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08 Nov 2018 08:45:26
I fancied us yesterday, put a little bit of dough on us as well so it was nice to win on both counts.

Thought we were too negative at times and we were lucky to be honest. Juventus were unusually wasteful in front of goal. Been watching a lot of Juve this season and they have been winning but not looking as good as the table suggests - however it had a David vs Goliath feel about it which is absolutely ridiculous when you take a step back.

Herrera was very good. I don't like Young playing as everything is delayed, Pogba gave it away more than he kept the ball. I thought Sanchez worked hard and looked a lot sharper. Obviously it's hard to take the game to Juventus away and we snuck it yesterday. Jose is getting a nice run of luck at the moment and you make your own luck I suppose, we were unlucky to drop 2 points to Chelsea as well so swings-roundabouts.

Hopefully we start the game on the front foot this Sunday and don't give City as many opportunities as I fear they will put us out of sight if we aren't better defensively.

Great result, hopefully we can have a bit of a mini-clear out this winter and bring in 1-2 quality players. The wholesale changes in the summer as too many of our players will never be good enough for the very top.

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08 Nov 2018 09:37:28
Was the purpose of this post to tell us you won money? I see no other point to it? At least Pogba attempts to make the killer pass, or the pass that makes the difference. You contradict yourself too much here, I honestly don't know whether your pleased or gutted.

08 Nov 2018 09:39:18
You must be a very lucky gambler Beast. Despite your extreme negativity towards United, you are still committed enough to place money on us to win. Furthermore, every time you bet on us we seem to win! At least you get some enjoyment from United.

Keep up the good work mate :)

08 Nov 2018 12:55:33
Careful Beast. You're in danger of sounding a bit positive there and that's not the Beast we've all come to know and love.

In fairness, just lately we've looked like the United of old ie., You can score against us but we'll score more.

Long may it last.

08 Nov 2018 13:18:27
Beast your a gas man.
A clearout?
A month ago you said that you would not interview a manager that wanted to talk about squad changes and investment.
Whats changed your mind on that?

In terms of recent cl performances last 5 years it was david v ggollaith. We havnt been qualifing and they have been in finals so on current recent form we were massive underdogs reflected in the odds toy recieved i'm sure for a 2 horse race.
Perhaps not so much in total history but in last 5 years i think it was a shock result. They don't lose often there i tjink that is there 1st cl defeat there.

08 Nov 2018 13:41:19
King Giggsy - partly about me expecting us to win and not buying into the David Goliath BS to justify defeat if it occurred. Also my views on several players performance - did you miss that part?

Betty - When the odds are that good you have to take the punt, although I have lost as much as I have won betting on Utd this season. I won't be betting on us this weekend though.

TopBomin - Yeah there are some good signs, Jose did well last night - game was perfect for vintage Jose where we were 'allowed' to camp and break. Same again against City, but it's the mid-level and below teams where this is horrible to watch and shouldn't be tolerated. It shouldn't really be tolerated now, but we are where we are.

08 Nov 2018 14:41:05
Great result last night. However, were you lot watching the game? Juve should have been out of sight. We were LUCKY!
Shades of the 1999 final.
We are no where near as good a team as Juve. Or City come to that. Let's hope for more luck on Sunday!

08 Nov 2018 14:50:04
Ken - The manager still needs to go, he is not getting the most from his players, but people like Matic, Lukaku, Young, Pogba, Smalling, Mata - do not champions make.

It doesn't have to be one or the other, there are grey zones.

Juventus had Khadeira, two old knackers at the back, Betancur, Cuadrado, Sczezny in goal. The only genuine class in that team was Ronaldo, Dybala, Pjanic, Sandro.

We need a clear-out top to bottom. Half measures are what got us into this position. No point allowing Jose to buy the new team because he is no longer suitable for that role and his signings are all over the place. New manager, new ideas, new identity required.

However a new manager should come in and say he can turn this bunch into contenders, then I'd back him. We should be doing much better than we are with the team we have, despite them not being brilliant in most cases. You can;t have a team of superstars but our superstars are seriously underperforming (aside from DDG and Martial recently) .

08 Nov 2018 17:10:10
Beast young smalling matic mata and pogba have all been champions for the record. Smalling and young were not playing much i grant you that but they have the medals.
But i do agree with you. We need a huge clear out but i'm just wondering why you said you would throw a candidate out of an interview if he said he needed new players. Mayberry its so obvious we need some. Maybe you were just ranting that day we are all guilty from time to time.

Also if you think the squad is so poor and i agree why do you blame so much on the manager? Imo no other manager would have got us 2nd last season

Do you think any other manager would have got this squad to 2nd behind city last season?

08 Nov 2018 18:06:19
Ken - I knew you would go there. But they were not the key to any team, they were periphery players for their title winning teams in the main. They are all good players, but not suitable for a Man Utd I'd like to see personally.

The teams they won the league with had world class (reliably world class) around them. Our best players are not performing anywhere near their maximum and that is the manager job, that is why he needs to go (amongst other reasons) .

We have too many decent but not great players for sure, but we should be playing better. I have been ranting and do go off on one occasionally, hard to get it down properly so I'll hold my hands up mate.

2nd means nothing really, it was a poor campaign despite finishing 2nd, football was appalling and it has been for most of this season. We do not look like champions, after 2.5 years in charge I'd expect us to be on the right track, not looking just as disjointed as his first season with Liverpool, City and Chelsea (after a few months under Sarri) looking far more formidable.

If you are asking me if Jose is the 2nd best manager in the world, I say no, he is not in the top 10, maybe 20 anymore. He was great, but now he is a spent force. So I think many other managers would have us do just as well and probably better last season, but I don't think anybody would have caught City last year - we just could have looked a lot better going for it under somebody that plays the game the right way and isn't such a problem off the pitch.

08 Nov 2018 19:46:02
Beast mate i think he will leave in the summer no matter what happens i agree with some of your thoughts but not many.
But i posted above i think he now has control of his dressing room. Players are responding and the increased effort is obvious. Big egos have been dropped until they put in the required effort.
But also the board have regained control over jose and the change in him is obvious too.
He is being more tolerant with the players because they are giving him more and as a result their form and attitudes are showing definite improvement.
Jose is far from finished. I think he may well end up in madrid next season just a feeling i have.
We are woefully short of top quality still in 3 or 4 positions.
Were we right not to buy aging players at inflated money. Yes imo.
I want to see a united effort from the coach players fans and board alike until the end of the season. This will be a really tight fight for the top 2nd to 4th, i think city will run away with it in the end. Its essential tjat we secure top 4 Then if jose goes and we get a new coach we can build from a more solid base.

09 Nov 2018 05:21:03
Beast, please put in those 20 names above Mourinho here for all of our knowledge. We would surely be enlightened and i am sure the United board would consider your list for better recruitment next. Kindly share the list.



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