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25 Sep 2018 22:19:31
Well that game was truly awful. Shambles of a performance. Can't blame the manager for players not being able to string two passes together. There's problems within this squad, I don't know what it is. We need to improve and fast.

For Yaz further down the page. I don't think it's unbelievable for me not to think much of a person who consistently grabs headlines with his comments, undermines his manager in public. Never shut his mouth about the club when he moved, and since he's returned has often talked about leaving. So yes I'm not exactly pogba's biggest fan at the moment. That's my opinion, and to be questioned as a fan for having an opinion is beyond me.

I'm going to take a break from posting on here guys. I'll still read every day, but I'm going to watch the season unfold and come back at some stage.

Keep well folks


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25 Sep 2018 22:30:25
Good post caolan. Time to get rid of both. Neither are a positive influence in the club. Sign a player that wants to be here and get a manager who will entertain us and get us loving football again. I honestly am not even surprised when we lose anymore. That’s the sad thing. I used to cancel everything to go to old Trafford. But nowadays that’s not the case. I just want to enjoy watching the club I love again.

25 Sep 2018 22:34:16
Keep posting my friend, different opinions, anyone that knows anything about football can see what pogba is all about.

25 Sep 2018 22:38:48
But it's the managers fault were playing this awful football.

It's his fault our attacking players don't attack anymore and it's his fault the team looks like they can't be arsed.

The motivation comes from the manager. he's a dinosaur.

25 Sep 2018 22:53:21
He is also in charge of the training/ preparation. If they can't string two passes together then either the players shouldn't be playing or the manager is not doing his job. They could pass before he got hold of them, that's all we did under LVG!

25 Sep 2018 22:54:10
Outclassed by wolves and derby in the space of 4 days at old Trafford.

25 Sep 2018 22:56:50
Coalan, as Leahy says, keep posting my friend. I can't be arsed with them at present, but times will change, nothing lasts forever.

25 Sep 2018 23:34:10
Consistently grab headlines? Has he ever independently issued pressers? He was asked his opinion and he obliged.

Why haven't you been complaining about Mourinho slating his players via same medium?

There is no player that wants to be under such a negative and toxic manager. Ed002 explained that Mourinho is friendly towards his players but he doesn't forgive and he keeps grudges which is bad for the players.

& you can't just use players' seeming demeanor to detect if they love the club or not. Just take Berbatov as an example. Different personas and temperament.

You guys act like these players are robots or insensitive.

Of course we know what Pogba is all about.

He said it.

He's about attack, desire to win.

He questioned playing defensively against teams like Wolves and now Derby

Last year we got kicked out by Bristol City - maybe you lot have forgotten.

We had only 3 shots on target today and almost every other match we've played in the last three years.

Martial plays beautifully one week and is benched for 5 more weeks.

At least, Pogba made a statement towards Mourinho, and you guys have all been on his neck. But last season after the exit to Sevilla in UCL what did Mourinho say? I ask you lot, what did he say?

He desecrated on the club, its fans and ethos.

He flirted with PSG through out last season. I didn't hear him give his respect and dedication towards staying at United until after PSG appointed Thomas Tichel.

Who amongst you gave a rats ass or even pretended that Mourinho was out of line? Who complained that Mourinho doesn't love the club or wasn't committed?

It's disheartening that football fans fail to grasp clear and unambiguous stuff.

I do accept that Pogba stepped out of the line. That the dressing room or tactics room is the best place for such a discussion.

He was asked a question regarding lack of attack and he said "WE ARE MAN UNITED, WE SHOULD COME OUT AND ATTACK. ESPECIALLY AT OLD TRAFFORD". He was asked why they didn't play that way and he said the manager should be asked not him.

How the £#&@ can anyone say he doesn't care about the club? He said "we".

And all you man chatting BS here about Pogba not coming out to dedicate himself to the club are high on something.

How is he going to dedicate himself to a club that tried to sell him all summer and a warring manager who never forgives or let go of a grudge?

Long story short, you can keep barking up the wrong tree but the problem is very easy to see.

25 Sep 2018 23:29:09
Caolan if a team plays really well can you praise the manager?

26 Sep 2018 08:59:28
Jred how often have we played really well?

No one would be complaining if we couldn't see that we are trying to play a style of football but as it stands for 3 years we have played football that is boring and negative

We look lost and disinterested.

I've stuck up for the manager but it's getting to the point where u have to say enough is enough.

60 minutes into games we are resorting to hoof ball there is no ideas on the pitch.

It's negative and it's depressing to watch.

The players may well have to take the blame as much as the manager but guaranteed the likes of klopp and pep would have this team attacking.

3 shots on target at home against a lower team is a joke.

26 Sep 2018 10:58:02
It was in reply to the above comment of you can't blame the manager if the team doesn't play well.



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