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13 Feb 2019 12:24:55
Lads and lassies, been reading this site for the past 15 odd hours post match and there is one common thing that most have agreed upon and that is "injuries to Martial and Lingard killed our chances ". Codswallop that is. How many touches did the two have in the entirety of the first half? How many chances did we actually create before their injuries? I am sorry but we should put our hands up and say what the truth is and stop glorifying the manager for once. Ole should have brought on Lukaku instead of Sanchez/ Mata. Is there something brewing there? Rashford looked disinterested after Lingard went off like i am not playing because my pal is off. Pogba was a red card all game. Tuchel had a masterstroke by marking him out using Marquinhos. We were taught a lesson and the game brought us crashing down. People were saying we should beat PSG, someone even said we should take a 3-4 goal lead to Paris. The illuminati on this page were adamant that there would be goals and only problem would be us keeping a clean sheet. PSG aren't Burnley guys. They cleaned us up without having their 2 best players and a Verrati on one leg.

PS- Ref was atrocious, killed the game with his love for cards where not required and not even blowing when there was a clear foul.

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13 Feb 2019 12:35:35
The moment lingard and martial went off regardless of what offered whilst they were on, psg were able to push a further 20 yards up the pitch because the had no fear of getting caught on the break .

That is why it killed us when they went.

13 Feb 2019 13:07:28
How many times did we break before that, might i ask?

13 Feb 2019 13:13:32
They made every difference. They allowed Herrera and Matic to sit closer to the centre backs as AM and JL can get forward quickly.

It’s not simply about the number of attacks we created. It’s the worry their pace casues to the opposition, forcing PSG to be more cautious.

When they went off, PSG could play 10 years further forward, draw Herrera and Matic out and they dominated midfield doing it.

It’s not as simple as you like to think.

Lukaku should have come on earlier though, and for Mata, not Rashford.

13 Feb 2019 13:32:51

You have totally missed the point, they didn't break before that because PSG were sat in stopping it happening, we pressed high and put them under a lot of pressure high up the pitch and they couldn't push further forward as they were scared of is hitting them on the break.

Unfortunately when Mata and Sanchez play we are a much worse team, Lukaku should have come on instead of Mata at half time I agree but not like Lukaku has been in scintillating form and would have ripped their back 4 apart, they defended well.

Can't say I noticed Rashford not playing because his pal was off, he just didn't get many chances and seemed frustrated, as the rest of us were with Sanchez losing possession every time he got it.

Not sure it has brought us crashing down either, unless you were expecting this team to win the Champions League?

You got one thing right, PSG aren't Burnley, we got done by a bit of quality from a top side, it happens.

13 Feb 2019 13:49:47
I thought we looked a bit toothless 1st half but we also never looked in danger, without the subs I truly believe we would have edged it 1-0 and at worst 0-0.

I know the knees will be jerking all over the place but this tie isn't over yet it's only half time .

It also has not changed the way I feel that things are going atm not one little bit .

We have only ever won the champions league twice, with some of the best squads that British football has seen its not an easy competition to win so why people thought we would spank psg yesterday is beyond me.

I'm also seeing we were lucky Neymar wasn't playing, I disagree there is no chance the French would have been able to keep so rigid and structured with him in the side we would have had much more space.

13 Feb 2019 13:57:26
We got done, and Ole made a poor tactical decision in bringing both Mata and Sanchez on. This ensured that we had no width, allowing their fbs to push higher up, and giving them control over possession. The bigger problem is that Ole did nothing to address this after we went behind. He looked lost, and his inexperience at the very top level of management showed.

Lesson is that it’s perfectly fine to lead with a - let the players express themselves and play the way they want - mentality. But at the very top level this isn’t enough, and the manager needs to be tactically astute enough to respond to the circumstances in a particular game. Tunchel did this, Ole did not.

13 Feb 2019 14:25:00
True. But with what was available on the bench what should the response have been. We're half a dozen players short of a competitive job. I said last week what does Mata offer. Answer is very little. Sanchez as well needs moving on.

13 Feb 2019 14:47:52

I kind of agree but not sure Ole had anything else available to him to stop that from happening. We all know we have a good first 11, maybe 12 but after that we aren't as strong. Perhaps Ole knew the issue just didn't have the personnel to cope with it, you can't plan for losing both of your wide players unfortunately.

13 Feb 2019 15:23:16
GDS, in the second half it was clear that having Mata and Sanchez on the wings wasn’t working. We had no width, our attacking play became congested, and their fbs could press higher. This allowed them to control possession. This isn’t down to Sanchez and Mata being significantly worse than Martial and Lingard, it’s down to a poor tactical decision.

After the first goal, when we were being penned back in our half, the obvious solution was to bring on Lukaku, shifting Rash to the left, Lukaku to the right, and having Sanchez playing as a false 9 like Lingard did at Spurs. One of Pogba, Herrera and Matic would have to be sacrificed (mostly because it would be unfair to sub Mata) . But this would have given us a much better chance of dragging their defence out of position and getting back some control over the game. Ole didn’t do this, and they dominated the rest of the game.

13 Feb 2019 16:51:52
Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it, nothing to suggest putting Sanchez up front would have made any difference to what we ended up doing. If he had changed the midfield and we had conceded again people would have said he made a mistake changing the midfield, he can't get everything right and maybe he will learn from it, you learn more from defeats after all, mainly who the fans are who overreact to everything.

13 Feb 2019 17:15:03
Danny you are dreaming! Bringing any of the midfielders off would have resulted in a hiding.

13 Feb 2019 17:31:04
in hindsight would have kept the shape, but put Sanchez as central striker, Rashford left and Lukaku right without Mata on the pitch.

Would that have got a different result? Maybe, but its still not ideal.

Martial's pace in behind was a huge loss, it allowed them to push up much higher as Rashford was isolated and easier to deal with if he runs in behind.

Lingard is the guy who greases the wheels and makes it all come together, he is also the most tactically intelligent and the one who does the most closing down in the final third. With him gone PSG could pass out from the back much easier and therefore control the game.

Add that to the brilliant idea of having Marquinhos man mark Pogba out of the game. That meant we had no creative hub, nor due to injuries any pace other than Rashford to run in behind.

There was no other options on the bench. So our game plan went out the window and plan B was sold to China (rightfully mind you) .



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