ole get appointed. I thought it was a ploy by Woodward to get the fans onside with a legend. He’s won in far too many different ways for this to be riding on the new manager ‘bounce’. He’s gone away to arsenal, Chelsea and spurs and tweaked it tactically 3 times to win those games. A new club record 8 away wins in the bounce. He’s had to deal with 2/ 3s of his starting front 3 and midfield out injured. Yet still found the way to win. He’s been in charge for nearly 14 games now and has got more out of these players than one of the managerial greats (Jose) . You don’t do that being tactically inept.

We need quality signings in the summer. Players that slot straight into the first team. Rb, cb, cm, rw. I honestly think we can challenge for the top honours if we get these signings because there is the makings of a very good side here.

Sometimes the best manager isn’t the one with the glittering CV. Maybe the best one is the one that fits the club the best. I don’t for one second think ole is the best tactician in the league. But there is some sort of synergy and connection between him and united. He understands and believes in the values and traditions of the club. He’s cut from the same cloth. He is united. And sometimes that counts for far more than being a great manager. I am still a fan of Poch. I think he will do well here if he’s offered the job. But there’s something special about the idea of ole being unite manager. We know that he is capable of doing it. No matter how great Poch is, there is no guarantee he will adapt. We are in a great position. I’m just really enjoying watching us atm.

03 Mar 2019 14:05:51
My patience with sanchez has exhausted completely.

03 Mar 2019 14:17:24
Park I can’t see us going for the big names if Ole gets the job permanently. I think he’s already commented about the type of player we should be signing.

Our scouts need to really step up now. It’s easy to sign Zlatan, Bastain, Falcao, Lukaku and on and on. We need to get back to developing players and away from throwing obscene sums at our problems. The latter clearly doesn’t work for us.

03 Mar 2019 14:33:49
Sanchez is done. But getting shot of him is going to be hard.

03 Mar 2019 15:25:42
First half was deja vu tbh ie back to van gaal days but 2nd half was a dig in and fight performance. Dalot coming on showed that bit of pace can change a team from average to more threatening. Lukaku got his goals but his touch was abysmal: something to be worked on but if he can't trap a ball at his age then its time to cash in. great result but a better one was the early kick off draw and the fact that torreira will miss next week which could be a bonus given our midfield injuries.

03 Mar 2019 21:17:12
Sanchez needs to move on. He holds onto the ball way too long, which disrupts the flow going forward. He can't go by a man anymore with pace. After all his twists and turns, he's gone nowhere.



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