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15 Sep 2018 20:07:25
I have asked a few times on here about what our owners aims are for our football club. We have been met only with silence.

Compare this to City's owner. Sheikh Mansour, who addressed their fans in their match programme today. I am not going to give them much air time on here, yet City's owner reflected on the past ten years and what is planned for the next ten. He communicated, connected, made the fans aware of his aims so they are all in it together on the journey. It's good leadership, it means one club connected together, yet our owners and Executive VP say nothing, do not connect all aspects of the club. The differences between City's owners and ours were highlighted today.

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15 Sep 2018 23:35:53
RedMan, not sure who didagreed with you, but that's spot on. Our owners can only connect with making money. They have no soul and no heart.

16 Sep 2018 00:25:32
City for how much they try with their millions can never be like Manchester United. It will take years of blood and sweat to be like us.

16 Sep 2018 00:38:47
Difference is simple.

1 is to make money and the other is because it’s his hobby. Crazy really.

16 Sep 2018 08:17:53
Redman, that's great for everyone who likes to hear from those involved with state sponsored slavery. I prefer not to have that kind of connection.

I'd prefer the Deputy Prime Minister of the UAE (Mansour) tell me what he plans to do to abolish slavery in his country rather than his public relations plans with a football club.

16 Sep 2018 09:34:45
Great post Manc.

16 Sep 2018 12:10:11
Just so we don't lose sight of it, the initial investment in Man City and the accumulated losses since then, are maybe 1/ 2 of the value of the club in today's market and 10x what they paid for it. They continue to grow their brand internationally and they're doing a great job of it. I was in a cheese shop in Connecticut the other day and met a man from Huddersfield. What shirt was his 12 year old son wearing? Man City. Why? Because kids who are not connected to a town through birth, and can thus choose any team, tend to associate themselves with winners. Kids who watch the Spanish league don't tend to follow Getafe.

I don't think one should assume that Sheik Mansour is not motivated by the money. Far from it. This has been a well executed long term business plan facilitated by an absence of external debt allowing the focus to be on the core product, football. At the rate they're going the brand will be as valuable as United within the next 10 years.

16 Sep 2018 16:46:58
Yes, Shawthing, exactly as you say, City’s owners seem extremely smart, dynamic, with clear aims, one of which will be to grow the asset value. Their brand will also grow significantly when they win their first Champions League, which they will. They have a plan and connect the whole business as one by showing good leadership and communication. When they win their third Champions League in the next 10 years we will likely still be on 3, reminiscing on 99 or 08. Why? Because our owners do not appear to have the same aims, don’t connect with the fan base, do not communicate and do not invest in the infrastructure of the club. When City become Champions of Europe we won’t be considering alleged political situations in the UAE, which have nothing to do with football, we will be weeping about what was, what should have been and how we allowed others to take over our football mantle, how we sat back and allowed ourselves to be overtaken on the field and as a club. No one will be making political comment. City’s owners have clear direction as do Liverpool’s, so unless our owners and Executive VP CEO or whatever fancy title, get their act together and show leadership, communicate better, invest in the business, the nightmare scenario is out there, City Champs of Europe and Liverpool Champs of England, likely with regularity.

There are some who seem to think the Glazers are good yet just can’t see the bigger picture. This situation has been building for years. Can you imagine Real Madrid sitting back glorying a new financial partner as the Transfer Window was closing, whilst watching Athletico Madrid and Valencia not just finish higher in the league occasionally (which can happen) but to become more successful generally and more renowned. Matching Real Madrid should be our club level, our aim, not being partners of premier noodle brands.

What goes on on the pitch should be the focal point, a result of the whole plan. Years of letting SAF get on with it, left us weak, lacking leadership when he left, but, of course, the money kept rolling in. Too many fans just cannot see the problem, yet the problem is no longer in the rear view mirror, it has pulled alongside and threatening to overtake us. Don’t worry another partner will sign up for a few million quid to provide something irrelevant, yet there will very soon become a time when City overtake us there as well. I heard they recently took on significant staff in their commercial department, maybe the next investment noodle partners will prefer them than us. We seem stuck in a time warp, so it is relevant to ask, at what point do we become the noisy neighbour? The only way to change this, is if our owners up their game very significantly, yet we will likely not know because there is no communication. They could start communicating by putting “Football Club” back on the badge, but I won’t hold my breath.

16 Sep 2018 18:59:33
Agree with your points about the Glazers Redman. They are only interested in taking money OUT of the club. However, City have been supported by £1.5billion over the period of Abu Dhabi ownership for one reason - the extension of Abu Dhabi soft power. They have bought several football clubs and museums etc. throughout the world. However, this is an attempt to hide the disgusting, misogynistic, and barbaric regime at home.

16 Sep 2018 21:15:27
I can go along with you but only so far redman . You have a clear dislike of the glazers and I can understand why .
The problem is you credit them for 3 champions leagues you think they may win, they have won none, not made a final even . They may well win it soon but Paris backed by their own rich owners, Barcelona, real, ourselves, bayern and a host of others may have a say in the matter, our infrastructure provides local lads in the side how many are in cities, do they have a larger stadium or a bigger fan base .
Our 3 most expensive players all cost most than cities most expensive player, which to me means we could have had any 3 or 4 you want from cities team if we had spent differently . City should have a better squad they have spent more but the players they took were available to us we just chose a different route .
We are one of the world's biggest clubs but so is our wage bill and our transfer outlay, city getting recruitment better than us duznt mean we didn't try it just means they did it better.
Having owners with a dubious human rights record may sit ok with some aslong as the team is successful but it duznt sit rite with everyone .

16 Sep 2018 21:39:16
Football really isn't that important in the big scheme of things. Rather crass to suggest people are more worried about City winning a European Cup, than state-sponsored human rights abuses. They could win the next ten, and it still wouldn't compare.



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