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29 Sep 2018 21:21:43
Just a quick one from me. Everyone knows I am not Jose's biggest fan, I never wanted him. I said so before we got him, I was shouted down by many on here at the time. However, low and behold I may have been right.

That being said, now is not the time to sack him. The atmosphere is becoming toxic and us fans are making it worse by allowing ourselves to be sucked in to it, then perpetuating it.

Jose does need to leave, but not now, not like this. We are in this message because we forced the club to changes managers at the wrong time. It doesn't matter who we bring in mid season we aren't going to challenge for the title when we are already 9 points off top spot. Can you really see City dropping 10 points more than us over the rest of the season regardless of who is managing us? As upsetting as it is this season is a write off already. I said it might be at the end of last season. I said Jose and third seasons don't end well.

But we need to rally around, back the manager and allow the club to put the right structure in place before Jose leaves so the next manager can be the right one, with the right support and the right structure to put our club back on top of the pile.

We need to set aside our emotion before we burn the club down from the inside.

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29 Sep 2018 21:37:52
I don't get that argument shappy we then go through the whole I need to assess my squad first next season . Let a guy assess it when we are already unlikely to win anything not wait until later, the likes of pogba and martial may or may not leave but let a new guy assess that not have things like that already decided for him .

29 Sep 2018 21:43:50
Jose will survive this . The press have hounded him in recent months almost like a member of the royal family. Pogba has to go he is now Toxic a disease growing week after week. SAF would probably have sacked him but due to his price tag we are stuck. I would humiliate him by sticking him in PL2 for the rest of his time with us. World cup winner to zero. PSG his only option if you ask me . Jose is now the only guy who can sort this 😆😆.

29 Sep 2018 21:48:28
I don't expect us to challenge for the title again as long as the glazers own the club.

I don't expect the next appointment to be right as long as we have a man clueless about football making football decisions.

Whoever comes in, whether its this week, this season or next summer does not need to assess the squad. Its perfectly obvious to anyone, including Stevie wonder, what the issues with this squad are.

Whoever comes in needs proper backing. Not just in bringing players in but in shifting them out.

We need a proper long term strategy and a proper football person making the decisions. But I won't hold my breath.

29 Sep 2018 22:18:41
I think the majority of fans didn't want him to be honest.

29 Sep 2018 22:19:12
Sorry Shappy I can't agree, the fans have not forced the Club into sacking managers at the wrong time. They did this to themselves. It's not the fans fault Moyes was inept, it's not the fans fault LVG outlawed forward passes. If they'd had finished in the top 4 neither would have been sacked.

In my opinion the Club should have got rid of them both earlier. Both should have gone at Christmas (LVG in his second season) when we still had a chance of rescuing something from the carnage. The Club procrastinated, things inevitably got worse and it has cost the Club millions trying to put it right.

I like Jose his track record and pedigree are second to none but he's finished at Utd. He's fallen out with too many players, burnt too many bridges, they won't run or compete for him, it's over, he's done. The results and performances are unacceptable.

Forget looking at City we'd surrendered the title before a ball was even kicked. Pre season was awful, the transfer window even worse, Jose told us himself it was going to be a difficult season, we should not be surprised.

4th place and qualification through the group stages of the Champions League should now be the target. We already sit 5 points off top 4 never mind the top. If we don't make a change we will not finish in the top 4. I can't bear to watch players stroll around the pitch not even trying. Despite what you think about Mourinho he does not send his players out to walk, to watch no manager does. He is unable to motivate them or provoke a reaction.

I believe our season can still be saved but Jose must go. We all crave something that no longer exists. We may never find another Fergi, players and managers are transient. They rarely last longer than a few years. Whilst planning for the future we must not lose sight of the present. Despite recent performances we still have some very talented players capable of much more than we're seeing.

Give Zidane the job. Give him a short term contract (2 years) . From what I've read he's well liked and respected by his players. He can manage the ego's and heal the rifts. He might not win us the league, he might not be the long term answer but we're so far away from that level at the moment I think most of us would settle for just playing some exciting, watchable football for a change.

In the meantime the Club can take stock, appoint a DOF and formulate a long term strategy.

If Mourinho stays we all knows how it's ends. More falls out, more controversy, more excuses, more insipid performances and the sack inevitably awaits at the end of it all anyway.

I've grown tired of the arguments and power struggles. it's exhausting and if I feel like that what effect must it have on the players. I just want to watch a team that can put a smile of my face and that will wear the shirt with pride. Putting some pressure on the ball would be a good place to start. Good night everyone.

29 Sep 2018 23:00:46
Seems counter productive to me wanting to keep a guy in charge to dictate tactics, assess which players leave, help form lists of players who will be targets who we may buy and still want to get rid of him just not yet .

29 Sep 2018 23:25:59
it seems like its not just the attitude of several player's, its more like the majority of them are just way out of their depth. But i can't lay the blame solely at the feet of the players, Mourinho looks fed up and clueless in my eyes. I've always been a fan of his but i just can't see where he goes from here. I think that publicly naming and shaming individuals from time to time can work but when its every two weeks its definitely going to cause resentment. Its public, its embarrassing and it feeds the circling media which then causes further resentment. Its a last minute hail mary to hold on.

Todays game was just painful. We sat back like we were s@ (£ scared of them. Yh they've got some half decent players but come on. It was feeble at best. there's no spine. No commander. No fight. No one was shouting or even seemed angry that wed conceded. In all my years as a man u fan there's always been passion and pride and non of this current team have that.

In my eyes there is no quick fix but i agree Mourinho must go. i'm unsure on the next appointment. I can't see anyone who could long term hold the reigns. But one thing is certain. It definitely isn't the special one.

29 Sep 2018 23:54:15
Season already over from a league challenge point of view. Change it up now with a view to next year. Don’t forget, each manager needs their own targets and players who require scouting for months before buying. Nothing to lose (apart from £26m) by sacking Jose now.

I like Mr Mourinho, but he’s no business at our club.

30 Sep 2018 08:28:34
Maybe like many other clubs we have had managers that haven't been successful. It happens doesn't mean it's the end of the world or we need new owners CEO stadium etc.

Life after fergy, some managers work out some don't.
Jose won 2 cups first season second to an amazing city team and beat in the fa cup final last year and is now having his 3rd season melt down .



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