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03 Oct 2018 14:04:50
I have to say I posted in anger last night, all change I stated, having slept on it I honestly don't know what I want or what is best to get isn't out of this.
On one hand it looks like United are looking for a DoF to work well with JM, that suggests the club backs him and likely will sell the troublemakers in the dressing room.
On the other hand it is JM that says what our style of play is and it isn't what the fans want or is happy with at all.
Are we to believe that if a director came in and Pogba etc was to leave things will get better? Perhaps off the pitch they will which leaves the age old argument are we actually happy watching this football, no I don't think many of us are, if off the field antics correct themselves will we start challenging? That remains to be seen.
Furthermore is JM likely to stay for a long period of time, if we look at his past it suggests not unless JM, the club know different.
Either way, what's comes out of this the most is us as fans of MU want to see a better standard of football with a direction and I'm sure most of us could put up with a few years of not winning the big trophies as it comes together, at this time us fans don't see a direction.
So I finish my post as I started it, I don't know what or where to start.

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03 Oct 2018 14:18:55
Welsh, the comments he's making are utterly ridiculous. He's an embarrassment to our club. Also, his selections are bordering on madness. He plays Mctominay, a central midfielder in central defence, we lose 3-1, he then praises him endlessly (! ) Then drops him from the team for next match. I think Mctominay was shocking, but why say he was our best player, then drop him for the next match. Its baffling.
Scholes has never been a Mourinho fan, but all ex players are saying the same, Rio and hargreaves were attacking him. And non of the other ex players (apart from G. Neville) have got one good word to say about him. Are they all wrong?

03 Oct 2018 17:42:08
I know it’s a ridiculous thought but it’s as if he is trying to get himself sacked. Alienating players, odd selections, you’d think he doesn’t want to be here.

03 Oct 2018 19:20:30
Ajh it could be argued on the face of it that jose is doing that. Personally i don't believe that is the case.
What i would like to see happen is different.
If the manager is being undermined by a certain group of players then dump them into the reserve's like he did with bastian and drive on without them.
The money men might object to that course of action due to it devaluing the players but for me its the way to go.
If you slagged your boss off on social media and in the press just see how long you last working for him.
I am very old school in this regard. Its the management style i preferred as a player and as an employee and its the style i Prefer and encourage as an employer.
Some people are employed to make decisions others are employed to follow orders and procedures.
Its up to the board to continually monitor and review those orders and procedures and to consult all parties and take an objective view on their opinions and to alter or change procedures to match market demands or for a variety of other reasons. But once those decisions are made you back your manager to get the job done and give him the autonomy to get the job done.
Do the job your paid to do the way you are being asked to do it until your told otherwise or leave and do a different job elsewhere.
If jose has the autonomy he should have then he should cut a few loose like he did with bastian and drive on.
If the club feel that that's something they can't live with then fire him.
Too much pandering to players who have too much to say while they continually fail to perform some of the most basic standards you would expect from a professional.
The same can and should and will be said of jose. If his boss feels he is not doing it he will be fired.

As you know i think the problem lies as much at the feet of the players as it does with the manager.
Is jose doing a good job? Not this season.
Last season given the squad we have i felt 2nd was a big over achievement. I don't believe any other manager would have got this group to 2nd.
On the other hand there is probably dozens of managers who would have them playing a more attractive style.
Pogba can be a very good player so can martial and I've no issue if they go on to be stars elsewhere its what they do here that counts and they do nothing to warrent their status as top players.
Do many of us believe that a new manager can turn valencia young rojo jones lindelof mata herrera lingard darmian into title contenders.
The first thing pep would do is want to shift 90% of that lot plus he wouldn't have lukaku or smalling near his team because of their teckers.

I don't know what will happen in the next few weeks.
I find it impossible to defend the manager on so many points but i find it hard to defend many of the players on even more counts.

Its time for jose to make his move dump the trouble makers (in his view) if the club can't live with it then fire him. Doing nothing is the worst thing that can happen for all parties.

{Ed025's Note - you can blame the players all you want ken but in the end the buck stops at the manager, the fact is that jose has lost the dressing room and are not playing for him, a lot of these are good international class players and the reason they are not performing is that they dont believe in the system and are not enjoying playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world due to the manager, i hate player power as much as you mate but only jose has the power to do something about it by dropping the under performers or if not resigning...good post though..

03 Oct 2018 19:48:07
Good post Ken, it's got to be one or the other, the players or the manager doing nothing is cowardly and just letting the fire burn. Sooner or later it will just consume everything if it's not stopped in its tracks.

03 Oct 2018 19:52:13
Hi ed025.
Im not just blaming the players i thought i had made that clear i lay they blame equally.
I agree its time for jose to make his move do what he wants to do and cut the trouble makers loose bastian style. If the board can't live with that then they have to fire him.
But when they fire him it won't be problem solved it will be one of the problems solved mate. Anybody that thinks jose is the only problem then they are very much mistaken?
Do you honestly think that our squad is not short at least 6 players if they want a sustained title challenge ed025? No matter who the manager?
As i said lots could have us playing more attractive football for sure but if the likes of fellaini jones herrera young valencia darmian rojo have to play more than a dozen games in the league we won't compete win the league. They have proved that under 3 managers now most of them. They wouldn't get near city pool or spurs line ups and for good reason.

{Ed025's Note - thats very true ken and is why i think the glazers have a lot to answer for, they have employed managers who are at best second tier who they hoped would succeed on the cheap, united are one of the biggest and richest clubs on the planet yet have not replaced fergie with someone who was top tier, even jose was on the way down when he was employed and has been on a downward arc for the past few years, yes some players have cost big money but they have been bought for the wrong reasons to appease the supporters and keep the turnstiles turning every week and the tills in the club shop clicking, for christs sake go for the best manager and pay whatever you have to pay to get him and start again from scratch, let him get rid of the players who are wasting everybodys time and lets get the old united back mate, thats my rant over..

03 Oct 2018 23:14:43
Bearing in mind that the reality is that it is totally unrealistic to expect six or seven of the current first team squad to be culled in the next few weeks or months because a) the transfer window is shut b) getting takers for all won't be so easy and c) getting in too top replacements will be even harder may I suggest something radical. Why don't the team and manager sit down together, air their differences in private and resolve to start with a clean slate. The other thing I would suggest whilst knowing there is no chance of it ever happening is that the players and manager should be forced to meet some of us the fans face to face in a small room so that they can really understand how much it hurts us to watch this shambles and the infighting.



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